Index of Spiritual Readings.

  • Realisation of your ability to create and fear of the consequences.

    Your journey within the earth is not a journey of learning but one of remembrance. As you grow into your own wisdom you desire to know more thus mankind’s exploration of life itself has brought into conscious awareness the power to create, alter, life form. What a debate there is. Some believe that scientists, doctors, […]

    9 min read
  • Soul is your life force, love realised.

    Life is love and love is life, that is God’s truth. The words are interchangeable for the vibration that is love is life, your life force is love realised, soul, singular outflow of universal love. For many people life is just existence: getting on with it, one step at a time, day by day, and […]

    6 min read
  • Further exploration of the moral code and its changing face.

    Within many belief patterns marriage is believed to be a sacred undertaking, a commitment before God, included within the marriage ceremony are the words ‘what God has joined together let no man put asunder’. Church law was honoured in times past so many remained locked into a marriage they no longer desired to know for […]

    13 min read
  • Morals – When is a life not a life?

    The soul’s purpose and desire is to grow into its own wisdom therefore you draw to yourself all you desire to experience and choose how you desire to be both with and through the experience. Some choose to honour the way of the majority so make their choices based on the accepted moral code of […]

    12 min read
  • Morality, your way or my way.

    Morality, a way of being that has its basis on an acceptable code of conduct; acceptable that is to the majority of the people; customs emerge from this and become the accepted way to be. What constitutes correct behaviour, an orderly pattern? What constitutes the way to be so as to know harmony and peace? […]

    10 min read
  • The light of thought is the light of Creation

    I speak to you now as One for we are equal, equal in being, less only in your understanding of this therefore I am as you, the Creator is also the Created. The way of the Creator is eternally expanding for as we grow so does the All of it, we are the Creator individualised […]

    3 min read
  • Tolerance understanding acceptance, key pointers to your awareness that all are one.

    Greetings I speak now of freedom, freedom of being, freedom of will, freedom of choice. Freedom is the right of the soul. When the soul chooses to walk within the earth wearing a physical overcoat those self same rights apply, for though in appearance of the earth the soul is at all times a spiritual […]

    10 min read
  • Purpose and Direction

    Greetings My family, I come to you now to bring awareness of life purpose as opposed to, mind purpose. Life purpose is that desired to be known, mind purpose is that thought to be desired to be known. Throughout the earth there are the dreamers, those who see things that never were and say why […]

    13 min read
  • As You Like It

    ‘All the worlds a stage and all the men and woman merely players, they have their exits and their entrances and one man in his time plays many parts’. William Shakespeare’s way was one of spiritual seeking. He sought for his way and chose through his writings to share his understanding with all. That so […]

    13 min read
  • Paradise, Mankinds Dream

    The Garden of Eden, that believed to be as Heaven on earth, is descriptive of the perfection of being known by all souls who chose to wear the body of My creation, Eden was not a geographical location it was, a state of being. The five races of man came into being at the same […]

    16 min read