Death, many avoid the thought of their physical death, they choose to hide from the very mention of the word preferring that their attention not be drawn to the knowledge of their physical mortality.

Death is not an ending, it is but another phase of soul experience. To experience within the earth the soul enters the flesh overcoat, to return to spirit it leaves it, therefore physical death marks the time when the soul has chosen to return to spirit.

All have experienced physical birth and death many times, physical life is but a blink of the eye, soul life, eternal.

Accept that all you experience is with your permission, for that is truth. Fear not that death will take you unawares, that you will be unprepared, all is ever as the soul has chosen to know, and so though it may appear that some leave before their time it is never by chance, there will have been unconscious preparation for it.

You are the physical expression of your soul’s desire to experience within the earth plane, and through experiencing know opportunity to restore harmony of being; this is both soul purpose and the sole purpose for the physical life experience.

Your soul chooses when where and how it will enter and your soul chooses when where and how it will return to the spiritual realm.

As the time of physical death is soul chosen even those who appear to have no realisation that their death is near have known a period of reflection, a readying, the soul knows its purpose thus creates the desired way. The soul is always fully aware and prepared for its departure whether it is through age illness accident, or deliberate act.

Many through age or illness have conscious awareness that their death is near and know a time of reflection on what was and have many thoughts they would like to share.

They and their loved ones know opportunity for a deep and abiding communication that would serve all, an opportunity for hopes and regrets to be spoken of, a sharing of thoughts and feelings that for various reasons have been withheld.

It is an opportunity that many hold back from. Often family and friends, through fear and sorrow of what is to be, will seek to avoid discussion of the possibility of death by a change of subject.

Instead of a time of rejoicing, a time of celebration of what was, a sharing of memories and laughter, it becomes a time of mourning for what might have been.

It is natural for there to be sorrow at the imminent passing of a loved one, but some, through their inability to express what is within them, feel anger and resentment at the one leaving.

Fear is the basis of their anger, fear of how life will be without the presence of their loved one, fear of death itself, some fear that death is the end of all life, and some believe there is life after death but fear what will be as they have been taught that they will be judged, that only those deemed just and righteous will know peace and love in heaven, that all who did not follow a particular belief pattern would be condemned, all who did not follow the moral rules of society would be condemned, and so on, condemned for eternity to a life of pain and sorrow.

If these are the teachings you have grown with then put those thoughts from you right now. It may be the belief of another but you do not have to own it. I tell you now, there is no judgement or punishment, no fire and brimstone, no eternal damnation, none, not now or ever.

Regardless of belief pattern followed, regardless of choices made when within the earth, all return to their spiritual home when they choose to leave the physical body, all.

I do not judge or condemn any soul for choices made for all were given free will, freedom of expression, freedom to explore their power to be as the Creator.

As all are of and from One all will know their self as One when it is their will to do so. How can you have free will if upon your return to spirit your choices are judged? Free will is the birthright of all, to be punished for exercising it would be to negate this.

Physical death occurs when the soul withdraws its life giving energy from its physical body.

The soul slows down its vibratory energy to enable it to harmonise with its physical body and be of the earth, thus when ready to leave the body it will lift its vibration and know again lightness of being.

Some who have experienced what is termed ‘a near death’ recall looking down upon their body, witnessing those around it, some speak of a sense of freedom, a beautiful light, welcoming warmth, peace, and awareness of their return to their physical body.

They chose to leave their body just as they chose to return to it; it was a desired experience during which they knew opportunity to remain in spirit or to reunite with the physical expression of their way.

Whether within a physical body or in spirit the soul has free will to choose how it will be, and so after separation it will sometimes choose to stay near its physical family offering love and support to them, it may be up to three days before it is ready to further lift its vibration and return to the spiritual realm.

All, whether acknowledged or not, have a thought about life after death so this will be the souls reality for a time, thought is ever the creator, and  this is individual awareness of the soul founded upon its thought about life after physical death whilst within the body.

Some are aware of moving through a tunnel towards the Light, a welcoming warmth, some sense the presence of angels or the welcoming faces of loved ones, some are puzzled, some fearful.

Some for a time will experience darkness, termed by some within the earth as shadow lands, purgatory, but that speaks of punishment, a lack of desirability or wholesomeness as if some were less worthy than another, dismiss that thought right now.

All are ever of the Light but for a time some forget this, their awareness of all that was and all that might have been created the desire to seek solace in their own solitude, it is their will to know it not Mine. The soul’s thought creates the belief it is unable to move further into the light, though it may feel unworthy at no time is it experiencing pain or suffering.

Though a soul may choose to experience being alone it never truly is for all are eternally connected, they are eternally of the light but their awareness of darkness will remain until they have the will to once again seek the light.

Some may choose to stay within their individual awareness for a long period but when ready they will gradually lighten their awareness and know a welcoming love, they will lift their vibration and move openly, freely, within the spiritual realm.

The soul will choose of its own free will to reflect on the past physical life, to explore, revisit the experiences met, this is the judgement that many fear, I restate, it is soul chosen, is not visited upon the soul nor harsh or stressful. While reflecting on its experiences within the earth the soul will look at choices made from all aspects so as to gain understanding of how those choices touched on the lives of all who shared the experience.

The souls innate desire is to know itself as One, through exploring what was it is able to determine all yet to be experienced so as to realise its own godlike ability to harmonise its way with the One.

The souls mingle joyfully with souls they have experienced with within the earth, conflict between family or friends while within the earth does not become conflict when in spirit, each is aware of aspects of love to be addressed when next they choose to experience together, they will create the opportunity for this to be at a time of their choosing.

Groups that are as family have formed through each choosing to experience with the other to enable growth and understanding, together they experience the differing aspects of family, parent/child as an example, the loving awareness shared from those lives brings an even deeper bond.

Family circles intermingle creating ever widening connections enabling soul energy to become united in will.

Each soul vibrates in harmony with its understanding and awareness, as awareness grows so too does its vibration, it becomes lighter in being, enlightened, as it draws nearer to the source of all. A fully enlightened soul is pure essence, love, knows itself one with the Creator, only harmony of way and will enables total unity of being.

Heaven is not a destination, heaven is nowhere for it is not a place, heaven is now here, it is a state of being harmony peace love, all are the essence of heaven and when it is their will all will know it as their reality, that is why I say it is now here.

It is not possible to do harmony peace love but it is within the power of all to be as this, this is why I say all return to their spiritual home, as understood in the earth, for there is no other state of being, there is matter and there is spirit.

Many who read these words will still fear to believe so ingrained is the belief pattern they have known, I repeat. Regardless of their chosen way when within the earth all return, there is no judgement, no punishment; all have free will and the right to exercise it. Mankind believes in retribution, spirit seeks balance, harmony, and will create it for, at a time of its choosing, the soul will return to a physical body with the will to experience the same anguish it brought to another soul, through experiencing opportunity to create again is realised and understanding gained.

There are no divisions within the spiritual realm; awareness of what was is simply that, awareness of. Disharmony with another whilst within the physical realm is recognised, when in spirit, as the gift each sought to know through the way of the other, through experiencing disharmony the physical awareness has opportunity to say enough, this is not how I want to be, know opportunity to look at what is and make a conscious choice to bring a change of way.

When freed from the restraints of the physical body all know joy as they further their exploration of their power to be all that they are.

The planets you see in the sky, and those yet to be known by mankind, are visited by the souls, they are as classrooms to reawaken the knowledge once known, they seek not to learn through them but to remember. Each planet is of a different vibration thus offers another aspect of the One, the wisdom offered will be absorbed and pondered on by the soul as it seeks direction and purpose.

Many within the earth speak of star signs and planetary influences, there is truth in this for the soul choosing to reincarnate will seek out the tools that will enable it to find direction and purpose for its chosen journey. In a very general way the varied influences of the known planets are spoken of and associated with personality and behaviour within the earth. Yes the time of birth, planets stars etc do influence and guide but they are tools not controls.

Death is not an ending but another phase of soul existence, all are eternally connected, whether the soul is in spirit or within a physical body the spiritual connection remains; many feel the presence of a loved one who has left the earth plane, though no longer visible they are united by the bonds of love.

Some within the earth are open to their spiritual connection; some see, have visionary perception, some hear, some feel, the gathered wisdom offered by those within the spiritual realm is offered to all who open their way to receive it.

When seeking through the way of another be aware your understanding of the message will be based on your knowledge at the time.

Wisdom heard read or told brings opportunity for spiritual growth. It is not for another to tell you how to be, what to do, all being offered is for the receiver to ponder on, so be aware of your feelings when you first feel, hear, or read the message, if it resonates in harmony with your way you will know a lightness of being, you will feel light, your head high, shoulders open and free, for your soul will be saying yes.

Sometimes it may sound right but you are aware of a tightness of being, shoulders heavy, feeling weighed down, a desire to step back. It may not be right for you at this time, not as you seek to know yourself.

Heed your feelings they are a guide to soul awareness. Listening to your feelings means listening to your body as it feels your first thought, your first thought as awareness is gained, not those that follow for they will be created through your mind as it assesses, assimilates, and chooses through that already known in the present.

All have the power to go within and hear the voice of their soul for your soul and I are one, therefore all that is within My power to be is within your power if it is your will to know it, each must choose to find within their self the will and desire to be in harmony with the All.

As we are One to hear Me is to listen to your soul, all that I am you are, those who place limits on God do not understand that direct guidance is for all who seek it, for all who choose to listen.

All, regardless of belief pattern followed, or not, will return to their spiritual home when the soul chooses to leave its physical body; death is but a change of thought. All have entered and left the physical realm many times and will continue to do so for as long as they will it.

Fear of death prevents many from living fully; choose today to stand tall in the knowledge that you are creator of your way. Know that regardless of when and how you choose to leave your physical body life is ongoing, eternal.

When it is your chosen time to return to spirit you will know the welcoming love not only of those who have been as family in previous life patterns but the love that is life itself and you will soar with the joy of being as One again.