Greetings to all, I desire to speak of the practice of ideology, the deifying of the light bearers who enter the earth plane with the desire to reawaken within all the realisation of their true purpose in being.

I speak of this for throughout the many millenniums of the earths existence, as a habitat for My family, there has not been such unrest within it as has come to be with the founding of the many varied religious beliefs and practices.

Every teacher, and I use the term teacher not as one who instructs you on that which is a new thought or way but as that which brings realisation of, reawakens, forgotten knowledge, every teacher enters with the desire to bring into the light the wisdom that is as old as time.

No teacher, master, guru, rabbi, or any other of the countless expressions that have come to be, desired that their words become a weapon to be used against another.

None desired that their offering of the way of love become a reason to divide and conquer. What has come to be has created pockets of misery all over the earth.

Right down through the ages some have used their scripture as their right and reason to uphold their way over another.

There has been countless battles fought in My name, blood shed in My name, beautiful people tortured, persecuted because they dared to have a belief pattern that was not ‘the one and only true faith’.

Take a good hard look today at the unrest throughout the earth.

Each is justifying their actions by referring to their scriptures, their laws that have come to be through, their, interpretation of the scriptures.

Intolerance of another’s right to be as they choose is bringing about a disintegration of even a semblance of peace.

I will not tell you what to do, to do so would be to remove your right of free choice, I will however offer here thoughts for you to ponder on, offerings from the perspective of love.

A good place to start would be to begin, right this moment, to accept the right of each to find, their path, through whatever belief pattern they choose.

All belief patterns are founded on love for that was the message brought to the people.

Each of the teachers, masters, spoke of My way, gave understanding of life purpose and offered tools with which to build a firm foundation, thus providing opportunity for all to open their way to enlightenment, when and as they chose.

The light bearers, messengers, teachers, that have become the foundation of many of the belief patterns, did not set up the many varied religious sects, nor did they demand that there be laws set in place governing the very lives of the people.

They did not say, their way was the only way, or that only those who revered them were able to know salvation.

If they had done so then they would not have known the truth of their way for none are above or over another, they knew that all are equal in knowledge, all had but to desire to remember this.

All they spoke of was truth as they knew it be. They had remembered who they were, had rediscovered their soul and chosen to live in the Light, to be as Me in thought word and deed.

They did not ask that the people hear and accept all as gospel, they did not ask that they then shut their self off to any other who offered enlightenment. Not one of the great masters, as they have become known, desired that a sect or ‘ism be set up in their name, one that would provide the basis for daily living, one that would permit the people to grow only within the confines of ‘their word’.

They desired to add their thoughts and knowledge to the pool of wisdom that each was helping to build. Their desire being to spread the knowledge of spiritual purpose, not contain it.

All that followed was set in place after their return to their spiritual Home, when the people decided they had exclusive rights to the wisdom of ‘their’ teacher, and then set in place rigid customs to govern all ‘of the faith’, and so keep control.

In so doing they effectively put a lid on the bubbling pool of spiritual enlightenment for they demanded the people limit their belief to that which another had given them.

The people were required to accept the scriptures as they were written or told to them, that they were ‘divine truth and that to question them was heresy.

And there ends the lesson, the opportunity to grow through self empowerment.

Once again the shutters were closed against the brilliant white light that was the dawning awareness of their grandeur of being. Through stifling the peoples natural desire to know more, be more, they doused the flame that the teachers had ignited.

This is true of all religions, belief patterns founded in the name of the teacher that appeared within their way.

I reiterate here, no teacher arrived with a new way to be, no teacher had exclusive rights to My Home. They knew that there was but one Home, that all were from the One. They quite simply brought their message to every corner of the world, that all would have opportunity to hear, to heed.

It did not matter what colour the skin or what language was spoken, nor did they ask that the customs of the land be used to create a set of religious practices that would ban any who were of a different culture. As stated previously, all was set in place after their return to their spiritual Home, all.

Set in place by some for the purpose of power over the people, for control over the messages that had been brought through, by others who doubted the peoples ability to hear and reason for their self and so believed they needed to be led, or by those who thought that many were not ready for the awareness that they were from Me, were able to know their self as Me.

Religious intolerance has been the root cause of much dissent. it is not that it is occurring; it is why any should believe it necessary to do so.

With the object of bringing harmony between the many belief patterns that are now within each country many schools, institutions of learning, have removed religious observance.

For those of the Christian faith there is still the advent to be observed and many find a lifting of their spirit through putting into being the essence of Christmas, the giving of gifts and love, heartfelt greetings shared, carols sung, church services attended. This brings to many the awareness of the Christ child’s message but as stated, this is not spoken of within the learning institutions.

As with the celebration of Easter, the practices associated with their spiritual roots have been in some places forbidden, in others abandoned so as not to offend one of another faith or indeed of no faith, in the sense you speak of it. Christmas has become one of Santa, trees, baubles, tinsel, who can give the larger gift, most expensive gift. I state these as an example for this is not only within the Christian belief pattern.

As your schools and institutions are now both multicultural and multiracial, to coin a phrase, instead of avoidance embrace all faiths. Share all the days of celebration that each faith acknowledges; speak of the belief and customs that prompt them so that instead of fear and distrust all will begin to see that they are indeed one, from the One, although there are many misconceptions within these patterns they provide nourishment for the soul within.

I tell you now, all those thought of as masters, great teachers, entered the earth with the self same desire, to aid all to remember their soul within, their God like centre, and so recall to their conscious awareness who they really are. None came to divide, none came so as to create a them or us situation, none spoke of any way but love.

Through the desire to hold close what was believed to be, something not given to another, there became the closing out of all who were not deemed to be of the faith.

With the passage of time the belief patterns being set became locked into a dogma, not one to be studied, enjoyed, questioned, but that which was fact, infallible.

A house divided will not withstand the test of time. Although there has been a long period since the passing of one recognised as a teacher, a light bearer, many others have entered, offering wisdom, desiring to empower the people to free their self from the yoke that has bound them.

Most have been a voice in the wilderness, doubted, scorned, only a few paid heed to their words and took them within to ponder on. Some heeded their words, added them to that already known and they too became the right of only those who embraced them without question.

Today more and more of My family are opening their way to that of their soul, each day there is opportunity to hear see or read of the wisdom they are bringing forth, it is often spoken of as new age but it is not new, you are remembering, recalling back to your conscious awareness all the soul knowledge within you.

Do not feel that all that has been must be discarded, that the religions that have served the people are all wrong, for that would not be truth, within all there is much to grow through if you do not limit yourself by accepting that offered as, all there is.

Listen with an open mind, read with a will to heed, and look with eyes that are not jaded, downcast, instead look with a will to witness Me within all, for I am that I am.

As I brought forth you, My family, I too brought forth all that is visible to the eye and all that is not, the seen and the unseen.

Bring peace to your way through the desire to know yourself equal with and to all.

You are never separate from Me except in your thought about it, you are never separate from your fellowman, except in your thought about it.

All who ask another to bring pain or anguish to one of a different belief pattern, in My name, misunderstand who I really am.

I do not, will not, bring to any living organism any way but love.

I do not, will not, ever ask that another be punished, cast out, killed, for it would be as if I asked that I be killed.

All know within that I brought life into being through and from Me, that you are as Me,  you are perfect just as you are, as you grow into your own wisdom this you will know. With awareness of your life purpose you will know yourself as one with all, and know that as you do unto another, you do unto you.

Do not bow down to Me, rise up in joy, lift your eyes and gaze upon Me, for all that you behold is Me. I experience Myself through all that is seen and unseen.

When you no longer see another as separate to you, when you are able to hear the words of another as they speak of their belief pattern and not feel threatened, when you can feel the desire within the other to know their self as peace and love just as you,  you will free your self from the need to be superior to, more worthy than.

My family your world is one of confrontation, con-front, in the vernacular con is to put something over another, best them, front – in the face, head on. When will it be that you choose to meet one with a differing viewpoint with a true will to hear and see them as they are?

Those of the western world believe that sanctions, rules, dictates, are necessary to keep another country in a state of compliance. They believe those methods are a symbol of power, the way to assert dominance.

Those of the eastern world still believe that to honour their belief pattern they must overpower any who challenges it.

Regardless of geographic location, or belief pattern, throughout earth history mankind has divided their way into them or us, all have sort to find a reason to justify their stance and so set in place a method to protect what they deemed as theirs.

It is not just east versus west etc., I speak of this as an example, you have but to open your daily paper and you will note that it is world wide, within all belief patterns. Even within each belief pattern there are factions formed that say they have a greater understanding and right of way.

Think on this and choose for your own way. Stand tall in your own truth.

Respect the right of all to choose their path, whether as an individual or a nation within a country, and judge not from your view point for that is it in a nut shell, your view point, not another’s.

Should a dictator be stopped? Yes. Should an aggressor be stopped? Yes. But why with weapons? why with the same tools you say are, ‘not the way’.

Believe in the people of the land in question, believe in their ability to say enough, and they will, when they have the combined will to do so.

Offer loving support, food aplenty, medical provisions, access to resources needed, and you will remove the antagonism, suspicion, which is the breeding ground for hate and fear.

Love will conquer all when offered freely, without strings.

Do unto another as you would they do unto you. Be that your creed, your mantra.

See that which is similar, love of home family peace, and know that the many varied cultures, spiritual belief patterns, have all developed through the interpretation of that which was.

All have grown with and through that which is a part of their present life path, and within each path can be found love, in its purity, if the will is to seek it.