Greetings, we come to you today to speak of the changing earth pattern, by now all are well aware change is afoot, so to speak, the weather patterns, the extreme weather patterns, are creating an atmosphere of fear for many, fear of what might be, indeed fear of what is for so many are lost in the illusion that this is all there is.

Fear creates inaction, freezes the thought that there is a way through. Fear of what might be colours the day.

Each day is yours to create in its entirety, fear of tomorrow, fear of what might be, prevents one looking at the day, the present, the pre-sent created through the thought that had gone before. Fear prevents the present day being used as a stepping-stone so creating an outcome that sits comfortably within the being, an outcome is the outer expression of the inner thought, therefore, as it is in keeping with the will and the intent at that time, will sit comfortable within.

Will and intent are the fuel for the thought, the creator of, awareness of the feeling within as the thought is received, though you are creator of the thought as it enters the conscious field it seems as if it is being received, enables the one receiving the thought to choose whether this thought brings a peaceful sense of being or whether it feels disruptive to the desired peace, thus there is opportunity for re-creation of that thought.

Does it serve, if yes then expand upon it, if no then think again, literally give another thought, set in place another thought, all is yours to create, and through creation, you re-create yourself anew.

The changing earth pattern is not one to be feared; soul awareness of the chosen experiences for this physical journey is within all, thus all that occurs is within the ability of all to either endure, if you choose to know it in a physical way, or to create your reality as being, this is okay, I know that I will find my way through this if I take each day, each moment, as being all there is.

It is the projection into tomorrow that stimulates fear, the, what if, what if I should be apart from my family, what if I should lose my home, what if I should lose my job, what if what if what if.

Take a moment to think back over what has been, what has been, the experiences that you have known up unto this present time, think on it and understand how, as each event unfolded, you found both understanding and opportunity to bring yourself through, this may not have occurred quickly, it may have taken days, months, and for some, years, but when it was your will to say enough then, through your thought about it, you created the opportunities that then became apparent.

Although for some there was loss of home, job, family circumstances, loved ones, there was awareness that life did indeed go on, awareness that opportunity, life, proceeds at your pace as a reality, proceeds always, but the moving forward is at your pace, is at your thought about it.

Within the changing earth pattern is opportunity for all to understand another aspect of self, death in the physical is a reality but it is not to be feared, death is but a change in vibration, the leaving of the physical body and the return to spirit, life is ongoing, eternal, the aspect of the physicality has ended but its purpose was fulfilled, thus the ending of.

Though many fear that they will leave their family bereft, leave their children unguarded, this is not a truth, it may seem a truth, for some do flounder after their loved one has departed, but the experience that each knows is a chosen experience, the children left without the father the mother, or indeed both parents, knew this would be part of their journey in the physical realm to enable understanding, therefore, though in the physical sense it appears that they need to be supported, loved, embraced, cushioned, this only serves to enable the physical being to be comforted, the soul will experience as it has chosen.

As too with all changing circumstances, change of home, change of position and so forth, at the time it may seem that life has taken a wrong turn in truth, it is a right turn, instead of fearing what might be embrace it, look upon it as opportunity to create again and know that this will be so.

Yes changes are happening within the earth, there will be land that will go beneath the waters, there will be land rising again, if it be part of their life experience, as and when this occurs, all will know how they choose to be for choice has created opportunity to be part of that experience, all will know.

Accept that today is yours to create, tomorrow will be, that created.

Embrace what was, embrace all as being of your creation, opportunity brought to self by self so as to grow into the wonder that you are today, the beautiful you. Yes, by some standards, some measures that others try to convey to you, you may find yourself wanting, but this is not a truth, there are no measures, none, there just is.

Let go of the need to be as another believes you should be, feel your worth through your thought about it, look in a mirror and say, I love you just as you are and know that this is truth, you are loved just as you are, your will reigns supreme for it is your right to know it.

Let the changes that are occurring be simply something to experience, something to grow through, and trust that all will be as you desire to know it, fear not, instead rejoice, rejoice in the opportunities that await you.