All who have care of a young child have chosen to be their guide through their formative years, this does not make the caregiver their keeper, responsible for choices the child may make, but it does offer them the opportunity to show the light of love to the child in the form of attention to their spiritual direction as well as physical.

The soul enters its physical body with full knowing of its spiritual journey and of its power to be all that it chooses to know, awareness of both realms stays with the child until around the age of 7 years which enables the child to find direction and purpose for its chosen physical journey and so the child is open to hearing and sharing your thoughts and awareness.

Their spiritual awareness gradually decreases, as they gain the ability to think and act for self, until the physical world becomes their focus. Some choose to retain their awareness beyond 7 years, others choose to let go much earlier; this is a soul choice.

While they retain awareness many will ask questions or make statements uttering words of profound wisdom and the adult will wonder where their thoughts came from, sometimes there is soul re-cognition and they may refer to a person, place or experience that you have not shared with them.

Some have what is termed imaginary friends who they speak of openly and desire to share their way with, because the caregiver is unable to see the spirit, soul, this is often made light of, the child’s way and words humoured, some will tell the child to stop making up stories, few caregivers truly listen to their words, or the confidence with which they are spoken, for it is the belief of many that a child’s mind is a blank canvas so has to be taught all, in reality the mind of the child is astute and aware, and they seek to communicate their awareness.

It is not necessary to speak to either the infant or young child in simple terms, children learn through repetition, they never tire of a favourite book or toy and so words that are in harmony with their inner being will resonate even without full understanding.

Tell them they are a beautiful soul and thank them for choosing you to be their guide, speak to the child as if to an adult and watch the light of love in their eyes as they communicate from within.

Speak of your awareness, your understanding of life purpose, tell them that this is your understanding and that they will find theirs as they grow.

A child who grows with awareness that their physical way is but one aspect of their being will absorb readily for they still view all with hope and joy, they have yet to learn to be cynical, distrusting, and so if given the understanding of their power to create for their self they will take the words within their conscious mind, though for a time their physical way may become all consuming they will have a ready source of strength to call on when it is their will to do so.

Do not fear the child may be too young to understand for all children will respond to truth, they know when they are being spoken to, or down to, they sense when their questions are avoided or seem to make the other uncomfortable, they feel this and shut off keeping their thoughts to their self, eventually some will shut their mind off believing that there is something wrong with how they feel, others will keep their awareness within them but refrain from sharing their spirituality,.

Many caregivers feel ill equipped to speak of their spirituality, they know what they think, what they feel, but to give voice to it does not feel right, their thought being, what do I say, what is right to tell them, too often many beautiful words are withheld and an opportunity to connect on a soul level is missed, at that time.

Many have grown with the belief that only those within a church or religious faith have the right or ability to speak to others, dismiss this thought, there are no right words or way, the way of those who take up the role of spiritual communicator to the people is quite simply that, their way, you have the right of free will to communicate your belief to another.

Be aware at all times that your role is to share not dictate, it is the child’s right to choose for self what sits comfortably within and what does not, through your sharing of thoughts, beliefs, the child is able to form a foundation on which to absorb the words of others, to hear, ponder, then choose for self.

All grow into their own wisdom when it is their will to do so; freedom of will for all would negate so much of the conflict that is the way of many today.

Use the terms or words that you have grown with but honour those of others thus removing from the child the thought that your way is the way, tell them that there are many paths followed all of which offer opportunity for soul experience and growth.

The following questions are those most commonly asked by the young who are just starting to explore their world and their place in it, the words here do not need to be repeated verbatim, simply read, absorb and respond to the child’s questions with openness and truth.

Who is God, and where is He?

God is Spirit, an energy force that vibrates so fast that it would glow like a very bright light if we were able to see it, everything that lives has an energy that vibrates so God is everywhere, God is within everything,

If God is everywhere how can He be in me?

God created every living thing so He is a part of all living things, He created us for He wanted to have companions to share His way with Him. The term we use for our spiritual self is soul. It is that part of you that is now asking who and why.

If Gods our father who is our mother?

God is neither father nor mother but as He created us we think of Him like our parent, we say He for we are used to the words he and she when we talk about someone else. We can say she if we want to, it doesn’t really matter it is just a word.

It is only here in the earth that we are male and female, girl or boy, in the spiritual realm, which we call Heaven, there is not female or male, we are all one.

Why is it different here?

Because we are not yet able to create like God does He gave us the ability to create in a physical way, to do this there must be a male and female, mother and father. 

Why do we live here and not in Heaven?

Over time many of the souls who visited the earth decided they would like to be a part of the earth like the other creatures, this was not possible while in their spiritual form as the earths vibration, energy that gives it form, is at a different rate to the spiritual realm and so God created a physical body that the souls could wear as an outer covering to enable them to be of the earth. So while on the earth we say our soul is within the physical body

Why did He want us to live in the earth?

He didn’t want or not want us to; He made it possible for us to do so because it was what we wanted.

God gave us the right to choose where and how we wanted to know our self, He does not tell us what to do or how to be, He gave us free will to choose for ourself, we chose to live on the earth.

How did God make my body?

He took a little of each of the elements which form the earth and combined them so that our physical body would vibrate in harmony with the earth and all other creatures within it. It is only when the soul joins with the physical body that it breathes and moves as we know it.

Can we go back to Heaven if we want to?

We all go back to Heaven when it is time for us to leave our physical body, our physical body is just a small part of our soul journey, and if we are not here on the earth we are in Heaven, our spiritual home. There is only our physical home and our spiritual home.

You will hear some people talk of a place they call hell, they believe that people who are not good go there but this is not true, God gave us the right to find our way back to Him, free will, God would not give us the right to choose how we want to be and then punish us for choosing.

Doesn’t God get cross if we choose to be naughty?

Only when we are in the earth can we feel what it is to not be love and so are able to make a choice to love as God, He knows this and knows that although we may not always choose to be kind and caring this will not be how we will choose to be always.

Only in the earth can we know the difference between love and fear, hot and cold, big and small, male and female, or what is called negative and positive, yin and yang.

When you know what it is to feel sad you are then able to know happy, through feeling hot you are able to know when you are cold, and so through knowing the difference you are able to choose how you want to be.

He knows that when we choose to behave in a way that makes other people unhappy, when we hurt them through our words or something we do, that it does not make us feel good inside because our soul knows it is not the way for us to find happiness.

When we feel unhappy we feel heavy, remember God is light, energy, and because that is our true way when we are not behaving in a loving way we feel turned off, dark, heavy, when we are happy we feel light, how we feel is a good way for us to know whether how we are choosing to be is right for us.

Choosing to be naughty and hurting others creates a disharmony within us, we feel heavy, often grumpy because we know we don’t feel good about how we have been, but when we care about our self, and how we behave with others, we feel light, happy, we are in harmony with God’s way because He is love, and it is our souls desire to be as One with Him and so we will find a way to feel in harmony.

How do we do that?

God knew that we would experience many things before we were able to find out for ourself what it is that makes us feel whole. When we are in our flesh body it is our opportunity to understand more about our way and our self.

Because our bodies do not last forever there comes the time when we must leave them, what we call death, our physical body ceases to live but our soul lives on, although the people on the earth may no longer see us we are still very much alive but in our spiritual form. Our soul is eternal just as God is.

When we return to our spiritual home, Heaven, we are able to decide whether there was some things we did we would like to be able to do again but in a way that does not hurt other people.

We are able to choose to experience how the other person felt when we hurt them, this is called karma. When we are ready to do this we are able to return to the earth, in another physical body, this is called reincarnation, our physical body is new but our soul is just as it has always been.

Being born again Is that karma?

No, reincarnation, being born again in a physical body gives us the opportunity to experience the karma we have chosen to know.

If we choose to behave in a way that hurts another person, a way that brings pain or sorrow to them, then we create a need to know how that pain or sorrow feels ourself. Only when we have felt that same pain or sorrow can we then make a choice whether we want to know or be that way again, or to be caring and loving of another, just as we want them to be caring and loving of us.

When we are ready we will all choose to return to be as one with God, love, but we cannot choose to be as God if we don’t truly understand what it means to be this way, when we understand that we are able to choose we are then using our free will to be as we feel is right for us.

We have opportunity for this to happen when we are in the earth through how we behave toward other people. 

So if I hurt someone they will have to hurt me back?

No that isn’t karma, if the person hurts you back they are reacting to what you have done, and sometimes it will make us realise that how we were behaving was not a nice way to be and so make a choice then not to be like that.

After we leave the body we are at present wearing we return to the spiritual realm and enjoy the peace and love that is our true way for as long as we choose to, then when we are ready to return to the earth we will then choose from our past lives what we would like to experience.

What does that mean, what would I have to choose?

We are aware of all the times that we have, intentionally, been unkind or hurtful toward another, the times when we have been upset because we felt we were being ignored, or someone had something we would like for our self, or just because we felt grumpy, and so we have said unkind things or done something that we knew would upset them.

So if I throw a ball and it hits someone, and they get hurt, then I will have to have someone throw a ball at me?

Only if you intended to throw that ball and hurt them, if you simply threw the ball and it went in a wrong direction, or you did not see anyone in front of you as you threw it, then it was an accident, you did not intend to hurt or harm them then telling them you are sorry they are hurt and meaning it would be all that you need to do.

But the person is hurt?

Yes they may have had a need to know the hurt, they may have chosen to experience the hurt, but that was their way and not one of your doing. Other people have their own karma to meet also but you must be careful not to turn away from someone who is hurting because you think that it is just what they wanted.

Loving other people is caring for them, if you see someone in need then ask if you can help them, if there is some way you can make things better for them. That is the offering of the soul, which is being love as God is.

Then how do I avoid having to be hurt, how can I not have that happen to me?

By remembering that you are not alone, that what you say or do does affect other people.

When something happens to you instead of getting angry, or place the blame on someone else for it, stop and take time to think.

Everything that happens in your life is in response to a choice you have made. You chose to draw it to you at a soul level, which is karma, or at a conscious level, which is your physical way, by the way you have been acting, or re-acting, to what was in your life.

What is re-acting?

When something happens there is always a first thought as it occurs. Sometimes it is one that is good, you feel happy because you are enjoying the experience, but sometimes your first thought is to be angry at someone else and often want to say it is the fault of another. That is a re-action; you are reacting to the experience as you did once before.

If I have experienced it before then that is karma?

Sometimes it is karma and although you may not remember the experience you respond in a way that you once did, but sometimes it is how you are choosing to be in this life, maybe there have been times when you have felt hurt and alone and so were angry at the time and so when something else happened you felt it was happening again and so reacted as you did the other time, if you realise this then you are able to choose to stop re-acting and choose how to be so that you can put it behind you and move on.

To do this, Instead of anger, although you may feel it starting, stop and take time to be still.

Take a deep breath and let your soul respond to what truly happened to you.

Your reaction is often because of a fear, most often fear of how you will appear to others, what they will think of you, whether you have made a fool of yourself, but when you take time to act the message from your soul will be, well done you were meeting self and have moved on.

If you begin to think about the little things that happen and choose to control them, not let them control you, you will gradually be able to do it with larger.

But I don’t want people to laugh at me, I want them to like me, I want them to be my friends and they won’t if I’m not like them, they won’t want me around. What am I supposed to do?

The best thing you can do is be yourself at all times, you are a very important person and deserve to know love, both for yourself and from others, so to be you is to be the way that feels good, to you, the way that makes you feel light and happy.

If you try to be like other people, just to please them, then they may be happy but you wont be, you will feel like a very important part of you is missing and it will be.

What is that?

If you choose to be as you think others want you to be so you can belong to their group you will have people around you but you will feel unhappy because you are letting other people tell you how to be.

If you do this you will always feel unhappy, restless inside, within you will know there is something missing because when you came back to the earth you chose how you wanted to be and so letting others tell you how to be is not helping you find the way.

If the ones you call friend only want you to be with them if you do as they say they are not really friends.

You will feel happy when you say no to ways that do not make you feel good and yes to those that do, if you do not please yourself, if you do not feel good about yourself, then you will find that you feel unhappy no matter who you are with.

You can please yourself without being selfish, uncaring of others, you can do it in a self-less way, take for you what will enable you to know peace and harmony, not at the expense of another but with another.

Why is it that when I try hard to do something and it goes wrong I feel as if everyone is laughing at me and I want to go away and hide?

That is because you do not think yourself to be just as good, just as beautiful, as the people you are with. You feel like that because you are only seeing yourself through other people’s eyes. When a person doesn’t think they are as good as another they measure their self against all that the other says or does, and if they hear someone praise the other person for something they have done, an achievement, they think, if I do or be like that I too will be as good as they are.

I don’t always want to do the things I’m supposed to but I do so I don’t get into trouble, why do I still feel unhappy when I finish?

What is happening is that in a way you are at war between your inner desires, those that you have chosen to know in this life, and the desires of those you love and care for, your family or the people you share your time with outside of the family.

Parents and caregivers do not always remember to ask their children what they would like to do and so make plans for them, they say they would like you to play a certain sport, learn an instrument, dance or sing, when within you would rather do none of these, or maybe a variation of them, but not those being chosen for you, and because what you are attempting is not really ‘your way’ your heart is not really in it, with the result that you do not get the results that is expected of you, and so if the other person does not feel you have given your all they may withhold their praise for your attempt, instead express disappointment at the result.

This will leave you feeling you have let the other person down and too often you then begin to feel that you have let yourself down as well, that is known as loss of self worth, and so instead of following your inner feelings you begin to measure your worth by what you believe will make another happy, but you will not be.

How do I know self worth, can I get it back?

Yes, you have to begin by loving yourself, just as you are, right at this minute. Not because you can do or be any of the things that are learned things, but because you, the person, are perfect just as you are.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist, climb the tallest mountain or walk on water to be worthy of being loved, either by yourself or another person, you have quite simply only to be, you, for as you are, right now, is as you have chosen to be at this time.

At each age and stage of your life you are always just perfect for you, your way, always worthy of knowing and being loved.

You will meet some people who seem always to be happy, calm, untroubled by what others are doing and yet many people enjoy being with them and seek them out.

Why is this?

Because how they are is really how all would like to be, so if you live in a way that is caring and loving both of yourself and others many will be drawn to you, and find strength through you. When you are able to accept yourself just as you are you are also able to accept others just as they are.

Some will resent your peaceful way and will attempt to upset it, this is not because they think you wrong or strange but because they realise that they would like to be like that too but they don’t know how to achieve it so it is easier for them to upset you, to take from you, your peace

But I don’t know how to do many things, what if I keep getting things wrong?

We often learn the best when we do not get things right, that doesn’t make us less than someone who is able to do it though. Sometimes you will not appear to get things right on the first, second, or even third fourth and fifth attempt, what does it matter. You are doing the best you know how at that time.

If after several attempts to master or succeed there is one thing you can do, for you, and that is to ask yourself ‘is this really important to me, do I really need to do this?’

Maybe you are ready to move on to another challenge or take a different approach to the present one.

If the choice is to move on to something else don’t think you will have failed because all that you have learned, about yourself, can be put to good purpose as you move on and it was only because you tried that you were able to make the choice, all is opportunity to say, ‘yes this is who I am, or no it is not’. If you hadn’t had the experience you wouldn’t have been able to know this.

But won’t others still laugh at me and think I wasn’t good enough?

They may, but if you value yourself you will know that when they see you moving on, getting on with your life, their laughter will pass.

Their laughter or unkind words are not really because they think you a failure; many would like to move on but would think their self a failure if they were to do so, they have forgotten to value their self, feel unworthy, and so it makes them feel more powerful if they can see, their way, upsetting yours.

Many feel just as you, unsure of who they are, how they should be, so many believe that they don’t measure up to what others expect of them or have achieved, so many people feel they have little worth that is why there is so much unhappiness.

You can help them, and you will , if you show them that although you accept yourself as you are, at that time, you are able to take hold of your life and choose another way.

How can I know what is right for me, what to choose?

You do this by learning to listen to your feelings. When you think of something you would like to do, or be, start to listen to how you felt at that first moment of thought.

What does that mean?

If when you first realised the thought you felt light, open, excited, then your soul is singing, saying yes to you. This is a positive response. Go for it.

If you felt heavy, uncertain, shoulders tight, then maybe it would be in your best interest to think again, this is a negative response, your soul is saying no, not at this time.

What is telling me this?

Your soul will talk to you through your feelings, but it is always your first feeling. It is how you felt as the thought first appeared because, the next thought, is usually your mind stepping in and saying to you ‘what if or what about’, it is telling you all the negative reasons, all the reasons that make you feel unworthy.

It may take time but if you start to take notice of this you will gradually become aware of them without having to really concentrate.

How can I fit in with my friends and still behave in the way that will make me feel good? They wouldn’t understand.

What you have to decide is whether your opinion of you or their opinion of you is the most important.

If it is their opinion then you still do not love yourself.

If it is your opinion then you have begun to understand that if you value yourself others will value you also.

Only when you can believe that you are a beautiful soul, housed in an equally beautiful body, will you begin to be at peace with yourself and accept and know you are equal with and to all.

If I’m a beautiful soul, housed in a beautiful body, if this is how we are all supposed to be, why do some bodies have things wrong with them?

You only think there is something wrong with them if you’re judging beauty as being something that’s perfect.

All bodies are beautiful. The way they appear physically is as the soul has chosen for that lifetime. What may appear to another to be a blemish or wrong is, for the soul within it, a tool to work with and through, and so for that soul it is perfect, beautiful.

When you know someone whose body does not seem perfect to you thank him or her for they bring you a gift, through their way you have opportunity to know what it is to be patient, tolerant and caring.

Although their outer covering may be different inside every physical body is an angel, a beautiful perfect soul, experiencing, growing, just like you.

They too get frightened over things they do not understand. They also need to know that they are worthy of being loved.

We are all beautiful to God who loves each of us just as we are for He knows that our body is just a means of experiencing what we have chosen to know. He will help us to know how special we are if we ask to know it.

How will He do that, how does He know what I want?

He knows before we even ask because we are all a part of Him, and because of this we are always connected, but because He gave us free will to choose for our self He waits for us to come to Him.

How do we do this?

We talk to Him just as we talk to other people; He is our friend, our best friend, when we talk to Him He listens to our every word.

What do I say?

Just say what is on your mind, if we begin each day by saying good morning to God it will help us to feel good about our self. If we get into the habit of including Him in our day we will begin to notice what we are doing, and how we are doing it, so talk to Him throughout the day, not only if you feel unhappy, when something good happens say, ‘wow that was good God, thank you’.

We should end our day as we began, say goodnight just as you do to your family, and if there is something you feel that you need to talk about talk to God, ask Him to help you, He will.

How does He help? He’s not here.

We can’t see Him but He is here, remember your soul is a part of God so He is with you at all times. He answers us in many ways, sometimes it is with a thought, we will suddenly see a way to do or change something, other times it may be something we read or hear and we think, yes that will work, or a person will offer a way to help us through a difficult time just when we need it. 

How will I know He is answering me?

If you told God that you were lonely, that no one played with you, and then someone who usually ignores you says hello and wants to talk, you can say ‘who do they think they are talking to’ and turn away or you can accept their offer of friendship, it may be that they have wanted to be friends but something kept stopping them from approaching you and so God was helping you both.

Often we don’t think to ask for God to help until there seems to be no other way but that does not matter to Him, trust that God will always answer you but first we must let Him know that we would like His help for He waits for us to reach out to Him.

He will always answer. Sometimes the answer may not seem to be as we thought it should be, or would be. Remember when we spoke of your feelings? Well that is the place to start. If it feels right, if you feel light and happy, then go for it. We have to trust that we will know, and the more we trust this the more we will find our self able to hear His answer.

My family, the above wisdom is to help you provide a stepping-stone for young children to enable them to step out and up on their own path.

Your love, without strings, is the greatest gift you can give to them. Give them the freedom to explore their depths. They will not flounder as long as they know that your love is there ready to welcome, support and accept.

I welcome your exploration of your potential to be all that you are, I make no judgement of how you choose to achieve this.

All set off on their physical journey with their purpose being to understand their place within the family and then the wider community, if from birth the young know that they are accepted for who they are, and are aware that their physical way is but a stepping-stone on their spiritual journey, they will view their way with the awareness of one who is empowered to be all that they are.