‘And to all a good night’, are the closing words of a tale depicting the passage of Santa on the eve of Christmas, a tale that is loved and read generation to generation wherever there is the belief in that aspect, not the aspect of Christianity but that of a benevolent being that comes bearing gifts to all who have been ‘good’.

It is in truth a tale within a tale, although many dispute the One God of creation, although many have turned from this belief desiring to be their own master, to control their own destiny, there is still the underlying belief in self worth and whether there has been sufficient put into the life pattern that will justify existence and promote a secure well being hereafter.

The underlying desire of all is to know peace, both within and without. Many decry this placing security as their foundation, a secure foundation in the form of wealth, position, power.

Although there is a need for self-realisation within the physical plane soul realisation becomes that which is lasting.

The system of rewards for that well done shows in all of your social structures, those who excel are held as examples for all to aspire to, if that is their desire.

Some are heralded for their achievements, placed upon the pillar of grandeur and honoured in a way that takes from the achievement, does not enhance it. I will give an example of the sportsman, one who has worked hard, given much time and effort to bring into being the ability to stand out, be both noted and selected.

Some achieve greatness through a sole effort, some stand out even within a team effort, all have lauded upon them the mantle of greatness. They are feted, indulged, honoured above all other who are striving to achieve as they, there becomes an imbalance to their achievements, their life pattern forever changed. Why? Because the emphasis is placed on doing, not being, I will explain.

The doing is that which is attained by the self, for the betterment of self, this is not wrong, nothing is wrong given your belief at the time. Wrong is a term relative to knowledge, if you know within that you are more than just a body, that there is greater purpose to your life path, then wrong is in relation to your belief about it and the choices that you choose to make.

You have free will to choose your own way. Wrong is in relation to your desire to be who you truly are, as God, one with God, one with the all, therefore wrong is when a choice is made that is not in keeping with this aspect.

When the focus is for superiority over another, or the desire is for self-glorification, the intent being betterment of self for that purpose, then there becomes an imbalance.

Many have achieved greatness and have chosen to become ambassadors for their higher purpose through this. They have used their public profile to bring awareness of, their belief, in the compatibility of success versus humanitarian acts. Through their public profile they have set out to better the way of many, have shown that all can bring success into their way through, their belief, in their worthiness to know it

Many accept the honours bestowed upon them as being their due, enjoy becoming a public figure to be greeted with respect, as one who is above those who have not achieved as they. This does not offer to another belief in their own ability, yes it will awaken in some the desire to ‘show them’, will give to some the ability to rise above, but for many there becomes the ‘them and us’, they believe their self to be of less worth

Being is still doing in the physical sense but is permitting the soul to voice itself through the way of the physical.

Greatness achieved, through excelling, can become greatness shared, as previously stated, they are those who retain their sense of being but a part of the whole, ambassadors for their higher purpose, who desire to awake in their fellow man that they too are much more than their physical surroundings, much more than their race, gender or social status.

The change in the life pattern is often prompted by the offering of high remuneration, in the case of a sportsman this is too often offered with strings attached, the person in no longer able to express their way without first considering the way of the sponsor. The drive to succeed, which had been the focus, is replaced with the need to remain supreme to retain the lofty pinnacle of public acclaim.

Although I speak of the sportsman, for that is an example that many can identify with, there are many other examples to be found.

Many have found success through doing, have achieved greatness through great sacrifice, others have achieved by simply being in the right place at the right time, for that is how it appears, the law of karma is that all will experience in the manner chosen.

Those who attain success in a physical aspect have chosen to know the same, it behoves them to use their success wisely, for their choosing to know this should also bring awareness that, there is purpose in the knowing, and be quietly proud of the achievement but not see it as being superior to another but as another goal achieved, another opportunity to express, their higher purpose, through that which is.

I will return to My opening, that of Santa and the perception that, to achieve reward first there must be perfection of being.

Be good, what does that mean? Does it mean to obey another without question, or to be quiet so as not to disrupt another’s way?

What another would term as good, may be a way that is far from pleasing to you, but still there is the belief that good behaviour will be rewarded, whilst any pattern that does not conform with this will be punished, hence the creation of one bearing gifts for all who have earned the right to them.

You do not have to earn your way to Heaven, there is nothing you have to do so as to graduate from the pattern of earth lives that is your present way, you simply have to be.

Be, that is it.

I do not ask anything of you, I do not have any expectation of you.

Your desire to be better, more, to create an ever grander version of your self, is your souls longing to be heard and expressed. Within your being is the restless spirit of desire.

Your purpose for donning your flesh over coat is to know your self as One in thought word and deed. In My realm there is only Me in as much as there is only love, realised by some as their total being-ness, by others as, that yet to be attained in reality.

Total being-ness is when the will and desire is such that they become one, for then, they are One; they have reunited their way with their Source. Those still striving to fully reunite their way are still, fully loving in will, and whilst in spirit their desire is the expansion of their way and will.

When the soul returns to the exploration of its way in the relative world, the only state where there can be knowledge in the experiencing of that which is not love, it creates  opportunity for expressing soul desire, or, sole desire.

We return to rewards for good behaviour, children are given the expectation of treats, those in prison are often rewarded through early release, those who are ‘good at’ a particular occupation or way are rewarded through the raising of, their way, over and above another.

I feel your puzzlement as you read this, your indecision as to what and where this is going, read on, it will all come clear.

Rewards are that received in exchange for something given. Rewards are not always the due of another. Often their rise in another’s awareness is because of the efforts of many, they shine forth, for that is the position they find their self in, but it is not due to their, sole effort. When this is the case, the just and right way is for there to be total recognition of the whole, for the sum total of any achievement is the whole.

Witness the change in the way a sport is played when it becomes, what is termed as, professional. The setting of one up and over another, the offering of vast wealth, incentives, creates a false purpose in the achieving, as already stated.

Whereas previously those who played for the love of the game, who gave to it part of their time, were more focused in the joy of playing, of sharing, than the need to be the top team or player.

Recognition is honourable but why is it that only those whose life path is recognised as being, heroic in the achieving, are the receivers of the accolades and monetary rewards, and offered services for their comfort and well being far apart from their occupation?

Within your society there are many who offer daily of their self, they toil amidst the populace offering all that they have to aid the well being of another, they go hat in hand to the government, the councils, the people, asking that there be recognition for the achievements of those who seek only to raise their self above the poverty line they presently occupy, or they ask for help in the building of water wells or other life supports, and thus enable others to help their self.

Many toil daily to aid the sick, how many community organisations are there where the people offer their time, freely, to enable others to be cared for? These organisations are run on a shoestring, but without the willing workers those in need would be without food, shelter, transport to places of aid, would not know the companionship of someone who cares for their well being.

It is a common creed that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, those who have are in a position to take advantage of all that is offering, those without, although they may take small steps to increase their holdings, are unable to step beyond for they are deemed as, too risky, to be backed in their endeavours.

The point I desire for you to ponder on is this, what is true value? What is the worth, in real terms, of one who is able to do or be, in practical terms, in a way that is momentarily greater than the achievements of another, in a like field. Like field. Comparison of differing achievements raises some and detracts from others.

Many are decrying the recent change in attitudes within the schools, where there is recognition for all regardless of whether the achievement is ‘the best’. Many believe that this is removing from the people the will to win, the competitive streak.

Through recognition of the individual effort to lift their way, even just a notch beyond that which was, many who would have seen their self in the light of one who gazes in awe and envy at the achiever now, through recognition of their effort to be more than they were, are finding an inner confidence that they too can achieve, they are empowered to help their self further. They know dignity of being.

Take a thought for a moment of large sporting events, where nation meets to compete against nation, many lose sight of the fact that the one who is competing is an individual, striving to do the best they know how. It becomes country against country, a totalling up of the medals, how many gold, silver or bronze.

If one does not achieve or exceed their personal best, on the day, they are too often vilified, spoken of as if they have brought shame to their nation. Those who achieve silver or bronze are asked if they are disappointed it’s not a gold.

Just to make the team has taken years of dedicated training, hours of patience, and often pain, there can only be one first in each event, only three to make the medal dais, without the efforts of all who took part in their event, those with the medals would not have been able to achieve as they did.

Their selection to the team was their personal reward for all that had gone before, their crowning moment.

For many it has been a sole effort, the betterment of their time or ability their driving force, for another it was the will to overcome some obstacle or disability. Regardless of their purpose or desire they achieved a level worthy of recognition for it gave to another the knowledge that all was within their grasp, if they desired it.

Through the unequal acknowledgement of, the worth of individual achievements, it diminishes the recognition of the individual drive, the will to be more than at the present.

Reward the individual through recognising their level of commitment to what ever they are seeking to achieve, reward in a way that will enhance, and assist, their endeavours.

Are you one who is at present receiving vast sums of money for what you began as a hobby or sport? Do you regard it as your right; believe that your value is far greater to society than one who toils daily to assist the well being of other members of the community?

Many who achieve wealth through their endeavours quietly bestow large amounts to organisations that are working for those in need. Theirs is a laudable way for they are acknowledging that they are more than what they do, recognise that individual effort is enhanced when that achieved is shared.

Many though give thought only to that which will benefit their self. They build luxurious homes, with many rooms that are never entered except by the one who has the task of cleaning, it is a status symbol only. They surround their self with every luxury good imaginable, and then know, within, a sense of loss. Why?

Their focus is on external possessions, or position, as being the measure of their worth, whereas it is internal possessions, or position, such as joy, peace, love, the state of finding happiness in shall things, the ability to laugh freely, and the sense of belonging through walking beside another, not because they are an achiever, in worldly terms, but because they are a person, equal to and with all.

All are worthy of recognition but there is not the need for that to be in the form of limitless wealth, or the granting of favours, far and above that offered to another.

I do not reward good behaviour nor punish that deemed unacceptable, I quite simply accept all your efforts as being, the best you knew how, at that time.

I know that you will reward your self through your growing awareness of your inner purpose. You will also offer to, your self, opportunity to experience again all that you know within was not as you desired it be.

This may take you several life times but with each there is a gradual lifting of the spirit, the will becomes greater, the desire deeper. Your crowning glory will be your acceptance of your worth as equal with and to Mine, for we are One, always, and in all ways.

Recognise the worth in all, see worth in all achievements for in this you will empower another to lift their horizons and be more than they ever dreamed of.

You live by and through the natural laws of the universe; to every action there is a reaction, a consequence, a natural response to the vibration created through and from that which has occurred, be it thought word or deed.

You bring to your self the reward, if you would term it as such.

When a life is lived with love for all, in equal measure, the reward or return is the knowledge of peace, both within and without, for you will be in harmony with all there is. You will feel whole, complete, for we will harmonise as one.

When you experience, the awareness of oneness, you will know that there is no greater sense of euphoria to be attained, you will know the grass is as green on your side of the fence as it is on the other.

No longer will you seek to best another instead there will be the awareness that, as you excel, you lift those with you to be all that they are.

With this knowledge you will know an achievement that is without measure for you will have attained the pinnacle of success that is, soul purpose.