Greetings I speak now of freedom, freedom of being, freedom of will, freedom of choice. Freedom is the right of the soul.

When the soul chooses to walk within the earth wearing a physical overcoat those self same rights apply, for though in appearance of the earth the soul is at all times a spiritual energy being human.

Some will wonder as to how those freedoms interact with the law of the land and the people’s compliance.

The law of the land is mankind’s desire to set in place what they believe is My way, My will.

The scriptures of the various belief patterns have brought into being the social requirements within all lands, those whose scriptures form the Bible base theirs upon what is known as the ten commandments, thou shall not kill, thou shall not steal and so forth.

First I will state categorically that I did not command any to be in one way or another, I neither demand or require obedience, to do so would make mockery of My freedom of expression, I would be commanding Myself.

The belief that we are separate, and that you could in any way fail to know yourself as Me, has permitted the belief in obedience to My will to take root, and as mankind requires that all conform to a certain pattern so as to interact in harmony the belief is that I desire this too.

Many fear that if there were no laws to be obeyed there would be anarchy, that it would be rule by power and might. For a time disorder would be known. You are accustomed to controls on all aspects of your daily living so without there being requirements to be met, honoured, or on the flip side, avoided, dishonoured, many would feel adrift, lack purpose.

For a time, not for all time, for the souls purpose and sole purpose is to know itself as peace and love. therefore without a sense of righteousness to prompt rebellion many would find little purpose in acting out their dramas, which is in truth the pattern of earth life, dramas enacted scene after scene until the desire arises to pull down the curtain.

Tolerance, understanding, acceptance, they are not just words but key pointers to your awareness that all are one.

Tolerance produces awareness that all do not think, act, feel, be, as each other, with this as your understanding you are then able to accept that it is the God given right for all to choose to be as they desire.

Let us take this a step further to those who seek to know their self openly in a way that not long ago would have had them ostracised, imprisoned, devoid often of employment, I speak of what is termed the gay community.

Gay is a misnomer as often fear and self disgust is the first awareness for many who find their self drawn to one of the same gender, for the guidelines they have grown with says to even the youth that their way is not one that all will accept.

I speak of those who choose to interact with another who feels as they, where each is exercising their right of free will.

Some through self disgust seek to overpower another, regardless of age, for their own self interest, some through self disgust seek to create others as their self, they overpower those who are not in a position to either defend or choose for self, their way creates fear and distrust and brings the knowledge of pain and suffering to many.

Those who desire to know their self through same gender interaction, with like minded beings, are exercising love as they choose to know it, whereas the other are exercising power over.

It is said that I condemn all relationships that are not heterosexual or within the bounds of marriage, some say it is an abomination in My eyes, I do not.

I have no opinion, I have no dictum, I have no preference, I have no desire to remove freedom of choice, freedom of self expression, none.

Right or wrong is mankind’s conception of what feels good, what feels right for the individual.

One seeking to understand self, life purpose, may become aware that another’s way does not sit easy within, honour that feeling, it is not your way at this time, may never be your chosen way, but hear this, your chosen way is for you the way you desire to know yourself, so be it, the other too has the right of choice therefore, honour this through tolerance, understanding, acceptance.

Let none impose their way and will upon another in the belief that it is, the way, instead create the desire within you to be accepting of another’s way for what you give will return to the giver tenfold.

If you sit in condemnation of another remember that, to them, your way is out of step with theirs, this can create a cycle of disharmony each becoming locked in a pattern that does not permit growth in awareness of life purpose.

The right to life is the belief that life, as in breathing, is the right of all, except of course in lands that still practice capital punishment where the belief is that those who deliberately end the physical life of another forfeit the right to their own.

The Hippocratic Oath was and is a humanitarian one desired to provide safe guards for both patient and doctor but within it those who offer medical care are compelled to sustain life, regardless of all other considerations, as when there is an injury or illness that renders the body physically incapable of sustaining its way, it is deemed unacceptable for any to let the body be so that nature will take its course, so to speak, thus permitting the being to choose for self whether to stay or go, or, through physical intervention, actively assist in the death of the physical body, euthanasia, so permit the soul to soar free once more. As with those who choose to end their way, termed suicide, euthanasia is in many cultures a crime against both God and humanity.

The creation of what is termed My family came into being through My will and desire to know Myself as more, this I do through and with you. I choose to know Myself as you choose to know yourself, together we grow in wisdom.

Wisdom is the governing power of choice.

When something does not appear to go to plan it is said that it is God’s will and that is the dichotomy, for on one hand it is stated that all have free will to be as they choose but when something occurs that appears to be, not of your choosing, then it is God’s will, thus making mockery of your freedom of expression.

Should one prematurely end their physical way is not the question for free will permits this and does not then damn the soul for all eternity, the soul ending its present chosen path will choose another in a future incarnation, nothing is final or futile, all has purpose, all, the question is, what do they who have journeyed with the soul choose to know about their way through the experience.

Let us address euthanasia, again self has the right of choice, I do not advocate one way or another but ask yourself this, why is it deemed alright for some to slowly permit their body to shut down through so many self induced chemicals, those absorbed through diet tobacco drugs and more, is it not creating a similar experience for the physical being?

Many fear physical death for they fear that what they are at present is all there is, yet others who believe in life after physical death do not have the reassurance that life eternal is their right for their belief pattern speaks of hell, purgatory and lack of worthiness to know their self as Me, they cling to their physical way desiring to get it right, do better, thus earn their wings, so to speak.

An agreement reached between two consenting parties, or a statement of intent, is not at present recognised so precludes one from experiencing as they desire. Until fear of what if is released the freedom of choice will not be set in place.

An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, is the mandate for some to seek revenge on another, know this, that is a karmic pattern, one who, with intent, causes pain and sorrow will choose to know and experience for self that brought to another, they will choose so as to have opportunity to move forward freed from the constraint of self imposed disharmony of way, for understanding brings wisdom and wisdom enlightens.

When this is spoken of openly none will choose to do to another that which they their self do not desire to experience.

The law of reincarnation is one that is either ignored or disputed in many lands, when this is understood along with the law of karma all will free their self from fear of failure and fear of physical death.

Each chooses their path, each chooses when they will enter the earth and when they will return to their spiritual home, with this understanding you will know that long life is not the desire of all, some make but a brief visit, all leave their physical body in the manner that will bring harmony to their spiritual way.

Tolerance, understanding, acceptance, be to another as you would they be to you.

Love those who share your way for it is with and through their way you create yours.

Make each day a statement of who and what you are through living in harmony with all, impose not your will upon another, nor permit they to impose theirs upon you.

Stay true to your way but stay open to the way of another for within it there may be an understanding that will serve you.

Condemn not, step apart from if you believe this is right for you but do so with love, in this way you free both yourself and the other to be as is chosen.