My family, greetings to all, welcome to My world, which of course is your world for we are one.

Many will feel uncomfortable with that statement for you have been taught to believe that you are separate from your Creator; that there are divisions between us that you can only surmount if you are perfection personified. I am going to dismiss this belief right now.

We are one. You are of and from the One. You have been told that I created and sent forth all from My being therefore how is it possible for you to be less than Me? How is it possible for we to be separate from each other when we are one in essence? It is not.

The idea of separation arose through the inner awareness that each had chosen to know another way of being, one that was not of love in all its purity;

Take this thought within you now; the separation was of way, not essence.

You can be as you choose in thought word and deed but you cannot deny the source of all in its entirety, for in truth there is nothing else.

You can choose to be as you truly are just as readily as you choose not to be, all is in the thought about it.

Separation is of the mind, not the spirit.

Belief that there was something you were not enabled you to find a way to hold yourself in the now, to seek an out.

You gave birth to this in your many religions, they became the way of identifying with the reality of your conception whilst permitting you the space to be less than you are.

Some desired to have power over another which brought into being the way to dictate, how to be, within the various beliefs.

Over time the various sects and ‘isms’ became the way to be followed. You permitted them to choose for you, permitted them to be the saviour of your soul, gave away your right to self-determination, your free will to choose for your own way.

This is true of all the paths to higher learning within the earth plane, whether it be of the spirit or the mind, all are asked to follow the regime as laid down.

You are taught what to think whereas for you to truly grow in your own awareness you should be shown how to think, and given the freedom to do so.

All data should be given when speaking of the history of the earth within your learning institutions, all records from both sides of that in question, especially those from the one deemed enemy, if all were shown that there are two sides to any debate, that through their understanding at that time each believed they had the right of it.

Misunderstandings between nations, races and gender are too often founded on history, what has gone before, when given the opportunity to see and understand both points of view, and then choose how they would have acted or brought about a settlement there would be opportunity for a new thought to be set in place.

So too with the various religious belief patterns, why keep segregated when all speak of love for the One, love for the other person, and love for self. All gained their conscious awareness through those who chose to be a ‘light in the darkness’, as was Jesus and many others.

Remove the need for supremacy and there would become one belief pattern for there would no longer be the need to hold your way separate from another. Only with the understanding that there is another point of view, that there is right on both sides, will the pattern of the earth become one of action instead of, reaction.

A belief pattern founded on love would enable all to begin to know their self as this, and if none sought to dictate, how to think, but permitted all the right to hear and be heard, it would grow as a guiding force. All would be enabled to awaken their own life force permitting self-determination to again be their right.

Seek understanding of all that you desire to know, allow time to ponder and then choose for self. Choose that which brings to you a sense of peace within, an awareness of well being.

Begin today to think for yourself.

Listen, hear the words of another, read the words of another, see the way of another, then go within in quiet contemplation.

Choose what sits well with you, if you feel light, bubbly, excited, open, then you have found your soul awareness, if you feel shut off, heavy, a sense of backing away, then honour it, turn from, it is not for you at this time.

Although it may seem to be a way that is not for you it may be right for another, you know not their path or that which they desire to experience, honour their right to choose for their way.

What you are at present reading is as this, read with a will to understand that written and then ponder on it. Take from it that which you believe is for you, and let go of that which is not.

I will not, do not, tell you how to be. I offer you these words to aid understanding, I offer guiding thoughts to still the restless spirit which prompts much disharmony within the earth plane.

These words are to enable you to view all in another light, to remove the awareness of separation from both Me and all other.

I offer you opportunity to think again, opportunity to decide who and what you are in relation to, who and what you are not.

The choice is, and always will be, yours. I do not judge nor condemn any choices made, I simply observe you making them. I offer My loving support to all who seek it.

My love is with all always for that is our very essence; all who actively seek to know it become aware of its presence within their being.

We are one. All will seek to reunite their way with the One and all will reunite their way with the One, all will be fulfilled. You determine when this will be through your thought about it. Think, for you.

Join with others in worship if that is peace giving to you but let go the fear that holds you to their dictates. It is not a sin to question. It is not a sin to choose to sit within a garden and worship as you feel is right. You do not need to enter a building to find Me for I am with and in you always, I am your soul.

It is when you choose a way that is not through or from love that you create, an awareness of separation.

That is the illusion of sin. That which you know within is not in keeping with your soul path. Choose to return your way to the path of love and you will remove this awareness.

You are worthy of all that is beauty, peace, love and joy. You are worthy of being Me, for it is truth.