I speak to you now as One for we are equal, equal in being, less only in your understanding of this therefore I am as you, the Creator is also the Created.

The way of the Creator is eternally expanding for as we grow so does the All of it, we are the Creator individualised within a physical body.

The Creator does not ask that we bow down but to stand tall in our own light for the freewill that is our birthright is negated if subservience is our road to salvation.

Subservience says we are less whereas, free will to be as we choose, speaks of equality of will and purpose.

We are of and from the One, believe in this, trust in this. Know that we have the right to stand tall and look divinity in the face for only then will we know our self in all our glory.

Glorious is the one who glories in their perfection of being.

Perfection is not that without flaw, perfection is the will to grow within and through what has the appearance of a flaw.

Imperfection is of the mind, think yourself as less you will be less, for you will not have the fire of determination to rise up and over, know the spark that enables you to be as a phoenix rising from the ashes of what was, recreating yourself in and through your belief that it is your God given right to do so.

Be still and know that I am, so spoke the Creator not to bring submission but to ask that we consider the power of being that arose from the desire and will of the One who brought forth life experiencing itself as it chose.

Be still in our own divinity, cease looking beyond self for our sense of well being, be well through the knowledge that as we are is as we choose to be, that is free will in action.

If your desire is to be another way then that too is within your power for limitations imposed upon self are self created.

Let go and soar with the angels, not heavenly creatures that are thought of as perfection but the angels that walk and talk with you daily, friends, neighbours, loved ones, all are angels for all offer opportunity to experience self through their presence.

Bow down, no, rise up, yes. Rise up and free yourself from bonds that prevent you expressing laughter joy song.

This does not mean turn away from what you now know, unless it is your will to do so, no it means change how you view what is now.

Cease to apportion blame upon another for your discontent.

Cease to ask another to be in a certain way for your sake, free them to be as they desire for their freedom to express as they will frees you to be as you will.

Freedom of being is the birthright of all; it is suppression of that right that sows the seeds of discontent anger and resentment.

Do not bow down nor command another bow down to you. A life well lived is a life lived well.

Rise up, rise up and know that the light of reason is the light of thought, the light of thought is the light of creation, the light of creation is the light of the Creator, so the Creator is the Created and the Created the Creator, welcome Home.