Many feel lost, adrift in a sea of uncertainty, they attribute this to their physical way believing there is something or someone missing, in truth it is their inner self seeking to be heard.

Life will not change unless you choose to change life, thought is the creator of way and your thought creates what you perceive as your reality.

The spiritual realm is in truth your reality but this you do not remember when experiencing within the earth, your physical way becomes your sole awareness, your focus, yours to experience as desired, and will remain so until your return to the spiritual realm, or you remember that you are not your body but a beautiful soul within a body.

Although the spiritual realm is your reality when you choose to return to a physical body your awareness will be as if it is your first experience, and it is, as the you of your creation. You create all through your thought about it and so, as you think so will you know.

To understand this fully it is necessary to first accept the reality of reincarnation, of many lives lived within a physical body, then to know that time as the human reckons it is not a reality; in truth there is no time but the present.

Each soul experiences life within a physical body over and over again but this is not a life after a life it is a life on top of a life, I will explain.

When one is within a physical family you perceive self as having roots, that is ancestors, the family tree, and so look back at what was as being the history of both your family and the family of man, sequentially experienced.

In truth you do not experience one individual life at a time; it is possible for you to be experiencing many varied lives at the same time for as I said time as you understand it is a man-made marker of progress. Your soul is unlimited; it is not contained within your body your body is but an expression of its will.

Your life experiences are all occurring at the same time, none is first or last they just are, therefore your return to spirit is your first experience as the you, you have created.

Although all is as one in its happening all is accessible to the soul, the book of life, all your experiences are within it so as you choose to know in any given moment is yours not only in that experience but also in all your other experiences.

If you choose to not be love this does not mean you will not be love in all your patterns but the understanding brought into being through this will be for you to grow through and with as you will to know it.

The saying you are your brothers keeper is a truth for you are both your brother sister father mother etc., all souls are the individualisation of One soul, none are separate to, all are eternally a part of, therefore as you do so shall you know.

When you experience yourself as love you have an effect on all the aspects of self you have chosen to know, you are created through and from the you of today, the you that you are consciously aware of at that time. You are both the creator and the created, eternally one with all aspects of self for I and all that is are aspects of self.

I speak of the above for many believe they have to earn their way to Heaven, My family you never in truth left except in your thought about it, and this you remember when you choose to know yourself as spirit, a realisation of Oneness, and the soul will let go of what was its physical knowing and embrace its power to be both spirit and physicality. I will explain.

Experience within the physical body is opportunity for soul to understand life purpose, both physical life and spiritual life, to understand and grow through and with. As the soul matures into its wisdom it is able to differentiate between soul knowing and mind knowing enabling the soul, whilst in the earth, to have one foot in each camp so to speak, this is similar to the experience known by the soul upon its return to spirit, again one foot in each camp, the difference is that the soul is now the master of way and able to define itself through thought, not thought based on belief but thought based on knowing, inner knowing, and so awareness that spirit is now the way brings an added dimension to the power of thought versus reason.

Physical death is when the soul removes its life-giving energy from the body. Freed from the need to slow down its vibration, which enabled it to experience within the body, the soul will float nearby for a time as it prepares to move on, I will use the term float for this conveys the sense of peaceful harmony of being, although no longer connected the soul remains eternally aware of its creation.

Some who have had what is termed near-death experiences will speak of looking down upon their body, are able to repeat conversations, tell of actions made by those with them at the time.

Some will speak of soaring toward a bright light and then knowing their self again within their physical body, the soul is always given opportunity to choose whether to return to the physical body or to remain in spirit, a soul that chooses to remain in spirit is not self-seeking, abandoning family and friends, it is self-fulfilling, full knowing that its journey within the earth has fulfilled all chosen to be known at that time, therefore, though there is awareness of loved ones, awareness and a drawing to, the soul will respond in the manner that will enable all to be as desired.

All at some time give thought to physical death, some wonder on the experience but many more fear it for their perception that physical life is their reality does not enable them to grasp the concept of the continuance of life.

How you view life or death creates your perception, this then becomes your belief which is the basis of thought, thought shapes/forms your experiences. As you think so will you know, be.

One believing that physical life is all there is will therefore have no thought on life after death, will perceive that there is just darkness for that is how night appears to many, a small death; they expect nothing so will experience nothing, for a time.

No soul will remain as this for longer than they choose to know it, all within spirit are surrounded by light and love so when ready the soul will feel a gradual stirring, a lightening of their darkness of forgetfulness, they will awaken within, will stir, move, expand and so both embrace and be embraced by the love of those with them, they will then choose to move into the light of knowing and explore with the freedom and awareness of their power to be as they choose.

Those who believe in an afterlife but always qualify their right to know it by either self imposed judgement or through a belief instilled in them, one that speaks of perfection as being the qualification necessary to gain entry into Gods presence, will experience this belief in the form of being in the light but not of it, as if they are looking through, a goal to be attained if they could but find the key or work hard. Again this perception will only be theirs for as long as it serves them, when ready they will release their self imposed restraints and soar free in the sure knowledge of their oneness with the All.

Those who believe they will unite with family members will find their self welcomed in a manner that is familiar and comforting but there will be a conscious choosing to separate for a time to enable the soul to look around, ponder, and settle within itself, for though there is a rightness of being the soul will feel drawn to view what was and ponder on choices made, only when there is acceptance and understanding will the soul then know itself as and how it chooses to be.

Some will continue to know the circle of family, others will pursue in a manner that was both pleasing and fulfilling to their way, hence some speak of universities, classes, homes, gardens, communities, and so forth, each to their own at all times.

Those who believe in hell, judgement, will know this as their experience if they also believe that this is what they are worthy of. Theirs will be an awareness of the hell of their imagination, and it will be imaginary, they the soul will witness their experiencing that perceived, it will be as an observer of their self created awareness.

The soul may observe their self as suffering pain but will not know this as reality for it is not possible for a soul to know anything but love. They will create their awareness of hell until they are ready to let go and feel the light enter their being, with this awareness they will feel the love of those with them and join in the celebration of unity.

Those who believe that they are of the One and worthy of knowing this will know this as their reality, they will perceive the light, feel the light, know they are the Light. They will be met with all that is their awareness and will share in the joy of working to bring this reality to all within spirit.

There are many names given to the differing awareness experienced some being shadow lands, purgatory, hell, heaven, through attaching a name it has created a belief in differing levels, again a system of reward and punishment. This is not so and never will be, there are no levels except those self imposed, all move into the Light and know, remember, they are Home when it is their will to do so.

When ready all souls will choose to look at their experiences while in the earth, ponder on choices made, this is the judgement day that so many fear but it is neither judgement by another or by self, the soul desires to know and experience itself as love and it is from this aspect it views what was, will understand that still to be experienced and with acceptance of this will then let go of what was and unite in harmony with all in spirit.

Though many experience their self as lost whilst within their physical body it is only ever in their thought, with awareness that you are ever a part of the One you can remove from your thought that you are apart from.

Regardless of the thoughts that bring to you the fear of not measuring up, the sense that you carry the weight of the world upon your shoulders, that all the light has been sucked out of you, that you are alone, regardless of any thought that creates within you the sense of not being good enough, I tell you now, you will know yourself as Light, you will know yourself as peace, you will know yourself as love, you will know Heaven as your reality for light love peace are your reality, the word Heaven expresses this.

You never left Heaven for it is nowhere, it is not a destination it is a reality, or to put it another way it is now here, the physical you is your creation, as is all you experience, you choose the costume, you write the script and choose the players, while within the earth it will seem your reality but the real you is an ever changing aspect of self realised, an expression of soul purpose, your soul remains ever your reality, Heaven is soul expressed.

Let go of all fear that you will not know or be worthy of knowing yourself as One, it is your truth and at the instant you perceive this as Truth you will know for you will feel at One.

You are neither lost or alone except in your thought about it, though you may not have physical companionship, though you may feel unloved or loving, these are your perceptions created through a belief that there is right way of being, you are measuring yourself through the way or expectations of another.

Though you may perceive another as happy, successful, following a way that serves them, it is their way, their choice, your way is yours to create, remember always, that no way is a better way it is simply another way.

Your perceptions create the thought that holds you in now for as you think so will you know, if you are feeling weighed down, heavy, downcast, then your choices are not serving you at this time, stand tall in your own light, take back your right of self determination and you will feel empowered to be as you desire to know.

Heaven is now here for you are an eternal expression of its magnificence.