Life is love and love is life, that is God’s truth.

The words are interchangeable for the vibration that is love is life, your life force is love realised, soul, singular outflow of universal love.

For many people life is just existence: getting on with it, one step at a time, day by day, and so forth. It is living yes but not life for it is without the essential element; the awareness of love being experienced as physical life.

Many of the belief patterns taught within the earth speak of life after physical death, portraying it as a class or caste system, heaven, purgatory, and the fiery pit of damnation.

It is said that to know heaven one must be obedient to the will of God, and all that occurs is the will of God, so when told that God is love and all are loved by God many turn away for they cannot equate a God of love as being one who would bring flood fire famine earthquake upon them, let alone one who would punish them for all time because they struggle to understand and find their way through their daily path.

Hence the love of God is no longer a draw card when held out as a carrot to entice the strays back into the fold, nor the threat of the fiery furnace a deterrent, some turn away disputing there is a God or any existence other than physical life, others seek for understanding apart from organised religion for their innate knowing urges them to find direction.

Doubt in the love of God creates the inability to equate self with love.

Many identify love as an emotion not a reality, they cannot accept their way as being one of love thus they will not open their inner self to another, allow another to get close, they may speak of loving another, and indeed have great joy in expressing this physically, but it is limited expression, does not begin with love of and for self.

Only when one knows their self worthy of love can they then give love freely, without strings.

I do not ask, need, or require, obedience to My will, nor is My love conditional. My love for you is without strings.

I do not, will not, command any to be as Me. I do not, will not, never have, never will.

I do not, will not, judge your way, I do not, will not, reward some and punish others, you have free will, freedom of choice is your birth right.

When I desired to know myself as more, to know companionship of way, I brought all into being through and from Me. All that is life is from Me, all you term soul is of Me, we are One in essence.

I know that I have spoken of this many times but it bears repetition for this is the founding thought and thought is the Creator of way.

We are all One in essence, life, love, interchangeable, to command that all obey the will of God would be a pointless command for your will and Mine are one.

My will for you is your will for you. I will that you be all that you desire to know and be. That is free will in action.

I did not take all those beautiful beings of My creation and throw them into the sea of life then watch to see who would founder, who would float, who would swim, which is the essence of the tale of the fiery pit, purgatory, heaven.

No one will founder, none, not then, not now, not ever.

Within the spiritual realm are those who have found understanding, those still seeking, and those who seek to hide, none know punishment, banishment, all are surrounded by love and all will emerge into the Light of understanding as they will it.

Whilst within the physical realm all know within a restlessness of spirit, an inner sense that as they now know their self is but a stepping stone on their life path, their innate awareness of their power to be all that they are is nudging them along.

Some interpret their urge to be more as a need to attain success in business sport or academia, some as a need to gain wealth or possessions, some feel the urge to express their self within the community, aiding those in need, others look within and ask why, why am I here, what is my purpose, knowing they need to seek for self not simply accept that told them.

Regardless of their chosen way all will hear within their soul’s voice when they will it.

All hear but not all choose to listen, but that is okay for all will hear, all will listen, all will know their perfection of being, all, when it is their will and desire to do so.

Physical life is opportunity for love to manifest itself; opportunity to experience what is not, through the experience of not awareness of choice arises bringing the desire to say I will. I will do, I will be, I will know.

Some arrive at their awareness of self empowerment and say yes, this is Me, some fear they are being presumptuous, their sense of unworthiness causing them to step back, but I state now that all will say I will and know that it is truth, all will accept this as their reality.

With acceptance all will not only say I will but find the desire to say, I am.

I am as God, I am one with God, I am.

I am, and I will be.

Power filled words, powerful truth, full knowing that the power of life and love is within.

I am, and I will be.

Speak those words out loud so that you hear their beauty, close your eyes and listen to them resonate within you, and believe.

As each finds this to be their truth they will know God’s will as theirs for they will know they are God, love and life, we will be united in will and purpose, ever individual in expression but in harmony with all there is.

Arise, shine forth in all your glory, and be.