Yes, much. You exercise your power to create through each word you speak; each statement is an enactment of your belief in a way of being. Think on this.

Many believe that when they speak they are just voicing an opinion, a point of view, they utter words that once spoken are given no further credence to. There is little perception of the power of their word.

Words have become the prime form of communication. Through the development of language there became a lessening of other senses, those that arose through awareness of being.

A sensory perception develops through usage of. All have moments of awareness when there is a surety of thought or deed, when it just seemed right, or when you feel another has read your mind, this was the awareness you once knew, when you were all knowing. Intuition is marvelled at when once it was the way of all.

Awareness of being permits further development of unconscious communication but when verbal interaction is the way it is most often generated through the mind, the conscious mind, is of the moment, with little awareness of what prompted the thought that became the word.

So what’s in a word? Much.

It is in truth a statement of the I AM within, but as there is not conscious awareness the word becomes one of control instead of one that prompts growth and understanding.

Think on this, I am angry. I feel angry.

I am, states that you are an angry being.

I feel, offers; this is my perception of that which has occurred.

I am, I feel, one a statement the other, awareness. One is a pronouncement of being the other, opportunity to choose to stay within the feeling or to create again.

Thought is the creator of the word, as you think so will you be.

To feel is to be aware of your perceptions, to be aware of how you feel is to then bring awareness that you are in control, you can own the thought, make it you, so then the I AM will be, or, you can choose to empower yourself to rise above that which is not in keeping with your desire to be more.

Feelings are your guiding markers.

Let us now explore the statement I am happy and the awareness, I feel happy. The first is the enactment of the second, awareness of the feeling prompting ownership of the feeling. This is an awareness of being giving rise to the creation.

What is it you choose to own, what is it you choose to make real in your reality, all is your realisation of who and what you are.

What’s in a word? Much, for through its utterance you bring into being you.

Think before you speak is an old maxim; one rooted in the knowledge that thought is the creator. Think, create through awareness of your feelings, and make them a true statement of you.

I feel so therefore I AM.