Let’s speak of life, what is life, what is living? For many it is a time of searching for success in worldly things. From the cradle there is focus on achieving and pride in the achievement, first tooth, first smile, first moment of sitting, standing, walking. The first experience stored up in the treasure-house of memory of both the infant and caregiver, spoken of, recorded, moved on from.

First, in the above sense, is the enactment of a personal growth, with each step comes the ability to move forward on the path chosen for that physical life.

First has another connotation that of best at, superior to, victory over, champion of.

Competition is now deemed as the way to bring out the best in humanity, of bringing back the fighting spirit. Competition is not a leveller but a divider, the vying for supremacy loses sight of those partaking as being individuals doing the best they know how at that time.

Winning is the all, the role of those taking part to uphold the honour of the team, school, district, nation and so forth. Those who succeed are applauded, heralded for a time. After the event the competition desired to encourage another to be more becomes a measure of failure of the individual or group who did not achieve a victory. Even the runner up, often only by a blink of the eye, is passed over as less than the one with the coveted first by their name.

None who took part, who gave their all, failed their self, they met the challenge and were all they knew their self to be, at that time.

Many seek to bask in the glory of another’s success and so judge the others performance upon their expectation of the other to achieve, if this does not come to be they say the other was a failure.

The hosts of the many radio talk back programs field calls from those who have been caught up in the fever of sporting competition. Before the event there is analysis of the contestants, either as a team or individual, criticism of, praise for, expectation of. If the desired outcome is not fulfilled their words then are not of praise for the time and effort that brought about the necessary acceptance standard to permit entry into the competition, instead they vilify, condemn and ridicule, their desire for reflective glory now a turning away a distancing of self from the outcome.

Even they who achieve the coveted prize do not know lasting elation, never ending glory, lasting rewards, the achievement that gave rise to it remembered only in the record books or the mind of the achiever, there is always another ready to stand on the victory dais so to speak.

Those within the academic field are not open to this verbal questioning of their abilities but know that they will be judged not on their overall ability as both a person and a scholar but by the words or numbers on a piece of paper that speak of one moment in time, or of the standard set by another which too is for ever changing.

I spoke of the infants achievements as an illustration of first steps on the physical path, each step, each decision to try again permits progress to be experienced and so known.

Experience provides opportunity to choose again.

All soul experience is growth for all soul experience is action. Whether the one experiencing would term their experience life enhancing or life debilitating the soul has had opportunity to know it self as it desired.

Life is love, love is God, God is life.

A life well lived, in the physical sense, is one that appears to have been successful whether as an entrepreneur, businessman, sports person, tutor, caregiver, it matters not, success or apparent failure is perceived by external awareness, whereas a life well lived spiritually may not be an apparent success to another, there is no sign displayed to announce the wisdom within but look to see what is around that being, there will be an awareness of peace and love.

Those who know their self to be soul exude a dignity of being which is as a magnet, prompting another to draw near to bask in their warmth, a centre of divinity, although this would not be another’s external perception for divinity is attributed only to a few, in truth within the physical plane those who are divine are without number, countless, their goodness without measure.

A life well lived is the epitaph that many would choose to be remembered by. Over the aeons this has been said of those who have enabled mankind to take a step forward on their physical journey. Remembered as a historical fact, revered as a magnificent achievement for that period of time.

Today mankind is advancing its understanding of its power to be more but instead of encouragement, enabling all to know the joy of being, with every development comes the desire to raise one above another, to create competition either around or through it.

Is competition then an undesirable state, no, not when the desired outcome is to enable all to know their self as more than their previous perception of self. Competition that actively promotes winners and losers, that heralds one, vilifies another, is both demoralising and dehumanising.

I speak now of the desire to protect the young from their self through removing the challenges that bring about self-confidence, self-awareness and the desire to go one step further.

Personal challenges, those created within, just as the infant takes the first step and so accepts the challenge to take a second so too the child at play, look now at your playgrounds at the removal of all that is deemed dangerous to the growing child seeking to develop in their own light.

Countless generations grew to adulthood with the apparatus that is now either removed or rendered safe. A reckoning is kept of those who have an injury through their activities and there arises the desire to protect, but protect whom? Is it the child from their self-exploration or the school or community from being sued for wilful neglect?

A child’s play is competition at its finest, it is a competing with self, remove the need to be good better best and children will play in harmony with each other, sing together as they skip rope, laugh together as they unite to meet a challenge, interact in the many games that their creative minds bring forth.

They rise to the challenge, not a challenge that demeans one whilst raising another but a challenge to overcome for the joy of knowing they have succeeded. They will laugh and clap as their friends too know success, laugh with, not at, the one who is attempting to master the challenge; theirs is the challenge of life.

Yes there will be times of physical injury but this is not a calamity unless thinking makes it so, the child has had opportunity to experience and grow in the way it has desired to know, and as fear of failure is not the natural way of the child it will rise again to meet further challenges.

Fear is a learned response occasioned by those who seek to shield them from their self.

Fear of failure is not the natural way but is becoming, the normal way, for from the cradle the child is being encouraged to match it with another. Parental pride in a child’s achievements permits the child to feel loved, accepted, but when that pride becomes imbalanced and permits the child to measure their success through their being better than another then there is removed from the child its freedom to choose for self.

Right friends, right schools, right clothes and so forth, the caregiver is setting the standard of measure which the child must attain.

A child has to be taught to hate and fear, it is not natural way for them to be, too often it is normal for they are conditioned to this from birth, but it is not natural, it is not their innate nature to divide and conquer, harm or destroy.

Throughout the earth there is evidence of the desire to gain supremacy over another, the one with the most guns, greater power, wealth, believing their way to be the way, right for all mankind. Religious beliefs touted as the way and being used as the foundation for revenge and retribution.

It is competition out of control, the need for supremacy the only focus.

Politicians use words designed to provoke dissent and disharmony for a nation divided permits one to take control and so set in place, their, desired way

Let go, let God, let your inner being be heard, mankind’s natural voice is love, mankind’s natural desire is to be at peace, your soul is God for you are of and from God, life and love are aspects of the whole.

Together all know harmony of being, inner turmoil is the awareness when divided for the challenge to be all that you are is not being met.