There are very few places within the earth today where the inhabitants do not know of one of the organised religious orders, where, although they may not practice their belief, it forms the basis of their belief pattern, the basis of the laws that govern their physical way.

That spoken of as God’s law, that to be obeyed or else, is not of or from Me for free will is your birthright, I do not dictate nor command.

Intolerance of the way of the another belief pattern has brought, for generation after generation, unrest disharmony and bloodshed, this will remain the way of mankind until there is a will to let go of that which divides.

Many view the rites and practices of another order as pagan, their own as sacrosanct, but all came into being through the same inner desire to know and be more.

Within all belief patterns there are man made rules to follow, dictates to the will of another, many have felt a restriction whilst obeying their rites of practice, many have sort to speak out, ask for clarity, but have been prevented from being heard by yet another law, that of questioning those who profess to speak for Me.

I offer guiding thoughts for all who are fearful of releasing teachings, doctrine that has been known since childhood, beliefs taught them by those who too were guided by misunderstanding, for the misguidance began way back in time when the early churches were being formed.

I will speak now of some of the misunderstandings that prevent many from moving forward on their path, they fear to let go for they fear My wrath, My judgement, for the greatest misunderstanding of all is that you can fail Me.

This is perpetuated by the belief that we are separate therefore you are less than Me.

You can not fail Me for I have no expectation of you, why would I say that all have the freedom to be as they choose and then impose restrictions on that freedom.

Although I speak here of that termed Christianity if all whose belief pattern is founded on another order, prophet, master, teacher, will take time to consider the following they will find that there are thoughts to ponder, parallels to that which are the governing laws and rites they have been taught to abide by, for the words of the ones whose way forms the basis of other belief patterns have too been altered, misrepresented, misunderstood.

I offer opportunity to bring an opening up of your way to include the way of one from a differing belief pattern, for only when each acknowledges that, their way is but another way, when all unite under the one banner that reads, I am a child of the One, will there be Heaven on earth.

You may note that there are similarities between readings, this is truth, life is ongoing, continually evolving, although similar each offers opportunity to understand another aspect of the whole.

The Christ, when as Jesus, did not intend for a church body to be created, one that would exclude any of another understanding, all were to gather and support each other, not one person guiding all but each equal in worth, each sharing their awareness and honouring another’s thoughts as worthy of being heard, equal in spirit mind and body.

Since the formation of the church, as you know it, there has been a gradual eroding of the truth. The early leaders shared their understanding of the words they had heard but as time passed this became that which was told and so began the misunderstanding of Jesus message to the people.

With the belief they had fuller understanding of the belief pattern that was forming some desired to control the thinking and way of the people so removed all that they believed did not serve them or the people, that being all reference understood to be related to reincarnation, karma, self empowerment.

They knew that the knowledge of self-determination, that all had opportunity to choose again, would remove their hold so they used fear to control and overpower through promoting the belief that disobedience to the dictates of they, and church laws, would result in eternal damnation.

With the passage of time the leaders, priests, interpreted and taught through their own limited understanding and created further laws to be obeyed. Their power over the people grew for through the limiting of their knowledge their urge to seek for self became acceptance of that told.

Over the past century the power of the various organisations has lessened, there has been a growing desire within the earth for the individual right of self-determination.

The present unrest is generated by the thought that all are separate beings, that there is superiority of right and way.

Now is the time of enlightenment, now is the time for all to see beyond the narrow confines of organised religion. I created all in My Image and all are capable of understanding and embracing the truth as told by the many prophets who entered the earth with the desire to bring back to the conscious mind, the truth that all knew at their creation, that the Christ spirit was but one of them, equal with and to.

At the time of the birth of Jesus the people were also controlled and misled by their church fathers, as they liked to be known for there have been those who would dictate the way of another since mankind first permitted this to be so.

One who sets their self up as a leader of the people should not presume they have the right to think for them, that is the weakening effect that the many sects and ‘isms have had on those who have followed their way, for they forbade questioning in case the people began to think for their self, thus they created followers instead of explorers.

Jesus spoke to the people in parables as after centuries of misunderstanding the people were not ready for full truth; the parables were such that all would understand as an opening occurred in their hearts, a softening in their attitude of self-righteousness.

He planted a seed desiring that it grow, feed the people, nourish the spirit, and mature over the next two thousand years. The seed survived but in a weakened form, never able to come to full maturity as it was continually picked before ripening.

After his death Jesus became spoken of as the Christ, and his followers Christian, it was not the name that Jesus desired to be remembered it was the message he brought to the people for the essence of the message was love, pure love that encompassed all regardless of race gender creed.  Those who became known as church leaders, who thought they had greater understanding, taught their interpretation of his message, doubt fear and misunderstanding again became the way.

As time passed the people began to see the elaborate churches that were built as the ‘church’, the priests as their only link to God, and their self as incapable to think for, or control, their own destiny.

Church laws have all fostered this belief, the very name the leaders asked to be called – father – speaks of power over the people. Are you not all supposed to show respect and honour to your father both on earth and in Heaven?

It was never intended for homage to be focused on the Christ himself, they missed the very truth of all Christ’s statements. To kneel in front of a cross with a statue of a dead body imposed on it speaks of the death, a grand finale, the not eating of meat on a Friday brought forth the belief that worship must be directed on the crucified Christ.

He did not sacrifice his way for you he offered his way as an example, offering to all a glimpse of their own magnificence, ‘this too and more you shall know’ he told the people.

His way, that death was not an end but a beginning, was a testament to the ongoing spirit of life; he desired to empower all to know their self as he, one in spirit with their Creator.

Focus on his life in the spirit he brought it to you.

Those termed as pagans too knelt before carved idols and yet were spoken of as being doomed for eternity, many of their rites have been brought into the Christian church and yet are condemned if witnessed being done by one of another belief.

The celebration of Easter is focused on ‘the death’ for weeks before but only days on the resurrection. It was the resurrection that spoke of hope and joy, of the continuation of life after physical death, of the power of the spirit and the truth of his way and word.

Centuries before I told of what was to be, the entry into the earth plane of one who would bring awareness of a greater purpose of being, it was foretold so as to bring awareness of the great opportunity that awaited all. There have been messengers, their arrival foretold, and as with the Christ their birth was the birth of hope for all mankind for they sought through their way to bring enlightenment and self-empowerment for all, not just a select few, all.

Christians honour the fulfilment of the scriptures at Christmas, a time when they acknowledge his gift of love which he gave freely to all.

Christmas is spoken of as a time of goodwill to all men, although the Christian faith has divided itself into many sects there is a common purpose and will as the Christmas season approaches generating warmth of manner. Many greet a stranger offer to them Christmas blessings, put money in the poor box and place gifts under communal trees for distribution to those in need.

They offer in the spirit that is mankind at its finest but many are exhausted by the pre-Christmas rituals, those they impose upon their self and those that are considered customs to be honoured, for so many hold the belief that their worth is measured by that materially received or given.

The focus bringing disharmony to many is the giving of gifts without the true giving of self. Without the true spirit present what should be a day of communion, a day when love flows between all, becomes a time of tension, a time of tears and grief, for there is inner awareness that all is not as it should be, or could be.

The gift that most truly desire is awareness that they are deemed worthy of knowing and being loved, know and feel warmth, fellowship, love and laughter.

Share gifts with another if that brings pleasure, but not as a way to outdo or outshine, simply as an outward expression of the joy of giving, acknowledge the way of the Christ with the sharing of love as he offered his love to you, freely, without strings.

When the gift of love is shared freely, everyday, the need to impress another, the desire to exceed the apparent generosity of another, is removed, for each is secure in the knowledge of their worth.

Christ chose to share his understanding that all may have opportunity to know as he, his gift to you was a self-less offering of love and that is all that is required of any who chooses to acknowledge the birth of the Christ child as a time of giving.

If all were to bring the spirit of Christmas into each day, offer love freely, without strings, mankind would not know itself.

Love is self perpetuating for it is the essence of all life. Life is love, love is life, the words are interchangeable.

We will move on there is so much that needs to be understood. The laws of the various churches, belief patterns founded by man for man, have misled many.

All sects and ‘isms bring awareness that each is not just a body that there is a greater purpose in being but they do not offer hope in the form of self empowerment, they do not enlighten but hold down that which should be uplifted for they withhold the knowledge that all are of and from the One, equal in worth, they tell of Creation but not that all are eternally connected.

I honour none above another, nor do I hold one way to be superior to another. All the prophets, upon whom each belief pattern is founded, were worthy to be heard for all spoke the truth of their understanding, they provided the gateway, opportunity for all who had ears to hear and a will to listen, to open their minds and so create within each the desire, the will, to be all that they are.

The rite of confession, as held by the catholic church, was not what was intended by the Christ, it is written that he said to the disciples to move among the people offering them the truth and that if they heeded their sins would be forgiven, retained if they did not.

He did ask that they speak to all of their new understanding of life purpose, he said those who heard and understood his message would choose to know a change of way, those who were not ready to hear would continue to follow their present path until it was their will to know another way. He desired that all have opportunity to hear if they willed it, he acknowledged their right of free will to choose for their self.

All would have understood this teaching if the law of karma, of cause and effect, had been retained as a part of their understanding. Sin is but a word used to signify a way that is separate to the way of love.

The Christ loved all equally, did not seek out the righteous but shared his understanding with all who chose to hear, he did not judge another’s way nor do I, to do so would be to remove your freedom of choice, therefore the belief that one may assume the right of judge and jury over another is a misunderstanding that fosters doubt and fear in those who honour this belief, it is not for any to judge the path of another or find them wanting.

Most who seek to be guardians of the people, with true desire to walk in the light, do not mislead the people with intent for they too have been misled so speak from their understanding, but through their belief that theirs is the true and only way they limit both their self and those who heed their words.

You do not require an intermediary, one to intercede on your behalf, when there is awareness that choices made are not in keeping with your desire to know peace within, that all is not as you desire it be, to bring a change of direction you have but to direct your thoughts to Me. To openly acknowledge your awareness of not being who you really are is healing for it prompts thought that there is another way.

Acknowledgement is awareness stated. Awareness brings opportunity to choose again for your way.

Your intent will bring you awareness of peace within for your act of asking draws it to you, and through your will that it be so I, and all here with Me, will guide you as you desire to know, for in acknowledging My place in your way you permit your soul to be heard, empower yourself to bring change, to create your self anew.

A heartfelt prayer of contrition is heard by Me and the peace you feel within is My answer, for in reaching out you are acknowledging our oneness and so the awareness of peace is the harmony or way and will.

All will return to the spiritual realm at the end of their earth sojourn, acts of contrition, prayers, anointing, will not alter this. All will know the peace and love that is for there is no other way for you to be, you are spirit experiencing within a physical body.

‘I am the way the truth and the life’ so spoke the Christ, so speak I, we are all of one voice and when you are ready we will be of one way and will.

All have the need to feel connected so even when doubts assail them many seek solace in a building or shrine because they have been conditioned to the belief that it is God’s house and they cling to their belief for security.

My truth will endure for you are the house of God, not bricks and mortar that will pass away in time, as will all man-made things, the spirit that is you is God, go within your temple, the one you created to house your soul, within is the answer to every question you would ever desire to ask, your body is the walls, your eyes the windows, your soul the holy scripture for it is all knowing.

If you follow the way of the Christ, as he showed you, you will know an awareness of peace, a contentment that is comparable to nothing you have ever known before.

Let go of past restraints and loyalties, let you heart and mind be truly open, ready to remember, recall to your way the voice of your soul and your doubts and fears will be washed away.

Those who walked with Jesus, his disciples as they are known, knew that truth does not need support for truth is life, everlasting, eternal. They knew the people needed truth, they understood and embraced the way of the Christ and sought to demonstrate this through their words and deeds.

It was those who followed who began to alter the truth in the belief that it would be better accepted by the various nations and traditions, for their faith was not strong enough to know and understand that truth is life expressed. Altering to further self-interest followed.

Another misunderstanding of the teaching of the Christ is the taking of communion in church. Whenever you eat and drink is the time to pause and remember the way of the Christ, not the cross.

‘Do this in memory of me’, he said, as a symbol, a remembrance of his love and his belief in the law of One which he displayed in such a way that all would see and know that to be as he was attainable, to and by all.

His gift to you was his faith, his belief that no task was too hard, no burden too heavy that you could not follow in his way and so know yourself as one with all.

The Christ spirit lives among you today for his is the spirit of enlightenment. Many have chosen to light the way, if you open your heart in true desire for truth and enlightenment you will draw them to you.

Through thought word and deed honour your freedom to be as you desire. Make each day a celebration of life.

With the aid of another all can find peace and awareness, walk together, share your thoughts and understandings, be not teacher and pupil instead share with a will to be all that you are and unity of spirit will be the way of all.

You will know you are as One when you empower your self through your will and desire to be all that you are, as Me, one with Me.

The knowledge that all have the right to choose to know their self, as this, is what has been withheld.

Be true to you. Know that you are goodness and light.

I have heard your call for understanding and I answer that you might know Me as one with you and join with Me with no guilt for past loyalties or regret for past behaviour. I welcome your rejoining of our way and will when it is your will that it be so.

I am ready to guide and answer your will for I am with you always, and in all ways.

Your will for you is My will for you, I honour your way and your right to own it.

‘Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world’ said the Christ. So too will you.