Blessings to all, I will speak of the soul and its many varied ways of being heard through both mind and body.

We will begin with this statement, you are not a physical body, not now, not ever, you are soul experiencing within a physical body of your creation, as you are is how you desire to know yourself in this present incarnation.

Therefore your physical body is a tool of the soul, a vehicle to enable it to journey within the earth as it explores its power to be all that it is, Me .

As understanding of this becomes a conscious awareness, of the mind, the physical you becomes mindful of your way, of your expression of the, I am within, and so your energy pattern will be in harmony with your way.

Many fear the way of one who appears to have powers beyond what is considered normal and over the centuries they have been vilified, stoned, crucified, burnt at the stake because within most belief patterns mankind is taught that only God and his chosen few have the right and ability to bring it forth, those recognised as such have been lauded, worshipped, revered, followed.

Instead of love mankind’s greatest awareness is fear; fear of eternal separation from the Source of all life is the basis of this.

Many would dispute this statement believing they are in control of their way therefore have no fear and yet, their very need to be in control negates their belief.

One who does not fear has no need of controls that discipline, direct, for they know that as they are is perfect for their way and perfect for Me .

The statement that you are perfect in My sight at all times offends the many who have been taught they were born in sin and that their whole life purpose is to overcome this by a life of repentance, atonement, a seeking of mercy and grace, so to be told of their perfection sits uneasy within their mind and they fear they are being tempted into further sin if they were to accept this.

I state here as I have so many times, I am love, the energy that is, love, light, interchangeable, I am, you are of and from Me therefore how can you be less than Me.

Many know and accept a greater power than that presently known brought all into being but they believe this is outside their self, something to be reached for, aspired to, or a reward for service.

My family those who have found awareness of their power, soul power, know also irrevocably that they are not apart from, they know they are a part of, they know, for they remember that we are One.

The many varied scriptures have said that I breathed life into all, some retain and teach of reincarnation, eternal life for all, but even they qualify this demanding blind obedience of the followers of their way.

Many scholars study the scriptures of their belief pattern and interpret these in accordance with their thought, not their inner thought but the conscious mind which prompts thoughts founded on that already known, as they are held to be learned men of God these interpretations become truths to be followed.

Some do seek with an open mind and a willingness to be enlightened and find wondrous gifts to treasure, with their expanded awareness they know a thirst so great they no longer cling to what was and choose to be a seeker not a follower.

Many masters, teachers, prophets, have walked the earth, each of them have gifted their fellow man with their wisdom gained through their awareness of our Oneness.

They all sought to empower each and everyone to seek for self, to share freely with each other the wisdom that had been shared freely with them, to become both seeker and teacher.

They didn’t set their self above but with. They didn’t ask the people to create a way that separated; they didn’t ask to be followed.

I reiterate, not one of them sought to be followed for they knew that all have the power to be a prophet, teacher, all. Their purpose was to inspire, awaken, to show that ‘this too and more shall you do also’.

When Jesus taught words of prayer to the people he didn’t say my father who is in heaven he said, our father who is in heaven, he sought through his words to show that all were equal.

You have the power to be as them, you, each and everyone of you, you do not have to follow to be as them, you have simply to believe in your own wonderful, beautiful perfection. Yes, perfection. What is perfection, all have a different perspective of this, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and behold your beauty, your wonder, you are without blemish in My eyes and I know you will discover this when you let go of the fear that you can fail.

Not one of those now revered as master, teacher, condemned another who was not of the same mind and yet so much unrest has been known, and is known, in the name of religion, said to be in the name of God, for each believes their way to be, the way.

But some will cry its in the scriptures, look I can show you, stone, cut off, crucify, condemn all who are unbelievers, shut them away from the spiritual community, church, and so on and so forth.

If it is your desire and will to know yourself as love then begin today to honour the way of another, you do not have to embrace their way to honour it, you simply have to accept their right to know it. Seek not to change another but be the change you seek to know in another.

By this I mean, one who looks at another and finds fault with their way must look within self to find why, it is not the other bringing discomfort it is a disharmony within self and the other is bringing you the gift of awareness of this.

You will hear the voice of your soul when you are able to accept that you have the right to know it, that you are worthy of knowing it, and that your right is not dependant on the way of another, it is your birthright.

You are soul, for the purpose of understanding the physical overcoat you all wear the soul is said to be within the body, in truth your soul is so large that it is in and around, eternally connected with the source and with all that came into being through and from.

Some will speak of the aura surrounding the body; this is the outer manifestation of the soul.

The soul cannot be limited, lessened, it is. To enable self expression within the earth the soul chooses to know its way with and through the physical body and so within expresses this.

Soul is beautiful, perfect, eternal, physical death is not an ending of life but a shift in perception, those in spirit are eternally linked with those within the earth, separation is of the mind whether separation from loved ones or the Creator.

Understanding and acceptance that all are eternally linked opens the door to communication to enable enlightenment.

From birth all have the ability to hear see sense, both physically and spiritually, imitation of those around you brings awareness and ability within the physical experience, awareness within the spiritual is brought into being through will and desire.

Many young children have what is termed imaginary friends, the child will speak to them and want to share their way with them, as the child is still open in their awareness they have the ability to see in both dimensions, it is a soul connection offering support as the child finds its way.

Another aspect that many young children show is what appears to be mind reading, the child will say to the parent, here it is, or I am ready, before the parent has verbally expressed their thought, again it is soul connection, not mind reading but the interaction of the spirit.

Around the age of seven years the child’s way becomes physically directed and so for most their awareness of another dimension fades into a memory until a conscious desire is realised and awareness reawakened.

This is not the way of all, some choose to remain open which can bring mental and emotional stress in one not spiritually attuned to their true purpose.

All retain the ability to reconnect, all, intuition is inner knowing, premonition is inner knowing, both are used daily, often not recognised as such by one who tightly controls their way, follows a strict code, but those who are willing to have a shift in thought will recognise and respond on a conscious level.

Within your community there are many who have chosen to explore their inner awareness. Through their acceptance that not all is by chance they have expanded their thought and brought into being the direction their thought has created.

As with the physical body some see, this can take many forms, some see the aura of another, the colours within it, not in an intrusive way but when given permission or within a community of like minded beings they are able to see and assist the other through their way.

Some, just as they did when a child, see a spiritual being, and with acceptance of this they will begin to communicate through thought.

Some see what was, some what might be, might be for the future is not foretold, is not a given, it is a moment by moment creation through and by all.

When an individual is given understanding of what might be it is through awareness of the direction at present being followed, each is the arbiter of this and so with a shift in thought about something the way too shifts, nothing is written in the stars, each has chosen a path that will enable them to experience as desired but this will not be shown to them for it is the ‘journey to the experience’ that enables the meeting.

Those who offer understanding of what was bring opportunity for all to reassess their way, to understand that they have a choice, that a known way is not the only way.

To see, and accept that seen even if not understanding, is to open the door to further awareness, though the image may be fleeting accept that it was and let be with the desire for further awareness be known. Let your mind be still, many will seek to analyse, make sense of through that already known and so lose sight.

Some see through their dreams, they wake with a clear image, if that is your way then before opening your eyes think of the dream, bring it into your conscious mind then write down that remembered, again don’t seek to analyse, let your mind absorb the feelings as well as the words or picture.

Some dreams are of the mind some are messages from the soul which are heard by your subconscious when the busy mind is at rest, though another may appear within the dream it is for your way not theirs and your feelings will guide you.

Some do have dreams that are prophetic there purpose will be understood for the one receiving will have opened their way to receive them and so be seeking to guide through their way.

Intuition and premonition are an outer response of an inner feeling. Take time to heed that thought or feeling which springs into mind, pause and think on it, how did you feel at the moment of awareness? Was it light open, or heavy with a desire to step back? Think on the feeling or thought if words were clear in your mind, then act for you.

Heed your thoughts and if you are aware of some staying with you write them down, think not of the grammar or spelling as you write just let the words flow through you without conscious thought, let them be for a time then read that written.

With a conscious will to let the words within flow you will find yourself relaxing and so open your mind to hear within.

There are many opportunities every day for you to find awareness if it is your will and desire to do so.

It may be something read, something very familiar to you and yet this time as you read it is as if the words are new and you feel an inner excitement, it may be a bulletin board that holds many messages but only one stands out to you. It may be a conversation either with another or overheard that seems to resonate within.

Some permit another soul to speak through them as many in spirit desire to enlighten and assist the journey of those seeking understanding.

Opportunity is self created through your will and desire. As you open yourself to accept that you have both the power and right to be spiritually aware, if it is your will to hear the voice of your soul, if it is your will that you have conscious awareness of your soul purpose and direction then you will create the way for you.

Believe that you have both the right and the power to create this, trust that you will know yourself as soul and accept the moments that bring you a sense of joy, excitement, lightness, accept and know that your will be done, as you will so will it be.

My will for you is your will for you.

You will hear, you will see, you will know for in truth you already do, your soul awareness will be your conscious awareness and we will be One.

Failure is not an option, not now, not ever, never. You have but to believe in your power and right to be all that you are and so will it be.