The Garden of Eden, that believed to be as Heaven on earth, is descriptive of the perfection of being known by all souls who chose to wear the body of My creation, Eden was not a geographical location it was, a state of being.

The five races of man came into being at the same moment; all knew their way to be peace and harmony.

As the earth’s climate was diverse I created the physical body according to the regions the souls desired to inhabit, white for the coldest, black for the hottest, brown yellow red for the more temperate, each soul chose the region and so their outer covering.

What when how and why did they come to know another way? Let us explore and forever remove the myth of separation, lack of worth, and the concept of original sin.

The belief that you are separate to Me, not worthy of My love, born in sin so must earn your place within My home, prevents you from accepting your right to know and be as Me, your right to know and be one with Me.

I tell you now; you never left Heaven except in your thought about it.

Heaven is but another word to describe perfection of being, Me. I am all there is, as I am the all then I am Heaven and so are you, for you are of and from Me.

You do not have to earn My love it is yours by right of being, if I did not love you I would not love Myself. Have I not said we are one?

To be in Heaven is to know oneness, unity, harmony.

Although created from the one source all that you observe in your sky, and much yet to be known, is unique in its formation, all is as a classroom for within each is opportunity for the soul to absorb the vibration, the energy, so understand and expand their awareness of their power to be. They were not created as a habitat for the soul for the essence of the soul is freedom of being, it was the soul who chose, after observing the creatures within the earth, to know self as them and so each chose to create for their self a physical body to enable them to be both in and of the earth. These took on many shapes and hues, some beast, others bird, and some a mixture of all that was deemed beautiful to the beholder, many of which are spoken of in your mythology.

They created through observation of what was, not from inner awareness of what might be, for although all were able to create as Me their ability was immature, they had yet to evolve into their wisdom.

Other souls, choosing to be in the earth but not of it, created physical forms so as to explore but not inhabit or interact with other life forms.

Many who seek to meditate know that though seeking to still the mind a thought will arise, the mind will register this first thought, ponder a moment, and then diverge into another aspect of that thought, and another, where upon one seeking to trace back to the original thought will find that they are no longer fully aware of it as it was for as it journeyed through the mind it evolved, altered, according to their thought about it.

This was as it was for many souls. Their first thought was their creation and within the spiritual realm it remained as this for they were as one in desire and purpose. Their innate wisdom was thought and so, through their natural desire to know, each would evolve through thought and then expand through their knowing.

So through their thought about it many chose to enter the realm of the relative, the earth, and further thought brought the desire to wander, explore, to meander amidst the other life forms, experiencing their self as a physical being, until gradually there came the realisation that all was not as they had once known.

Many who sought to return to what was discovered they were unable to recall their first thought, that of who and what they were, their ability to be as they chose.

The souls that remembered they were in truth spirit were able to separate from their physical overcoat when it was their desire to do so but many had become so entrenched that their physical way became their reality, with forgetfulness of their true essence their soul vibration slowed further and they became locked into the body of their creation.

Although unable to recall their true essence they remembered that as they knew their self then was not as they had always been. Although without conscious awareness there was inner awareness of another way of being, from this arose the idea of separation from their source.

Without full awareness they passed into the darkness of forgetfulness and their perception of separation brought into being the myth of banishment from that termed as paradise, that which had been their perfection of being, their Garden of Eden.

Their journey became one of remembrance, their soul purpose and their sole purpose for being, for all would know the inner prompting of spirit urging them onward and upward into the light of understanding. None were or ever would be separate from the Source, except in their thought about it.

This then became the way of the souls who, choosing to know the earth as their habitat created for their self their physical form.

My creation of the physical body was to offer all souls opportunity to know and be within, but not of, the earth. Those that chose to enter wearing the physical form you now know as mankind did not enter with the desire to inhabit the earth for all time, they knew they were of and from the one source, were of like mind, united in purpose, their desire and will was to be a light in the darkness of another’s forgetfulness, to aid those entrapped within their self-created body, to reawaken within those who had forgotten their way the knowledge of their power within.

They knew that free will to choose for self was the birthright of all; they would cherish and love each soul with the desire to reawaken within them their will to be all that they are.

To enable balance and harmony within the earth there is opposing energies, that which is and that which is not, the seen and the unseen, negative and positive, yin and yang, and this becomes a part of the souls experience while within the physical body, therefore though their focus was to aid those entrapped whilst working with them they brought opportunity to their own way to choose how to be within this.

At first this would not be a conscious choosing for there is not awareness of choice until an experience is known.

Spirit is thought, mind is thought physically manifested.

Although one in purpose each was separate in appearance, arising from this came awareness that while wearing their physical body they could choose and act for self. Some would choose to know their self as patience and understanding, others intolerance and anger, the first arising from love the second from fear. Realisation of this brought a sense of unrest within.

Outer awareness that all was not as it seemed arose through observation of other life forms, they became aware of unrest between the plant life and those that fed from them.

The animals, birds, insects, sought sustenance for their way from the vast array of plants. The plants innate wisdom sought to sustain its way, its growth, whilst fulfilling its purpose for being.

Mankind believes it is superior in both intelligence and wisdom to all other inhabitants of the earth, this belief is held because they no longer remember that all came into being through and from Me, all.

I am the foundation of all life, all is of the same essence, all has within the wisdom that is Me, whether within the earth or that known as space each is a combination of all there is, its appearance speaking of that which is the dominant force and that which supports.

Mankind’s dominant force, soul, was created through and of Me, therefore mankind began with innate wisdom that permits each to evolve into an awareness of creation itself.

Thought brought into being all other life, and all that has developed from and through these, all was created through Me and has innate wisdom within to draw upon for direction and purpose, but not awareness of thought to empower and recreate anew.

The innate wisdom within all, whether it has legs, wings, fins or stem, brings into being each generation.

I return to the souls observation that all was not as it seemed, and their growing awareness of that which is and that which is not, the opposing energy pattern.

At first there was an abundance of food so all that fed of and from the plants stayed within the region that was familiar to them, did not feel the need to wander and explore, seek out other sources.

As those that fed from the plant began to multiply the demand exceeded the supply. The life cycle of the plants was such that they needed space, time to regenerate, reproduce, but owing to the growing numbers within a small area this was not being granted them.

Evolution is the term used today to explain the changes noted in life forms within the earth. All have the power within to recreate their self to enable survival.

The desire to recreate is life expressed; therefore the innate wisdom of the plant is to reproduce itself.

The essence of each plant remained the same but to enable survival the plants brought into being various forms of deterrents, some developed a poisonous substance within part or all of the plant so that some would think them unpalatable whilst others would feed from only the flower berry or leaf, some grew thorns, some developed varied colour patterns seeking to hide amidst other plant life, some became deciduous, shed their leaves for a time, whilst others lay dormant within the ground for a period.

This had the desired effect for no longer were those that fed from the plants able to eat as they chose, they became more selective and began to roam widely thus permitting the plants opportunity to regenerate, survive.

Enter mankind who too took sustenance from the surrounding plant life, they witnessed that eaten by other life forms and at first chose from these, those more palatable to their senses became their staple diet.

Most are aware of the mythical tale of Adam and Eve, of their eating the forbidden fruit so bringing banishment from Eden, visiting upon the generations that followed what is termed as original sin.

In all mythology there is the kernel of fact, truth, but that which a soul brings to itself through experiencing does not become a part of another’s way, therefore, although those you know of as Adam and Eve did bring to their way disharmony and physical discomfort it was theirs to meet, theirs to understand and grow through.

That spoken of as, the eating of forbidden fruit, was truth in as much as, though not forbidden to them in the sense of one commanding another they ate a fruit that they knew, although pleasing to the eye and nose, was not harmonious to the body.

They were still open in their awareness of spirit so their innate wisdom guided their way; they chose to ignore their inner awareness of harmony of body mind and spirit in favour of the satisfaction of self as the physical being.

The partaking of the fruit brought severe discomfort to their physical body for a time, and disharmony between them, each held the other responsible for the deed for they were aware that they had stepped aside from what they had held dear to their way, their belief and trust that they were one in will and purpose.

Though they had known harmony of will in the selection of the fruit they became aware of disharmony when met with the results of their choosing. Their actions brought awareness of choice, awareness that one could sense harmony yet choose disharmony, they had their eyes opened so to speak, became aware of the opposing aspects that life within the earth presented.

It was not disobedience, through their free will they had a right to choose, through their choosing they brought to their way the need to experience the law of karma, a need to readdress what had been, and so when it was their will to do so they would seek a time and place for this to be.

Mankind’s perception is that I set the rules and so those who are not for Me are against Me therefore, they disobey My will. I forbid nothing, I command nothing, I condemn nothing. I offer you opportunity to know yourself as you choose.

When your choice is not in harmony with your desire to know yourself as you were in the beginning you seek out the way to bring understanding of what was, and opportunity to choose again, the law of karma, through the exercising of this you restore harmony.

You speak of the scales of justice and that is an apt description for it is the balance that permits you to know peace within and without.

Sin is a word not an act. Sin is a word used to describe an act that is not in keeping with what is said to be God’s law.

Mankind set in place what is said to be My law for the purpose of control, mistakenly believing that a firm hand and obedience to another’s understanding of the way of God would enable all to be in harmony.

I created no laws. I have not, and will not, ever dictate a way to be.

One choosing to be in a way that is not in keeping with their true essence, love, is aware of this for they do not feel light in spirit, through their choosing they have brought a lessening of their vibratory energy, hence we speak of the darkness of despair, one who is depressed is said to have the glooms, one who constantly chooses to act out their fears, bringing distress to another, is said to have a dark soul. All those terms simply express the dimming of the glow that is the souls natural way.

For the soul to interact with that of the earth there must be a harmonising of the life force, so to enter within the physical body the soul slows its vibration, it is the speed at which the vibration occurs that brings awareness of the seen and the unseen.

While within the physical body each soul has opportunity to raise their vibration, to know lightness of being, when one is at peace, feeling joyful, it is said they have a spring to their step, this is apt for one who is light in being treads softly for they are buoyant in their joy.

The idea of banishment from paradise did not arise through the actions of two creating a pattern for all other for all time, all entered and experienced as they willed it, all.

As they began to experience life within the earth each knew their way to be spirit, each in the experiencing of self made a choice that created disharmony, each brought to their way a karmic pattern to be met.

All became aware that their stepping aside from their chosen path brought a lessening of their power to be as they desired. They were unable to lift their vibration to permit the freeing of their soul at will so were to remain within their physical body until it would no longer support their spirit, only then would they again know the freedom of soaring within the spiritual realm.

Upon their return to the spiritual realm each found they were no longer able to unite their way with Mine for our vibration did not harmonise, they had brought a dimming of their power to be as Me through conscious choice whilst in the physical. Thus began the cycle of life and death within the flesh overcoat as each seeks to re-member their way with Mine.

Paradise is not lost, it is within you in the form of your soul, you are perfection, through the law of reincarnation; the rebirth within the physical body, each has opportunity to meet and through experience choose to again walk in the light of awareness and understanding of soul purpose.

I repeat again, there is no such thing as original sin visited upon mankind generation after generation, each creates their own life path and each has the ability to return their way to that of the One when they will that it be so.

We are One except in your thought about it, change your thought, believe in your right to know and be as and with Me, trust that you will know again the perfection of being that is your true essence, you do not have to earn your way to Heaven for there is nowhere else to be, Heaven is now-here, your birthright.