We speak today of the power of the soul, your power to do and be all that you are. The soul is given to mean that which is eternal, everlasting, on going after the demise of the physical body. The soul in essence is Me, the power of Creation, thought. As you think so shall it be.

I brought into being all that is through the power of thought, many believe that it was through the power of an atom like explosion for they underestimate their power to create as I and so all must be set in the terms of the physical. Thought is the creator and that created, the natural result.

All have the power to create as I; indeed all create as I in every moment, I create with conscious awareness, intent. There is thought that is conscious and thought that is unconscious.

Thought that is conscious is that which is acknowledged, heeded, acted upon in word or deed. Many may think that they give birth to a thought and then dismiss it from their mind thus removing it and its power to direct their way, but their becoming aware of the thought brought it into being for without awareness of it there would have been nothing to dismiss, so therefore it was acted upon, made real in the way of the thinker.

All thought gives rise to the power of creation, if enough think in like manner then it will be made manifest, come to be, hence the power of prayer, when there is a union of purpose and will there is such an intensity of energy sent forth that it is as if a choir of angels have given voice to the harmony of life.

Unconscious thought is conditional upon that which is believed to be the way of the one within whom the thought is lodged.

Unconscious thought becomes your innermost belief about your self, who you are, who you desire to be, and your worth in relation to this.

Conditioning of thought begins from the moment of conception for within that chosen to be the vehicle for the souls next journey is the circumstances of birth, race, gender, order of birth within the family, all of which will give rise to the experiences desired to be known by the soul.

Within the body the soul hears, absorbs, all that is within its environment, a young child is like a sponge, takes within all that comes in contact with it, the thoughts and words of their caregiver are heard, felt, and become the foundation on which judgement, decisions are founded. This extends further with interaction in the wider circle that forms their social group.

With maturity there is the ability to reason for self and many will decide that previously held beliefs are no longer their truth and so set in place another pattern. This is very apparent in the teenage years when the child begins to question, often rebel against, that expected of them.

Regardless of when the belief is formed, while held to be truth, it becomes the unconscious first thought when met with any situation or event.

Unconscious thought as the creator of your way can be seen in your immediate response or reaction to another or their way.

All have the ability to know their thoughts, to be the conscious creator of their thought, awareness of who they are and their purpose in wearing their flesh overcoat will lend to this. This is not a daunting task; it takes but one step, thought.

Your thought about who you are will become the foundation, corner stone of this. Think with awareness; be aware of your thought as you are thinking it.

Each of you will identify with the pattern I am about to speak of, the rehearsal of a conversation that may or may not ever take place.

How many of you have looked toward an occasion or event with anticipation, maybe an evening with a loved one, when into the mind springs an occurrence from the previous time spent together, with this first thought the flood gates open, ‘he/she had better not act or speak like that this time, if so I will have to say something, it wasn’t’ right, how will I handle it,’ and so on, your mind taking over the role of both parties, both writing the script and enacting it, I am sure you all have the picture.

By the time you meet with your loved one the happy anticipation has become a defensive shield, raised in preparation for what you now believe is to be. Your loved one, oblivious of your thoughts, is ready to greet you with a smile of welcome, but upon seeing the closed expression upon your face draws back, their smile fades, and they prepare their defensive shield, your expectations appear to be realised. What was to have been a joyful time of sharing, caring, becomes a time of resentment and division, all because of a thought.

How could this have had another outcome? All began with a thought, when the desire is to be, conscious of thought, then there would have been awareness of the negative pattern that was arising, with a conscious awareness the next thought would be, ‘No, I will not go there, today is another day’.

Negative thought is destructive, it destroys the thinkers ability to reason, draws in the vision so it becomes tunnel like, focused in one direction only, your way perceived as being, the way.

Negative thought is inward not insightful.

Creative thought brings the dimension of oneness, opens the heart and mind to permit the light to enter.

Think on what you are thinking as you progress through your day, be aware of your feelings if you find yourself shutting down, shoulders slumping, a heaviness of heart, take heed of where your thought has been, stop your mind chatter and listen in.

With a true desire to know yourself as love you will accept that you are creating your reality and all creation begins with thought, you will accept that your thought has created the heaviness of spirit; your thoughts have created your perceptions or assumptions which have in turn brought into being the belief that you now hold to be truth.

The other beings who share your path may not think feel or act as you, they too have free will to choose their direction, they are not creating your thoughts, it is you who brought them into being.

Ask yourself why the others way is upsetting to you, for your becoming aware of it is opportunity brought to you, by you, to understand another aspect of you, not the other, you.

Instead of resentment at or of the other turn it around and think a new thought, one that permits you to be open, joyous, accepting that all are not as you. They have brought you a gift, an opportunity to understand another aspect of yourself, for only when you perceive that all is not as you desire it be do you then say enough and think again.

Whilst your life proceeds in a pattern that permits you to be self satisfied, that is self in the sense of singular, tunnel vision, then you will not be seeking to understand your wider self, will not grow through the experience that through thought you have called into being.

Each person that comes into your path is called there through your desire that it be so, to some this may seem to be a tall order but remember, thought is the creator, and so your thought brings into being all that is your way.

Through thought while within the spiritual realm you chose your entry into the physical, after birth your thought, both conscious and unconscious, created your reality and will continue to do so.

Think what you are thinking, permit yourself to know this, take heed to your thought as it meanders through the day, I say meanders for if upon notice of the thought you think back to what began it you will note you have moved far beyond it origin.

When truly conscious of your thought you then know yourself as the creator of your way, open yourself to the remembrance of your true purpose in being, to know yourself as Me, for we are in truth one.

As you think so will it be.