Greetings My family, I come to you now to bring awareness of life purpose as opposed to, mind purpose.

Life purpose is that desired to be known, mind purpose is that thought to be desired to be known.

Throughout the earth there are the dreamers, those who see things that never were and say why not and and the dreaming, those who see what was and say why not.

The dreamer is one who will ponder decipher and mentally propose, they seek to know their self as more. The dreaming is one who meanders in thought without purpose or will, often desiring the restoration of a time when they believe the stress and tribulation of now was not known.

The dream state is when the active mind is stilled and yet inner prompting promotes thought waves. Thoughts arising through outer desire manifest as dream pictures without purpose, thoughts arising through inner prompting are directional pointers.

Direction is the path desired to be known, life is purpose manifested.

The directional prompting is inner purpose yet for most it is outer purpose that gives rise to the deeds of the day.

Outer purpose arises through life focus being directed by outer influences, an example of this is sibling rivalry, one who perceives the other has achieved through luck or favouritism by the caregiver may think their self to be less able, worthy or noticed, their thought creates within the belief that there is some thing they are not, or are without, so seeking to match or better becomes their purpose, outer direction is sought to create this.

Only when there is inner awareness of purpose does there become an outer awareness of worth. Worth when measured by the way of another will not bring this.

Striving to match or better the way of another may become the drive that impels one to succeed but in so doing they are living their life in accordance to the way of another.

Many childhood influences prompt thoughts that promote the sense of less than, thoughts founded on this then give rise to way of being.

Each will in time find their niche and strive to appear successful in a world that recognises monetary gain and possessions as the mark of one who has succeeded in life but when ones worth is measured by the way of another then the focus will remain one of self for the underlying core is ‘who am I’.

This then becomes a search for equality of being, not in the light of spiritual awareness but in a seeking to level the paying field, desiring equality in all facets of physical life to create a sense of worth.

But what is equality, each has their opinion on this, the looking outside of self to the way of another creates the desire within many to restore what was, for there is an obvious pattern to yesterday whereas tomorrow is in doubt.

Yesterday holds a mystical quality for the mind filters memory so that times of laughter are readily accessed, thus nostalgic memories add to the belief that yesterday was superior to today. Times of grief and sorrow become those to stay in the deeper recesses of memory whereas they were the moments that offered the greatest opportunity for growth and maturity.

All that you are, all you experience, is created by your thought about it, this I have stated many times and yet the continuing perception that all that occurs is beyond your control gives rise to resentment of, anger at, revenge for.

Nothing occurs that is beyond your control, nothing, your power to create with and through all you experience is as great as your power that brought the experience to you.

Life is purpose manifested, direction is the path desired to be known.

Your life is your interpretation of all known by you, both consciously and unconsciously, you and you alone. No other directs nor creates you.

Your direction is your interpretation of all that you have brought into being; it is this that creates your power of thought, thus manifestation of thought into way.

Life is for living, living, not existing.

When the focus of life purpose is the aspiration to be as good as, better than, equal with, it becomes an existence for the power of thought is manifested from without, its foundation that perceived through observation.

There is much unrest within the earth today for the perception that there is something you are not has brought into being the desire, not only within the individual but as a country race or nation, to keep another down, to overpower.

When worth is measured through or by way of another self-judgment prevails, self-judgment may be affirmative or negative depending on the thought that prompts it.

Negative gives rise to inferior belief patterns, affirmative to assumption of superiority, better than, wiser than, the notion that some are born to lead others to be led.

All are equal in worth and ability, all, but to acknowledge this requires the removal of the class system that has formed the way of most nations.

As previously stated physical experience arises from thought manifested. When many harmonise their way, as with a nation, the thought that is widely held becomes the energy that creates.

Many will be familiar with the saying, be careful what you wish for, wish is another word for desire, that which you desire to know will become your experience.

How then does one direct their way if they too are a part of the desire of their country nation or neighbourhood.

You are the first cause, hold true to who you are, not who the person but who the being. As you desire to know yourself let that be as you are through, be-ing

Even within the most war torn nation are those who know their self as peace, though surrounded by turmoil disharmony distress grief anger violence they perceive within that all without is an experience of the physical way, the human ‘being’ in the manner created through the desire of many.

If they desire within to be peace why then do they experience, without, all that is not peace?

A very good place to begin our understanding is the country known as Iraq which though recently liberated from a dictatorial ruler is still divided within it self.

While the people know purpose, either as an individual or group, they lack direction for their purpose, though no longer under the rule of a dictatorial leader they are still prisoners of another as their freedom came at a time not of their choosing, though they desired to know freedom they had not set in place the foundation which would have led to self government.

I know this may puzzle many, seem contradictory, for if the combined will of the people to be freed from their present path creates the way for this to come about how can what occurred, the forceful entry of another nation into their country, not have occurred at a time of their choosing.

Desire and intent will bring ripples that gradually expand, merge, and solidify into a concentric circle of energy. This circle becomes a source of power in itself for those who brought it into being access its power enabling will to arise, combined will. This occurs as if self-impelled for the forces of nature, natural law, become the way.

Therefore the people of Iraq were held down and back by a few and many sort to know again freedom of being, so began the ripple, but within Iraq many were divided through belief, ideology, so it was not combined will to know a way of being but combined will to know freedom.

The people were beginning to realise that united they were a powerful voice but this was still in its infancy, had yet to mature into a way that would enable them to not only know freedom from the yoke of dictatorship but also freedom of expression.

At first there were expressions of joy at the realisation that the previous way had ended but many also felt resentment and anger that another nation thought they had the right to intercede.

When the time came for the people to take stock of their way it was as if a great chasm had opened up for there was no structure set in place to enable them to move forward in unity. Through witnessing the outcome of power many are choosing to continue that path believing it will provide the solution they desire to know, so the disharmony continues.

They believe their way is based on their spiritual belief pattern but for many the exercise of their belief is from without, not within.

Followers of the faith is the term given for those who pay homage to their belief system and the one who inspired it, followers, therein lays the dilemma facing the Iraqi people, and indeed all regions within the earth, for followers are asked to be accepting of that told them. Without opportunity to choose for self they become beholden to the dictates of those who decipher the law as set down, required to have unquestioning acceptance when told that their way is, the way.

The belief that there are differing levels to which each must rise in order to know their self worthy of My love creates a further belief that another’s way is of lesser worth, which shows in the social structure of many nations such as caste or class which in the mind of many defines intelligence and ability.

The innate wisdom of the soul calls into question many facets of the belief patterns now followed for the soul desires to expand, grow, and so when limited by the dictates of a particular way there becomes disharmony, both within and without, prompting some to turn away from completely, some to hold to their belief with the desire to find meaning and so peace, some to use their present foundation as a stepping stone but seek outside their present way for understanding, and some to become zealots clinging rigidly to their belief with the desire to be right.

Stifling the freedom to question that set down is as a drought withering the tender shoots before they can grow the roots that will enable them to bloom in their own unique way.

Questioning is the souls quest for understanding, for through questioning there is acknowledgement of something yet to be remembered, yet to be recalled to conscious awareness, the realisation of which becomes the reality of the way, providing the roots a firm foundation upon which to grow, flourish, and in turn send forth further seeds in the form of the desire to expand upon that realised, and so the field of knowledge is unlimited.

Is the following of a belief pattern then wrong? No. Should one who desires to know their self as One step apart from organised religion? No.

All belief patterns offer a platform from which the seeker may begin their individual quest. I say individual for each enters with a chosen pattern to be both sought out and understood. With an open mind, and the will to seek answers, your ability to grow is limitless for when an understanding is realised further questions arise, it is mankind’s natural curiosity that prompts the mind to ask why.

Limit not your way through the belief that as you are is as you should be, instead believe that as you are is but one aspect of all that you will know when you return to One.

We have not meandered from the point of this communication for it leads back to purpose and direction. To become self governing, to each share in the decision making, is the present purpose for the people within Iraq, this is the desired direction but division remains and will remain whilst there is the belief in superiority of way.

Purpose is desire realised, direction is desire in the form of purpose becoming the reality.

There is a gradual settling into the new direction, a will is emerging that will permit unity, harmony will be known if those who deem their self wiser and better step back and permit the infant to mature into its wisdom.

Each must set in place their desire to know harmony, with a true will that it be so their combined desire will be as a magnet drawing them together, with unity of will and purpose they know no bounds.

Think on the above, give true thought to what you hold to be your way and ask, what do I decree as being the way, do I permit it to separate me from others within my community or family?

Seek to know who and what you are; seek to be who and what you are. Do this regardless of race gender creed.

There is disharmony throughout the earth through the desire of some to set in place their way without due thought or regard for another, the foundation of their desire is not greed or power but a belief in superiority of way, though many do not consciously acknowledge allegiance to a belief pattern there still remains the founding thought that they have the right of it.

Let go of all that divides. Honour your different thought patterns as worthy of being heard. Honour them but do not make them your mantra for in this you give over your right of self-determination to another.

Desire to be all that you are for your desire to know yourself as Me is your purpose within the earth, to know this is to also know the direction you desire to follow.

When you choose to know your way as peace and love you are choosing to be peace and love, to know is to be, to be is to know, purpose and direction.