The soul’s purpose and desire is to grow into its own wisdom therefore you draw to yourself all you desire to experience and choose how you desire to be both with and through the experience.

Some choose to honour the way of the majority so make their choices based on the accepted moral code of their community, others feel the need to stand in their own light so choose to act in a manner apart from the accepted way.

When one is aware that they have the right to choose for self they also know they are free to do so; freedom is relative to your thought about it.

I speak here of the inner knowing that all that you create is yours to recreate, for even when met with the harshest tyranny, within a home or country, all have within their being the ability to find a peace that does not require a physical solution.

Freedom of being is the soul right of all, one who feels free to choose for self will not look at another’s way with fear or trepidation, nor feel a need to judge, condemn, control.

For some the moral code brings a sense of security, they know what is expected of them and find comfort in the sameness, but others feel controlled, confined, which brings the urge to rebel, to break free, stand alone.

One choosing to experience in the way they feel drawn to will know a sense of peace within and without, they will feel empowered to be all that they desire at that time.

Until recent times those who did not honour the moral code found it necessary to act in secret for they were judged, punished, ostracised both by the law and the people.

This showed itself in varied ways with some acting quietly behind closed doors; others openly, defiantly, and then there are those who seek to feel free by controlling another’s freedom, sometimes even their thoughts.

To control another, dictate how they will be, is a powerful antidote for one who believes their self to be powerless.

Those who permit another control over their way and will are often unaware of why they feel impotent, unfulfilled, a victim of another or society, they look outside their self for answers for they have forgotten that they are the creator of their way. Many then choose to exercise power over another as their solution.

Measuring ones worth against the way of another is self limiting, self worth is known when one becomes self directing.

This is what many have now decided to be, they have chosen to reclaim their right of choice, to throw of the yoke of respectability and become not only vocal in their support of their right to choose but to openly live or be as they choose.

As these patterns have become visible they have lost their mystique and so although not all choose to know another way many are now open to the possibility that another might, and indeed, have the right to do so, which has brought the desire within many countries to liberalise laws governing behaviour patterns that were once termed not only immoral but also criminal.

Some feel threatened by the change in attitude and legislation; they fear that their children are at risk, that family influences are being eroded.

The child has its own desired path and will draw to itself what is desired to be known, so grow into its own wisdom and begin to form its own code of conduct. The caregiver can offer their understanding while honouring the right of the child to find their own.

Some grow through hearing, some through seeing and some through doing. All have the right of free will and all will exercise it as and when they desire.

Neither legislation nor the label illegal will keep one from experimenting if it is their will to do so.

I offer here thoughts to ponder on. Read the following with an open mind, one willing to concede that though another’s path may appear to be out of step with yours it is their right to know it.

My way is not a better way; my way is just another way.

When is a life not a life, and does any person have the right to deliberately bring an end to physical life? Abortion, suicide, euthanasia are three words that strike fear in the hearts of many. We will speak here of abortion and I ask all who have chosen to know this to be at peace.

Hear My words, chosen to know, do you not have free will? Do you not have the right to choose how and what you experience? Yes.

The debate that is ongoing is, when is a life not a life?

Some hold the belief that as soon as there is cell separation life is present; others believe that whilst still unformed in a manner that would permit life outside the womb there need be neither consideration nor concern.

Therein lies the dilemma for there will never be a coming together of opinion.

To enable the body to nurture and protect the new growth there is an immediate change to the body’s chemistry, the resulting hormone surge produces an emotional imbalance, a time of adjustment.

Whether there is joy or despair at the realisation of the pregnancy the emotional changes will be known, when joy is uppermost the mind will embrace the changes, but for those who despair the ruling emotion will be fear at having to make a decision as to whether to proceed or end the pregnancy, so at a time when the female is most vulnerable she has to determine her way.

Friends and family will have opposing views for all have an opinion and frequently express them forcefully. It would better serve all to offer their love without strings, a love that permits the one seeking direction to know they have both the right and freedom to choose their way.

One who has not known pregnancy can not predetermine how they would choose to be if met with this decision for they have not experienced the physical and emotional changes I have spoken of, and only in experiencing can there be true understanding, one who has only known the conception of a loved child does not have understanding of one met with a child conceived outside a loving relationship.

To be or not to be, that is the question. What is desired to be known, and through the knowing, realised, made real in the way, with realisation comes enlightenment as to another aspect of soul.

Is abortion right wrong or neither? I state once more, I have no opinion, no dictate; there is only what works for you and what does not.

There is no right or wrong choice, there is quite simply, your choice, but as I have said it is a choice needing to be made at a time when physical change is creating an imbalance, when pregnancy is but a word not a reality.

For some the decision to abort is one they remain at peace with whilst others who choose this way live with regret, but this is equally true of those who choose to continue the pregnancy, for some the child brings fulfilment, for others a constant reminder of what was, again it comes back to, what is desired to be known through the experience.

When is a life not a life is the debate, one that becomes very emotional and often violent.

The words I place here are to enable greater awareness, I do not seek to tell nor direct, I simply offer thoughts which for some may be previously unknown and for others another aspect not previously considered.

A pregnancy offers opportunity for another soul to reincarnate, a portal into the physical world. Consciously or unconsciously the door is opened by the one who offers its womb to nurture the growing infant, though many are unaware that a choice was made and accepted this is so, no soul will overpower another so as to gain entry into the physical realm, only a harmony of will and purpose will enable this.

The soul is not present from the moment of conception but the soul who would enter through that body is the instigator of the desired gateway and the time, place, circumstances.

Through it’s will the soul offers its vibratory energy to sustain the life force and will join with the physical body at a time of its choosing, early, midway or at a later period, some even after the birth.

An abortion does not affect the soul desiring to enter, that brief meeting between two souls may have been all that each desired to know at that time, both know opportunity to create again.

There are many levels of soul interaction, some of long duration others very brief, all bring opportunity to choose to the one experiencing.

How does an abortion affect the one whose body began the physical forming? They alone can know and determine this through their thought about it.

No pregnancy occurs by accident, it is a natural outcome when there is a joining of male and female. No one is a victim of another, no one. All meet self through a chosen pattern, call it fate, serendipity, karma, nothing happens by chance, all experience is brought to self by self, the choice made, opportunity presented.

Those who believe abortion to be wrong may choose to read into the above as support of their view but that is not truth, yes the pregnancy is a natural outcome but only the one experiencing is able to determine why they chose to experience it.

Choosing to end the pregnancy is rarely done lightly or without awareness, most know a period of reflection, introspection, either before or as the body returns to its previous way.

One choosing to continue the pregnancy will also reflect as to whether they will be caregiver of the infant or offer this right to another, another choice that brings to some peace of mind and others a lifetime of regret, but that is an aspect we will explore another time.

Some who choose to continue the pregnancy find great joy in the new life they have brought into being, others find no acceptance only resentment of what they believe was forced upon them.

Think for you, choose for you.

Another aspect is the role of the father, many men feel they are discounted in the decision making period whilst others are forceful in their opinion and seek to override the one who would have the time of bearing as well as later nurturing of the infant.

There is no set answer, it is part of the dilemma, they too have chosen to know this time so have a right to be heard; only honesty with self and each other will enable an understanding.

All life is opportunity for soul awareness to grow, and through growth remember, with each re-membering the soul draws nearer to the source of all life, the Creator, God, the One, together we are finding harmony of way and will.

Fear not the future, accept what is, with acceptance comes clarity of mind which enables a choice to be made, not by emotion but by love, love of and for self, not as in self-ish but self-aware.

Accept what is, grow through what was, fear not what might be.

Choose for you, choose through your thought about it, be at peace with the choice you make, once made do not look back with regret but bless the experience for through it you have gained awareness of self, of what works for you and what does not, your moral perspective will have had an adjustment, morals are created from what is considered the way to be, in experiencing you can now say, this is me, not another, me.

Visit not your choice upon another as, the way to be, instead permit all the same freedom of expression, right of choice. Let that be the code upon which you interact with those around you.

Morality should not be a noose but a starting point from which each is able to choose for self, thus widen their definition of self to include all other.

Begin with love for self then widen the circle to include those with you, widen it further and bless those who are unseen but striving to know their self whole just as you.

When one ceases to divide through race gender colour nationality ideology age then one ceases to fear.

Think on this and know that whatever life choice you make you are never alone, you are one in will and purpose with all within the earth and we in spirit.