My children love is indeed the answer. I say to you that I am love and that is truth. I love you regardless of how you choose to be, I love you in anyway you desire to know yourself.

My love for you is unchanging, eternal. I will never turn from you. I do not demand that you meet My requirements in order to know My love for we are not separate beings, we are all a part of the whole experiencing apart for a time.

We are always connected one to another for our essence is one, we have simply individualised our reality so as to grow into our own wisdom.

I use the term we for I grow as you grow, all that you know I know, it is just that I remember our essence, you have yet to remember, but that awareness is within you. As you choose to know yourself as you really are, Me, you access your inner wisdom, make it real in your way, it becomes your conscious reality.

Love, what is it? Love is the epitome of all that is seen and unseen, true love is.

You describe your enjoyment of a particular object place or food as love yet will discard all in a blink of an eye if it suits your purpose.

Many seeking to be love, striving to know their self as spirit, believe that they have to be all things to all people, accept all another brings to them, turn the other cheek. Some are as a martyr to the cause; suffer in silence whilst ignoring the turmoil within for the haven of peace they desire to know seems to be beyond their grasp.

This is not the way though it is the way espoused by many organised religions who have taught that to turn the other cheek is holy, the way of love, when in truth it does not offer love either for self or the other.

All have a right to know a peaceful way but to turn the other cheek as above is to step aside from this right for it permits another to continue to act in a manner that is not of or from love. The one offering abuse to you is in turn being abused, by you, for your acceptance of their behaviour pattern is saying to them it is alright to be as this, their pattern will continue for the message they are receiving from you is that it is an okay way to be.

To turn the other cheek is to neither condone the act nor condemn the other for their act, you show love both for self and the other for you provide opportunity for each to walk another path.

When met with abuse stand tall, believe in your right to say stop, enough, that way is not acceptable to me, speak softly, speak firmly.

Turn from the act not the one acting. You may choose to separate your way from theirs but neither condemn nor decry the other for they brought you a precious gift, opportunity to know yourself as love, you offer them a precious gift also, opportunity to know that their way does not serve them and so choose again, if they will it.

It is not love, either for self or the other, to permit another’s abuse to continue for the abuser is in turn abused when nobody says enough.

Create another way, love yourself, say enough, love the other, say enough, break the cycle, your worth is without measure, limitless, grant not another permission to limit it.

Love is joy, freedom of expression, whether it is a gentle touch or caring word, in the arts or speech, it is freedom to be as you choose to know yourself. It is not love to love yourself at the expense of another’s way.

Love is selfless not selfish, selfless love is love that spreads outward, embraces all, love that is selfish is contained, restrained, restricted.

Love judges not, nor condemns, love accepts the other as they are, does not seek to change them into your image of the perfect partner, child, friend, it permits the other to be free to grow into their own wisdom knowing that as they grow you grow, for all are one.

You empower yourself to be all that you are when you empower another to be all they are.

All relationships have the underlying desire to know harmony of way and will, which is soul desire. It is the underlying desire in the words, I love you, which you declare to express your attraction to another.

Within the relationship of caregiver and child the clash of will and desire is as of two adult beings but it is not until adulthood that the child is able to understand the restless spirit within that is desiring to be heard. It is the caregiver’s role to guide not control, to not just listen but to hear as the child seeks to understand its discontent with self or way.

Within many relationships there is a clash of wills from the outset, each with their vision of the role of the other, neither willing to truly hear the other. so the trade off begins, if you loved me you would, and the other responds, if you loved me you would, and so on, I am sure all know of what I speak, the vying for supremacy.

Other relationships are founded on the belief that it is the role of one to enhance the way of the other, that the others hopes and dreams are of less importance.

For a time love that is not mindful but mindless may permit one to accept the dictates of the other but gradually there will arise within little niggles of discontent and resentment, there will be a perception of loss of self-determination which will create the desire to reclaim self and again know freedom of being, freedom of expression, so what began with such joy and hope will become as a battle field, a war of words, of will.

As a relationship founders on the rock of self-seeking each perceives that the other has changed, is not the person they entered the relationship with. Neither person is as they once were, nor will they ever be as they once were for experience brings growth, it is through experiencing that you create yourself moment to moment.

The relationship has enabled each to understand another aspect of self, the change that each is noting is the expression of the inner desire to reclaim the right of self-determination so no longer willing to be as the other desires them be, they seek to reclaim their freedom to express in their own way who and what they are.

Much of the anger and bitterness, the offering of recriminations, rises from the perception that what came to be was imposed by the other when in truth each gave permission for the other to be as they were.

True love does not hold close, true love sets the other free, true love permits the other to know their self in all their glorious splendour. When love is offered as this it permits the other to respond in like manner, for freedom is joy, joy is freedom.

Seek not to own another, seek to be one, with the other. This does not mean sameness, like minds, of one accord in all things.

Honour your differences; see them not as an obstacle in the way of harmony but as opportunity to know yourself as more through and with each other.

Each has a right to their truth, it may not be yours but that does not make one right and the other wrong. Permit each to explore their potential, each will find a way to harmonise with the other with a will that it be so.

Love yourself as you are, seek not to be as you believe another desires you be. Love the other as they are, not what you desire them be, accept that as you have the right to grow into your own wisdom, so too do they.

You offer love with strings for you have been taught that My love for you is as this and so your perception of love is power over, control of, for you have been taught that if you do not be as I desire that I will punish you, turn from you, this is not truth.

I do not have power over you nor do I offer My love with strings, you have total freedom to be as you will and desire it. I rejoice with you as you explore, grow, remember, you may believe that you have turned from the path of love but this is not so, your explorations are opportunity to recreate yourself, all experience is opportunity for this to be.

I neither judge nor condemn your choices made; I honour your right to own them.

My love is unconditional. As you are is perfect for it as you believe yourself to be at this time. In each moment you are choosing again, with each thought you change your perception of who you are in relation to that which you are experiencing.

All relationships, whether as partner, parent, friend, offer you opportunity to unite your essence with another, to know harmony of way and will.

Be to another as you would they be to you. If you become aware that all is not as you believe it should, or could be, look to yourself, what are you doing, saying, being, in relation to this, and bring to your way that which you desire to know through your thought about it.

Seek not to change another, be the change you desire to see. Be.