My beloved family, I now send greetings to the young ones in your care. I have had a request for wisdom to be worded in a way that a younger person can both understand and assimilate. This I do with joy.

The young are still in their open expression, still ready to explore with an open mind and heart, offer these words to those who question you as to life and its purpose, or those who feel lost without purpose at all, offer them without strings allowing them to choose if and when they will read, then step back and let be, all will progress in their own time.

My precious ones, when young in years there is the thought that life is endless, that the world is your oyster, for in your youth you cannot foresee that there is the possibility of death in the flesh. The flesh I speak of is your body, the one your soul is at present wearing.

Most of you will feel a sense of alone-ness as you mature from youth to adult, a growing awareness of your individuality, but within your being you will also sense that you are not truly alone for at this time, whether aware of your spiritual path or not, your mind will begin to question who you are and what purpose your life, and most often, the way of those around you.

Before your return to the earth for this physical journey you chose both your soul purpose and direction and so your questioning mind is your soul bringing you a reminder of its presence to enable you to find your way.

I created your soul through and from Me and your soul is eternally aware of this, those who acknowledge our combined essence give the title mother or father to the Creator although in truth I am neither, nor are you My child, we are One and will always be One, I am not greater than you except in My thought about it, I know My magnificence but you have yet to acknowledge yours, when this becomes your reality we will be as One.

You may think of Me as your parent, mentor, friend, companion, the term used is of no importance; I offer to you My loving support just as your physical parents do. I will be there for you always and in all ways.

These words may be hard to understand, at this time, as I explain further some will find a gaining of clarity, clear thinking, some may choose to explore their physical way further but the words will remain within the mind ready to be recalled when they choose to know their spirituality.

I will begin with the statement; you came into being, were created, from and through love and only love, for that is what I am.

Love is your life force, your true essence. Love is your power to be all that you are, Me .

While in your flesh body you have two guides, self, your earth guide, aids you as you seek to understand the ways of family and society. Self is often called ego and gives to you a sense of pride and the willingness and desire to match your way with those you play with, share time with, it will assist you in many ways and will remain your guide for as long as you choose.

You are also soul, the part of Me that I brought into being. Your physical body is the home of your soul within the earth, through choosing to be within your physical body you are able to experience many different ways of being, of living, both individually and with others, just as the other creatures within the earth.

Without awareness of your spiritual self you believe your physical being is not connected to another except by blood ties or emotions, but awareness of soul within your being enlarges your sense of family as being all within the earth.

Although we are eternally connected you have free will, total freedom to explore wherever you choose, to look, listen, love and share in all that I have created. One day I know you will choose to rejoin your way with Mine and live with Me in harmony but the total freedom you have permits you to choose when this will be.

At this time it is not possible for our way to harmonise for you have yet to consciously choose to live as Me, to be total love, that is the purpose of your soul’s journey within the earth, while within your physical body many of you have forgotten that you are spirit, soul, and so we are not of like mind; while within your physical body you have opportunity to experience your self as Me  and so remember and choose to be in harmony.

You are in harmony with someone when you feel comfortable, able to sit near them, relax and share silence or personal thoughts, be your self with that person at that time, you don’t need to ask why this is so you just know that it feels right.

I will explain what it means to be as this.

Though,  as you mature, your external awareness is of your physical self, within your deepest being you feel a stirring, a desire to question your present way, a sense that there is more to life than at present known, this is the nudging of your soul within gently urging you to begin your journey of exploration.

It is the exploration of your potential to be as Me that prompted you to return to the earth, your understanding of this will grow through experiencing what is love and what is not love, and through experiencing choosing what works for you and what does not, what creates within you a sense of well being and what does not.

Through your life experience while within the earth you are able to know what it is to not be something, big or small, hot or cold, tall or short, soft or hard, kind or unkind and so on.

Through this you are able to understand the awareness of love given, love received, of love withheld, either from or to you, therefore you are able to know the difference between what is from love and what is not. This awareness is only possible while within the physical body for when in the spiritual realm love is all there is.

There will come a time when you will choose to know your self as soul in all aspects, you will choose to be with Me, we will be as one again, in harmony as I spoke of before.

At this time this may sound to you a very hard task for you desire to be a part of a group and so when you see your friends behaving in a way that you feel within is not really a good way to be, laughing at another, bending the rules of family or society to suit their self, it seems exciting, and so though you are often aware of what feels good and what does not you close your mind for another way seems dull, not much fun.

You see many who have no desire to be in a peaceful way with others, who think only of their self, and make sure they are first, have the best, keep the most, look after number one without thought for those with them.

Those emerging from the time of childhood into adulthood are preparing to set off on their journey of self exploration, some youth will challenge all that they have previously known, others will think on it, reach their own conclusions and gently meld the two together, but for most it is a little of both.

As I said before, all have free will to choose how they will know their self therefore there is not really right or wrong as you have come to understand it there is just what works for you and what does not.

When behaviour comes from self then there is no thought to how your behaviour may affect another, either mentally or physically, whether your words or actions will cause another pain or hurt.

When behaviour comes from soul then there is care that your words and actions do not bring anything but love, you respond to another in the same way that you would like them to respond to you.

You see My youthful ones all people within the earth are wearing their flesh overcoat for the self same reason as you. They are as you in all ways; their soul came into being at the same instant as yours. There are no old souls or young souls, they just are.

Although the physical body may be of varying ages the soul within has just chosen to enter the earth at a different time.

For you to know how to choose to live as Me, in total love, it is necessary for you to have opportunity to experience all so you can then say yes that is how I desire to be.

You do this through what is known as reincarnation, the state of living and dying within a physical body as often as you choose.

You choose to reenter the earth within the physical body of an infant, and through your growing years your caregivers are your guides to enable you to find direction, when ready you begin to direct your self.

Throughout your life you will experience all that you have chosen to know then when it is your time to leave that body, which you call death, you will return to the spiritual realm and once again know yourself as spirit.

Within the spiritual realm you still have free will and will be as you choose in the instant you choose, but your desire is to be as one with the Creator, Me, and so you think on all that you have known in the past earth life and choose what you would like to experience when you once again return to the earth in another physical body.

You choose the time when you will return to the earth plane and all that you choose to know when there.

You will choose whether you will be a male or female, whether you will live in a warm or cold country, or something in between. You will choose which colour skin you will wear, black, brown, red, yellow or white.

All have lived many times wearing each of the skin colours and that is why it is so sad to hear of all the anger and disharmony between the different races. You will choose your family and whether you will be male or female, their firstborn, middle, last or only child.

You choose all the circumstances of your life for your desire is to know your self as you were at the time of your creation and so you choose how you need to be and what you need to experience within each physical life, and you will choose to repeat this cycle until our will is as One.

All you experience is because you have chosen to know it, consciously through a chosen word or action, or unconsciously, which is a chosen soul experience.

It is the way of many to blame others for all they believe is wrong in their life, as I said before, you chose all that is you and your way therefore instead of anger at another ask of your self why or what you desired to know through your experiences, and choose what you will do to make your way more peaceful, more in keeping with the way you would like it to be.

Accept that you are responsible for your way, accept responsibility for your choices, you will then be able to let go of the need to hit out at another, to punish another. You will no longer feel like a victim of another which holds you in the emotion of the experience, instead you will feel empowered to move forward and so choose again.

You choose again through your thought about it, when you find yourself laughing at another, stop and think, ‘is this the way I would like to be treated’. If the answer is no then do not continue.

When you feel that the rules of family or society are too restrictive, that there is a different way you want to know, stop and think, ‘what is it I desire to achieve or say’. If you pause and take time to think you will act, that is you will be in control of your way and speak with a quiet voice permitting the other to hear your words and so in turn act, not react.

If you continue on without thought you will find yourself re-acting, that is you will respond as you did on previous occasions when you felt your will was being challenged and so prevent another from hearing your voice, which is what you truly desire.

To act is to be in control, to react is to be controlled by previous responses.

My love is with you always, there is no time when I do not love you for you are from Me, a part of Me, and so if I did not love you it would mean I did not love Myself. No choice you make will ever separate us, you may feel separate for a time but this is only because you know you are not being true to your soul purpose.

There are two things that will enable you to begin your journey back to Me.

One, do to another as you would they do to you, that is if you would not like someone to act or speak to you in a particular way then use that as your measure as how to behave toward them.

Two, love Me with all of your body mind and soul for in loving Me you love your self and all other living beings, so love Me, love all other as yourself, and love yourself as you love Me, for we are all One.

Most youth actively seek a group of friends and so move away from their dependence on the family unit, their parents or guardians, there are often two reasons for this.

Many begin to question their place within the family, feel alone as they become aware of their changing thought and body pattern but feel when within a peer group they are able to share their growing awareness and find strength through feeling that another will understand how they feel.

The second reason is the growing desire for independence, this is soul awareness, for only when there is independence from another does the ability to truly think for self begin, which is the purpose for your journey within the physical body, and so as a greater sense of self is realised the desire and ability to think and act for self develops.

All have the ability to think and act for self but while within the bounds of an organised way, such as family, this is not always a harmonious way to be.

Within the family group you learn to act, react, to understand that some ways are acceptable but others not, that some choices bring consequences which have to be met, how to compromise so that harmony can be maintained or found, but it is only when you step beyond the familiar that you find the true need to think and act for self.

Independence does not mean separation from the family in all aspects; it is simply space for you to begin to understand who you are, within the greater family, which is mankind.

Through outside activities there can be interaction that requires you to show to your self, and others, the face of love. I love you as you are, I always will. Love your self as I love you and love all other as your self, you will then be love, we will be One.

Use this independence wisely and you will find a sense of achievement that will rival any physical goal you may choose to aim for.

Acknowledge your soul and acknowledge Me as a part of you, together we make a formidable team.