Your journey within the earth is not a journey of learning but one of remembrance. As you grow into your own wisdom you desire to know more thus mankind’s exploration of life itself has brought into conscious awareness the power to create, alter, life form.

What a debate there is.

Some believe that scientists, doctors, should cease messing with that which is of God, that their interference will bring suffering to humanity; others believe it is the way forward and eagerly await each development.

There is an important aspect which when understood and accepted removes the fear that seeking to understand life, and so create another way, is playing God.

I state once again, you cannot play God for you are God, you are of and from Me, this you seek to remember, your soul purpose is to know this in reality, to make it real in your way.

You are in control at all times; you are not controlled by another except in your thought about it. Your way will change or alter to the degree you permit it to. Let go of fear of what if and choose what will be.

Growth in awareness prompts desire to know more, this is the innate desire of the soul for growth in awareness brings knowledge, knowledge understood is wisdom gained, enlightenment. You bring into the light that which was within.

As awareness grows you become lighter in spirit, your vibration lifts, and you glow in the knowledge of your power to be.

Most now know of the human pattern termed DNA, with knowledge of DNA those seeking understanding of physical life can begin to unravel the complexities of the physical body.

All living matter has that which binds it together; though similar in its complexity each differs in content.

Though great advances in understanding, and ability to alter, will be achieved total elimination of physical ill health or deformity will not, at this time, but through understanding and bringing into being methods of control those ready to move forward on their path will be aided.

Dis-ease is brought to self by self for the purpose of life experience. All that brings discomfort to the physical is created through the soul’s desire to experience.

Without resorting to any drug or therapy physical illness could be eradicated by mankind if that was the desire and intent of each, for with conscious awareness of the spiritual being within there becomes a lessening of the bodies need to experience, as the vibration of the soul lifts there is a sense of well being, the awareness of harmony and peace enables the ability and desire to sustain an altered way, as within an enlightened society where dis-ease of the body is unknown.

Exploration of mankind’s many aspects is a natural tendency toward understanding who and what you are; this is evolution at its finest. Most begin to seek answers with high aspirations and pure intent, the desire to know or be greater than before prompts thought, thought creates.

The experimentation with cells of the body, the creation of life within the test tube, the altering of the same to promote differing combinations, is in theory that which will bring ability to alter, eradicate, some of the physical problems that beset mankind.

Much will be achieved through the exploration of the human gene pool but be aware of that which you do for you have yet to reach the level of development that will permit the exercising of your great potential, with understanding.

Understanding of your ability is emerging but just as a butterfly must metamorphosis through its many stages so too must you.

Be aware of that which you are seeking to control or be. Take heed before setting into place any permanent way of being for, that which you do, will have direct bearing on the way of many.

I do not, will not, say cease, you have free will to be as you will and understanding your ability to create is your soul purpose, My words are for you to look beyond today into tomorrow, for that which you bring into being today will create your tomorrow.

Since creation all have brought into being a changed way, for all is ever evolving as it adapts to changes in both environment and will.

All species have their own blueprint to follow enabling each succeeding generation to retain its place within the planet earth, within all species there is a governing factor that will bring harmony of way and will.

There would not be cross pollination of plant unless it was in accordance with the natural order, nor would any species of animal bird or insect mate or mix its genes with that of another without there being a natural order of being.

Your emerging ability to direct the growth of other species has merit but this natural order must be understood if mankind is to advance beyond this point in its development as it desires to.

Most have a respect and reverence for life, their intent pure in its desire, but those who seek without this as their focus are those who need to look at where they are, and think again.

Many advances that came into being through desire and intent to bring well being to many have become a way to aid a few.

Mankind has decided that value lies in rarity or lack of accessibility so some with the ability to make these advances a reality have chosen to offer them only to those with the ability to pay.

A few doctors have shown that a simple eye operation to remove a cataract can be performed for but a few dollars whereas those in developed countries are required to pay a much larger fee, yes there may be greater expenses to be met due to premises staff etc., but this is one example where these considerations out weigh the benefit of the many.

This is an observation not designed to denigrate or separate but to bring awareness.

I repeat, the desire to create is an inner desire to know your fullest potential to be as Me, it is the driving force which brings into being the will to be more than you are at this time.

This you will know in the fullness of time but, as with the souls who entered the earth in bodies of their own creation, without understanding your desire may be contrary to natural law and so set in place a way that will not bring the harmony desired known.

Your ability to create is your birthright, your emerging realisation of this has brought into being your exploration of your potential.

Create through thought the desire to know only that which will serve you as you seek to understand and create your magnificence.

Let go of fear for much being explored has great merit, look at each individual development, think on it and take time to be still.

To create is sublime; to glorify self through your creation is not. This is the aspect that mankind must now address.

To be or not to be, that is the question, what do you desire to know of yourself, what do you desire to know of mankind?

Do you seek harmony of way and will, do you seek to know mankind as one in way and will, do you seek to be as you are in essence, harmony peace love?.

Do you choose to honour your brother and sister in physicality as being worthy of knowing and being as you, or do you think yourself superior or inferior to another?

Think on this and know that as you think so shall it be, not all have the knowledge of the scientist or doctor but all have the power to create through their thought about it.

Live not in fear but in hope, live not in disharmony but in peace, you will then know yourself to be as Me, and with this awareness your power to create harmony of will and way, both physically and spiritually, will be.

All will know their ability to bring into being that which begins as a thought, this will be the focus of the new tomorrow that is to come in a very short period of time, even as you reckon it.

Let go of the thought that we are separate therefore you are less than Me, you have the power to create as Me for we are One, this you will know, this will be your reality.

Turn not from those who speak of it, let yourself be still, be still, let go of mind, be out of your mind so hear the voice of your soul.

Be still in the moment, all knowledge is within you, this is a journey of remembrance, fear seeks to hide this, fear will prevent your awareness that you are in control, your will supreme.

Fear not another’s way nor permit it to overpower your sense of self. Accept, trust, that mankind will evolve into its own wisdom.

Fear not, accept only that which sits light within you, let go of all that does not.

Not all steps will be positive but all steps offer opportunity to grow in understanding, awareness will blossom when permitted a fertile soil.

My family I look forward to the return of all from their great adventure when we again unite our energies. Our union will bring into being the epitome of all that each has come to be, that which speaks of differing aspects of the I Am, the One.

Your ability to create as Me will be total for you will have understood the power of thought, the power of love, the power that is.