Greetings to all who take the time to read these words, I am God and I speak to you as your friend and your guide.

Many within the earth plane know only fear, they fear today, they fear tomorrow, they fear to venture forth on a new path, they fear to take a different stance, even though they know, within, that the one they at present know does not serve them.

Many fear to speak to one of another race or colour, they fear one who is of a differing way or speaks another language.

The time has long past when it was thought heresy to be of a different religious belief, when those who knew the ability to heal through nature were burnt as a witch, when any who chose to could take another’s life with impunity, rob, steal, plunder, as and when they chose.

Today there are laws to protect both the innocent and those who step outside the law. No longer are any able to be judged or abused without there being set in place a law or rule enabling there to be recompense or jurisprudence, and yet fear is still the cornerstone of so many lives and so many laws.

Why? What drives mankind to seek to protect their way, and their land, through the rule of fear?

We will look back first to a time when within the vast lands there was only a few scattered tribes, groups of people who banded together in support of each other and way. Through their combined efforts they were able to sustain their self, each offering their talents for the good of the whole.

With the passage of time came the interweaving of the many varied groups into a large community of like-minded people, then through the need to sustain their way the growing population began to spread across the land, and with the desire to explore that which lay over the horizon there came to be the merging of the races, those of different colours who offered another perspective and way.

All had known fear within their way, for it is fear that prompts the many acts that bring disharmony, but it was when the people realised that they were not supreme, were not, as they had believed, lord and master of all they surveyed, that there came to be fear of another and how the others way may affect theirs.

This was true of all races, all colours, as they began to meet and mingle. All gazed with suspicion at one who was different, feeling threatened by the prospect of another’s way superseding theirs they feared for their way.

Do you see how little has changed since that time, which is so far back in the earths history that it is not even recorded? Though today there is the constant intermingling of the many nations and colours do you understand how little mankind has progressed beyond this thought?

Fear that your way may no longer be as previously known, and the desire to hold to the familiar, prompts the rise of dissent with another’s viewpoint, permits those with the loudest voice, strongest influence, to persuade the people that the upheaval to their way is the fault of another.

Many seek safety in far off lands desiring only to know peace and harmony, they ask only to have the opportunity to raise their family in a secure haven, to have work to sustain their way, and to be accepted as they are.

Too often they are greeted with suspicion, looked upon as less than those who are ‘native to the land’, their customs frowned upon as not belonging in their new land, and they are asked to conform.

As their life pattern changes they begin to lose their sense of self, their identity, not only are they within a new environment they are asked to develop a new persona. They begin to join together for support and security with other people from their previous land and so there becomes a further widening of the gap.

Those native to the land will often speak of the other with derision, they cite all the opportunities the other has in their new land and of how they seek only to know their way as before.

There is little understanding of the fears that beset the new arrival, how strange the customs may appear, how different the expectations of the individual. If all would take the time to befriend them, to look beyond the exterior, they would recognise that their desire for security, love, peace, friendship, is as they too seek to know.

This is the true desire of all within the earth plane, this may not seem to be a truth given how some display aggression and anger toward another but the root of their behaviour began when they decided that another being was preventing them knowing this.

Suspicion breeds distrust, suspicion is based on fear, indeed all negative emotion begins through fear. In truth there is only two emotions, love and fear.

Love promotes well being, a desire to see worth in another, a desire to seek a peaceful resolution to all that is unsettling on your path.

Fear promotes wariness, brings suspicion of another’s motives or thoughts and then grows into distrust. From that point, without a conscious desire to release preconceptions, doubt, further separation is inevitable.

Do you feel insecure, unsure of your rightful place within your family or wider community? Then think on this and ascertain for yourself what is your greatest fear.

All has a root cause, lack of belief in your worth, your sense of inequality with, all prompted by fear.

Most know of the term karma, the law of cause and effect, as you do so shall you know. You set in place karmic patterns through choosing, with intent, to bring disharmony to the way of another.

The desire of the soul is to remove that set in place and so know its true freedom of being, while within the spiritual realm you choose the patterns you will meet.

Fear has many depths, some are very deep within at soul level, they often colour your self-identity, not in the aspect of daily living but in how you value your worthiness to be, know, more than at the present time and space.

Many fears are through conditioning, acceptance of the teaching of another. Sometimes their messages are subliminal, in your growing years you absorb the nuances of your caregivers and often assume their fears, make them your own.

Then there is the social conditioning where by mankind is want to judge another, right schools, parentage, address, wealth, position.

Those who know the above, through right of birth, often find their self prey to the fear of failure, of not matching or upholding the family way.

Those who seek to attain, or emulate, also fear, they fear the jeers and mockery of their peers if they should not achieve as they want to, loss of face is a phrase often used, and that is prompted by lack of faith in their right and ability to know it all.

Those who seek simply to know security of way often fear that they do not measure up to those whose lives seem charmed; they fear to step outside their comfort zone and attain for their self a loftier pinnacle.

The above is but a few of the many aspects of fear. The one certainty is that fear separates, fear promotes disunity, disharmony.

Earnestly seek to know yourself as worthy to be all that you are.

Let not the words ‘what if’ and ‘if only’ be your mantra.

Know yourself. Think on that which is your inner desire and stand tall.

Value yourself and you will be valued for your message, the one you send forth is that which others respond to.

What if, and if only, fear and regret.

Stand tall, believe in your right to know and be peace, both within and without.

All can and will be met. Choose to do so in a peaceful way and you will find yourself opening doors you once believed were not yours to open.

I love all equally, you can never fail Me for I have no expectation of you, no desires that you have to meet, no requirements for you to fulfil.

You are perfect just as you are for that is as you are choosing to be. That is your right, your free will, and I do not, will not, overrule your right to choose for your way.

You know within that you are perfection personified, that you are as Me in essence, it will be this that will become your driving force, bring to you the desire to be as Me in thought word and deed.

Fear not the future for fear will blind you to the promise of today.

Fear not yesterday for what has been cannot now be altered.

Think in a positive way. Seek only to understand your role within it. If today you know that you could have made other choices, approached all with a different thought about it, then it has served its purpose; you have grown through the event. Event, for that is all each experience is, opportunity for you to understand who and what you are, opportunity to choose to be love or fear.

Fear not today for it is yours to create, as you will.

Begin each day with the knowledge that you have the ability to meet all that the day may bring. Walk tall; present yourself as one who is worthy of knowing and being peace.

Cease to measure your worth by the accomplishments of another; their path is theirs, their way serves them for within it they have opportunity to know their true purpose in being.

Your way serves you for it is as you chose it be for the self same purpose.

To walk in another’s footsteps will not enable you to be as they, to do so is to give over, your right, to create for your own way.

Your worth is without measure, all of the earth may pass away but your spirit is everlasting.

You are not your body you are soul experiencing within a physical body.

Fear will draw to you that which is your fear for you are choosing to know it, let it be.

Fear not the stranger in your midst; all enter your life path through your permitting them to do so, they bring you a gift, an opportunity to know yourself through their way.

When you acknowledge them as being a fellow traveler on the path of life, and give to them a smile, a greeting, a helping hand, you give to them the gift of love and all given freely will return to the giver tenfold.

Do you permit love or fear to control your way? Do you permit another’s opinion to colour your view of the world?

Choose today to be your own boss, to know for yourself the way of another, and whether it is one that sits comfortably with you or one you would turn from.

Through choosing for your own path you are recognizing both your right, and theirs, to be as each wills it. Their way may not be for you but you have permitted yourself opportunity to know this, and to choose again.

Knowledge eliminates fear; knowledge will help you to understand the others way thus release the need for suspicion and distrust.

Remember, yours is not a better way, yours is just another way.

All are seeking to know their self as Me, their true essence. The present skin colour, race, religion, gender that each know are simply the chosen tools for this life path to enable all to do so.