Greetings My family, greetings, we will speak today of the path of the soul, you. You are soul, not body. You are in essence Me for we are one, from the one, and to the One all will return.

Your soul is the epitome of all that is peace love and joy. Your soul knows that to be as one with the Creator is to know peace love and joy, as the Creator, and so the journey of the soul is the exploration of, its potential, to know itself as this.

When the journey of exploration began all were of a like mind and purpose. All set out to explore the realm in which they were brought into being. All had free will, freedom of choice to know and be all that they were so as to further the life purpose of all.

Each soul has found separation from the perfection of their being; each has found that it has had to experience that which it was not so as to know that which it is, in truth, and so choose to be as this.

Whilst in the physical body the soul has opportunity to experience that which it is or that which it is not, the choice is for the individual to make.

All enter the earth plane for this purpose for in the spiritual realm there is only love. Only through knowing that which it is not can there be a, conscious choosing, of the way of the One, love, the life force of all.

If the soul, while within the physical body, chooses to act in a way that is not love, it will seek further opportunity to remove from its way that which it set in place.

Many term this as karma, the meeting of self. In the older spiritual writings it was known as an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, later spoken of, as you do so shall you reap.

Regardless of how it is phrased that which is set in place, by intent, that which does not have love as its foundation, which brings to another hurt or anguish, is that which removes the ability to harmonise way and will with the Creator, and so is that which is necessary to be met through wearing the flesh overcoat.

It is the law of cause and effect, yin and yang.

The life energy is a vibration, whilst there is any desire that does not resonate, as love, there becomes a slowing down of the vibration of that soul. Only when each are in harmony, can way and will then combine.

I have been described as pure light for that is the appearance of My way to those who have witnessed it. In truth we are all a light force but the slowing of the vibration brings a dimming of the glow, and that is why one who has chosen to be as they were in the beginning, as Me, is known as a light bearer, a bringer of the light.

The journey then is one of meeting self, of choosing to know and be as you truly are.

All have opportunity to know and be who they truly are regardless of that which appears on their path.

All that occurs is chosen by you to be experienced; all that occurs is opportunity to know yourself as more than at the present time and space.

All you experience is opportunity to decide for self or soul, to choose a peaceful solution or one that speaks of revenge, payback, vendetta, and countless other ways that mankind has chosen to use in order to stand taller than another, be more powerful than another, all that speaks of superiority of way.

Even within the family home, the place where many were born with and through love, there is the payback system set in place.

Many know only the ability to receive, or give love, through the bargaining of way against will. Yes I will do or be as you request as long as you fulfil, my expectancy of you. Yes I do love you as long as you remain, as I, desire you be. What is offered is love with strings, love that in truth is a trade off, love in exchange for deed.

If you will accept, today, that no one owes you anything but their honesty, no one else is responsible for your way, that no other person has the right to dictate to you how to do think or feel, then you are freed of the constraints that have dictated your way for most of your physical life.

Does this means then that anything goes? does this remove from you all responsibility for the well being of another? NO.

One who chooses to accept their pleasure, power, position, at the expense of another is one who will know what it is to be at the mercy of another, in like manner.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, the observance of this rule has been used as an excuse for many to wage war against another, a justification for violence toward another.

What in truth the phrase states is that all who create a division of way set in place a barrier to their total harmony within the spiritual plane, the meeting of self through the experiencing of that set in place with intent, there is opportunity to remove the barrier, thus an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth is the experiencing for self in like manner that which was brought to another.

If you believe yourself a victim of another you remain locked in the thought that you are not in any way responsible for that which occurred, giving rise to feelings of bitterness or anger within and often a desire felt to get back at the one who brought to you the experience.

Through accepting that you had a desire to know, regardless of that experienced, and with a desire to overcome, you free yourself to seek a way through, to rise above.

The one who has brought to you the experience will in turn choose to remove the barriers set in place by their choosing, this will be as and when that soul is ready to do so.

All will be met for all desire to know their self as one with the All.

My purpose in speaking these words is to bring to your awareness that you are in control, regardless of how it may appear within your social structure or way.

The earth plane is at present in a state of flux, many are finding their way altered. The social structures that have served as the guiding force for many years are crumbling. Many are crying out to be heard, governments are no longer accepted as being the arbiters of the people’s way, they are being asked to justify their decisions, to hear the voice of the people.

Within the earth plane there has been many occurrences of habitat change through flood, fire, drought, famine, earthquake and other, each of which has brought a need to withstand and overcome so as to survive physically.

Many have known loss of family, home and workplace; have had to start again to build what is thought of as their life purpose, to begin once again the task of being as they have thought their self to be.

Many say it is the will of God, of Allah, of the Creator, they accept the event as this thus removing their self from any responsibility for the outcome.

I will state right now, My will is for all to know only love, I do not bring to you anything but love, I do not desire that, any, know any way but love, it is your will and desire that will bring to you the experience of either love or fear.

When I brought into being My family I desired they would know all that I know, that they would seek to be as One for then we would harmonise as One.

I gave to all the freedom to choose for self, total freedom, there are no strings, no conditions to be met, nothing. Your will for you is, My will for you. I desire for you what you desire for you, for that is your will and I honour it.

I do not, will not, remove your right to choose for your way.

The combined will of mankind brings into being the social conditions to be met and all other karmic events that require group experiencing. Within all that occurs there is opportunity to know your self in the manner you have chosen, your will reigns supreme.

Put into each day all that you would desire for tomorrow, for it is today that will shape tomorrow. It is only today that is yours to mould. What has been is past, what is to come will speak of the desire that shaped it.

Honour all other as having the right to know and choose, as you. Offer to all that which you desire to know for self, for it is in giving that you will receive, it is in giving that you bring into being that which is your innermost desire, to know your self as love, your true essence, Me.