My family lets speak together of our beginnings, our in the sense of we as individuals within the One.

First there was I, just I, then through both will and desire I brought into being Myself in many separate parts, yet each as the other, identical in all aspects.

Each shone with the brilliance that was and is Me for all were and are as Me. All had the essence of purity that is love, total love in all aspects. Love that purely, just is.

And then there was countless Me’s, all with purity of intent, all with the glow that is and yet, is not.

Through My will I let there be a freeing of all that would bind us one to another.

I set all free that each may develop in their own right, seek their own purpose, grow into their own wisdom, choose, to be as One, only then would all know the joy of completion for there would then come to be the remembering, one to another, a rejoining, the re-enactment of the I AM.

All that I set free began to explore, experience, ponder. All glowed as I, with the intensity of a million suns. For the purpose of this narration we will liken it to a 1000-watt light bulb.

I glow for I am pure energy. I pulse; I vibrate at an intensity that cannot be measured.

All were free to explore, to experience as was their will to know and be. As they experienced some chose to drift away from their life force, their vibration began to slow, to become, in essence, of a thicker nature. With the slowing came a dimming of their glow, instead of 1000 watts they were as 750, some 500, all could have returned to that which they were with the will to do so, but that was yet to develop.

As time passed some chose to drift further away. All were still pure in their love essence for there was no other way, but as they grew further and further apart from the Source there became a lessening of their will to be all that they were, are, and ever shall be.

All creation was theirs to explore, experience through and with. The planets were visited each having a different vibration for them to harmonise with.

When visiting the planet earth they were in but not of the earth.

Over a long period some desired to join with life forms within the earth plane. for this to be there was a need to know a further slowing of their vibration.

To be, that which is seen, it was necessary to create within the dimensions of the earth’s vibration, for that which you are aware of as solid matter is simply that which is visible through the enactment of an energy force that is of the nature of mankind, thus all was of the essence of love, as, but of a much slower vibratory force.

In the beginning all souls that entered the earth plane, those who simply explored and those who chose to create, were able to lift their energy field and resume their spiritual way when and as they willed it. They freed their self from the state of matter into, the essence of spirit.

All who chose to wear  the physical body, created so as to enable them to be of the earth, did so joyfully as they knew the freedom of choice and entered with the purpose of experiencing, both with and through Me.

Their vibration, of necessity, slowed to harmonise with the things of the earth but as their intention was pure they glowed, a 300-watt bulb.

All who remained true to their higher purpose were able to lift their vibration and return to their spiritual home, which was as a field of nurturing, thus restoring intent and purpose.

With the gradual separation of way those able to achieve this lessened, for as they began to choose for self, not soul, their vibration further slowed, their essence thickened. Those who chose self-creation without the necessary foundation of love were unable to raise their vibratory force thus they remained earth bound, their vibration slowed, their light dimmed, 250-watt.

Throughout the many aeons that have passed many have sought to know their true purpose, and have, through will and desire, lifted their vibration and felt the lightness of being that is soul awareness. With the intensity of their desire to be, as they truly are, they glow. Their way is as a light in the darkness for many.

As each returns their way to a state of harmony, one with all, they too will glow. As awareness of their potential to be as Me expands into their, deepest desire, they will illuminate the earth, and all within it.

Many sayings relate the soul’s ability to be a light source, the glow of purpose when one is inspired to extend their way beyond that already known, en-light-enment – the realisation of another way, illumination through knowledge, or the darkness of despair, of hiding your light beneath a bushel. One who is down is gloomy, one who is up is bright and light, when there is joy the countenance is said to light up, despair brings the darkness of depression. A bride is said to be radiant with happiness, one who is full of joy feels as light as air, and so forth.

The lightness of being is both visible and invisible, it is light that glows and light that lifts, thus the awareness of floating for the essence of love is lighter than air, so the raising of the vibratory force prompts the rise of the spirit, another saying often uttered but little heeded as to its truth is, my spirit lifted.

For centuries artists have depicted those thought of as holy as radiating light, have placed a glowing halo around the head, they have displayed the wisdom that is within all, the knowledge that you are far greater than your grandest perception of yourself.

Within the spiritual plane there is that known as shadow lands and other levels of awareness. All is the level of awareness that each has desired to know. Heaven is the total of all, the full force of all that is.

All is as desired for through desire becomes will, through will becomes energy, through energy becomes essence, through essence is, I.

As each experience that which they are not their light dims, as awareness develops it brightens.

Within their home many have a dimmer switch attached to their light source permitting the glow to be as desired, next time you operate it study the glow at its brightest and then slowly dim the radiance, you will gain an awareness of that which I speak.

Whilst in the physical, with both will and desire to become as one with all, to know your self as love, you will know a lightness of being as you lift your vibration.

Experience this and you will find your self energised, there will be a lightening of the spirit and as with those you term the great teachers, there have been many, you will be as a magnet, those seeking will be drawn to you as a moth to a flame.

Through will and desire you create the ability to raise your wattage, so to speak.

When you are cast down you are turned down, like a fire that is banked for the night. When there is joy there is both a lightening of the step and lighting of the flame.

You control the flame, you ignite the match, you, snuff out the candle.

You are in essence a 1000-watt bulb. Fan the flame, blow on the embers, breathe new life into the fire that is your burning desire to be.

You will again glow as I, for that is who you are, I.