Trust is faith in your right and ability to know you as Me. Trust your inner knowing; inner knowing is realised first through feelings.

Trust in your ability to feel at one with your way. When you trust in the way you feel about something you will approach the decision with an open mind.

One who trusts their self allows another to have their opinion, so hears another’s words without rancour, for one who trusts makes judgements from the gathered wisdom of many.

Trust those you walk beside even though they may appear to falter, trust begets trust, trust in another will enable them to know self-worth so step out with confidence on their path.

Trust those of another faith, skin colour, gender, trust not only those who appear to think, feel, as you, but also those whose journey appears apart from yours.

Trust removes fear, without fear one is able to acknowledge the worth of the other, acknowledge that they too have the right to know their self as Me .

Trust in another, and acknowledgement that all have the right to be as they choose, removes the desire to measure self through or by the way of another and so is no longer the founding thought of how to be within any experience.

Trust permits acceptance of the here and now as being perfect for your journey of remembrance.

Trust in today permits faith in tomorrow.

Fear prevents one from seeing with love, and the absence of love as the foundation of thought clouds the vision, distorting the reality that is. With faith in tomorrow today will be approached with joy.

Fear not, trust always, you will not, cannot, fail in your quest for understanding of life purpose; all will become clear, trust in this for it is truth.

Every moment is opportunity knocking, be aware of what is, the mind will absorb then desire to expand into further awareness.

All that you accept as a normal within your physical way has come to be through experiencing and accepting what is for a time, but only for a time, for familiarity creates within the desire to further the present knowledge, through this desire you  have brought into being the many aspects of self that is you.

Your spiritual quest for enlightenment is as this, all that you experience brings opportunity to choose how you desire to be within it, once accepted as being the way the innate desire of the soul is to further expand upon this, so thought creates the experience to enable opportunity.

Trust, accept, be. Trust you cannot fail, accept that as you are, right at this moment, is the perfect tool created by you for you, be, be still within this and know that in your stillness you will hear Me .

Trust your feelings, trust the feeling within you when you first become aware, be it words of another, words read, something witnessed. Your first thought, when you first became aware, not the thoughts that arose after for they are mind created, set in place by what if or if only, reactions to and fear of.

What is it you felt, joy, lightness, shoulders open or a desire to step back, close off, feeling of being weighed down.

Trust that all that brings a sense of joy, elation, openness, lightness of being, is soul awareness.

You are soul within a physical body, I say within although in truth no physical body is large enough to contain soul for we are all of the One individualised, eternally connected, eternally interweaving as we experience our power to be as Me .

Yes I use the term we for I can no more separate Myself from you than you can from Me .

Fear not, despair not, regret not, you will know yourself as the All when it is your will and desire to do so. It does not depend upon choices made within the physical realm, the realm of the relative, for upon your return to spirit you immediately remember your power to be as the One for you know yourself as the One, whole, complete.

This will remain your reality until once again you choose to return to a physical body to experience knowing as being.

Trust that you cannot fail, trust that My love is yours unconditionally, explore your power to be as Me, rejoice in your uniqueness, individually you choose to explore, experience, but always with and through another, you are never alone except in your thought about it.