My family I am with you, now and forever. I am here now, present with and in you, always, all ways, for we are one.

Trust in your inner being, trust in tomorrow, live in today.

I have spoken of this before, many ways, many times. I will continue until all have heard; believed, remembered.

Today is this moment, this space. Through your will it will be all that you desire. Your desire is thought in action, brings to life that which you choose.

Are you without work, seeking but not achieving? What are you telling yourself? What message are you giving out to those you meet?

Is it, ‘I am here, I am able, I am willing’, or does your message read, ‘I am here, I’m not sure, I think this is for me, but it might be a mistake, maybe there is something better.’ Your message is your perception of your worth.

All are capable of achieving, attaining their desired goal, physically or mentally, all, not just a chosen few, all. With belief in your worth, and a true desire to know it, you will bring it to you.

Begin each day with the belief that you have all in your hands. Do not say, ‘if only, if I had, if someone would do, be or give’, instead give thanks for all that you have, be grateful for the small things for they form the foundation of what is, gratitude creates attitude.

Know that you are what you think, create again through changing your thought about it. Know that you have all that you need right at this present time and space and desire that you be all you are with and through it, expand upon this, enlarge upon this, not so as to reap riches upon earth but to enrich both your way and all who share your path.

You are not your body; you are soul experiencing within a physical body. Your power to be all that you desire is limitless; we are separated only through will to be. Not My will, your will. If you were to truly will it, with your all, you would again know yourself as one with Me, equal in both will and desire.

You are the creator of your life pattern. You formulated this pattern whilst within the spiritual realm, chose the varied experiences that would provide you the greatest opportunity to be all that you are, all that you can be.

Experience is the provider of opportunity. Opportunity for the soul to realise its ability to differentiate between what is and what is not.

Natural law is balance, harmony. When a choice is made that upsets the natural balance it becomes necessary for harmony to be restored so as to achieve again one-ness.

This is known as the law of karma, the experiencing of what is for the restoration of what was and will be, evermore.

Through experience the soul becomes aware of both sides, both aspects of the life pattern. When a conscious choice is made that our way, love, will be the way to be followed then the balance is restored in that aspect.

Whilst in spirit each soul chooses which past life experience it will address, and the necessary time, place, gender, colour and age for this to be, then upon re-entry into the physical plane the pattern chosen becomes the way of that being.

Many believe that they are in the hands of fate, why try to alter any given event, why avoid risks; all is set as if in stone. This is not so. Yes, the desired life pattern is set, that chosen will be met, but how you experience is not set in stone for within the karmic pattern there is free will as to how you will meet with self.

You can and do bring about a change of way; you bring this to yourself every moment of each day.

You create the trauma that brings you to your knees, and keeps you there. You permit yourself to stay locked in the misery of self, you permit your way to be embittered by, what was.

When each stumbling block is reached, I use the term stumbling block for experience brings but a pause to the conscious life pattern, the person who says, ‘what can I do with this, what did I want to know or be, through this?’ will turn the event into a stepping stone, a bend in the road. They will create an opportunity to return to the lightness of being that is known when there is peace within.

I do not take from you the human emotions, the ones that speak of sorrow, grief, regret. If you did not know, experience, these emotions, how could you know to choose love, peace, harmony?

Thus experience is opportunity to know both sides of the coin so to speak, offering the ability to choose for self or love, universal love, one -ness.

All have free will to choose how they will meet their chosen experiences, some choices may set in place further karmic patterns for many will re-act, follow a previous pattern, instead of act with thought for what is and what will be.

Live each day as if that is all there is. Make each day count.

If you do not like your present life pattern then choose again, right this instant, choose another away, act for you, not re-act, act.

Be to all as you desire they be to you. If you wait for another to make the first move how will you prosper, how will it bring a change to your way? It will be their way that will change, not yours, they will have created again.

Choose, choose, choose. Let it be your watchword.

My choice for today is to be all that I am. My choice for today is to love, to smile, to be happy.

A conscious choice will bring change from within and through letting in the light of spirit, and permitting that which is come to be, will provide an opportunity for all who walk with you to draw closer.

A conscious choice will bring change; many see only the outer trimmings as signs of success or progress, they stay locked in the now and so miss the opportunities that arise.

Change your thought about who and what you are and you will know the fulfilment you seek. You are the creator of this. The choice is yours, what will it be?