I speak now of the end times as those who foretell of the changing earth pattern term it. End times is a misleading phrase as it sounds final, finite, a termination, in truth what is to be is a realisation of a new thought.

It may appear that when one chooses to know another direction they must also choose to end their present way, it may appear as this in truth what was simply becomes what is.

I have said many times that thought is the creator of way, all you experience is created through your thought hence the ‘end times’ are a change in perception.

At present many accept the violence, anger, acts of inhumanity as being, the way it is, this is creating an atmosphere of cynicism, pessimism, so though many feel it is not the way they would like it be they believe that they, the individual, have no power to bring change.

You bring violence into your home and way whenever you turn on your television set, listen to the radio, play video games or read your newspaper.

Many regard time spent in front of their television set as relaxation but in truth it does not promote a sense of harmony and peace for only violence, fear, pain, is deemed newsworthy, and it seems that only the depiction of violence in some form is thought necessary to provide story lines, whether on the small screen or large, and many still forming their understanding of life purpose are permitted to absorb the violence which is the basis of most video games.

Violent behaviour is used as a means to draw attention to the inequality many feel is visited upon them by their governments; violence is met by violence, each side believing they have the right of it.

The desire of the people to bring attention to their needs is too often used by some as a struggle for power for powers sake, creating anger and division within the community as those with a genuine desire to be heard feel frustrated by those who just want to control.

Many accept violent behaviour as entertainment, that termed as sport an example of this, though no longer fed to the lions as in the time of Roman rule many sports are still viewed from the perspective of power and might. Behaviour of ‘your team’ deemed acceptable if it brings the desired results but that of the other team judged harshly.

Why is there such unrest within the earth? Why do so many know only turmoil? Why is it that so many walk with their head bowed down and find their way devoid of humour and hope, why indeed?

The energy of the earth no longer vibrates with love, for too long mankind has been mindful of power for powers sake which has created the desire for supremacy over, regardless of how it is achieved, the end justifying the means.

All the planets visible in your solar system, and the many yet to be known, follow the dictate of natural law. Natural law dictates that all that has life will find a way to know itself as it was in the beginning.

The planet earth was created through and from love just as you, for it to continue to function as a place where life purpose can be fulfilled, not only by the human being but by all that inhabit it, then a restoration of its natural harmony will occur.

All that has life breathes as you; all has cell memory as you, all. The cell within the human body will seek to recreate itself over and over unless there becomes an interruption to its life force; you have many names for this when it becomes outwardly apparent, cancer as an example.

So too will the earth and all within it, springtime is a wonderful example of this, year after year life will seek to recreate itself in the image it was created, blossom appears, young shoots spring from the soil, unless there is an interruption, drought, flood and so forth bringing a disharmony to the natural order.

There have been many periods of adjustment when the earth has known a different way, lands have risen above or sunk below the waters, and vast areas covered by ice and snow are some of the noted ones.

The natural order is the breath of life for the earth, within the past few decades many have observed the changing earth patterns, global warming is the term in common usage and an apt one to describe some of what is occurring.

When one describes anger it is in terms of heat, someone saw red, they got hot under the collar, red with rage, tempers flared, anger raising the blood pressure bringing a heightened colour to the face. The energy generated from and through anger disrupts harmony within a home, community, country, and the earth.

The energy within the earth has been in turmoil for generation after generation, war after war, might over right, petty quarrels over boundaries which are just an imaginary line dreamt up to divide, separate, control, quarrels over race gender creed, the list goes on.

Some cry out to be heard and are ignored for they do not hold a political advantage to those of another land, others are overpowered, deprived of their right of self-determination for within their land are riches desired by another, or there is a perceived position of advantage to another nation seeking a foothold in the region.

So many justifications for what is simply an exercise of superiority of belief or way.

Harmony of way will be restored not through mankind but through the realigning of the tectonic plates, just as the infants skull is observed to be formed by several individual plates so too is the earth.

The infants skull eventually melds together to form the skull as a whole working unit but it still has the ability to adjust itself and indeed often requires this to bring ease to the body. Those who have experienced an adjustment will know the sense of release and harmony this provides. The plates forming the shell of the earth are just as this, they too move, adjust so as to realign, this has been occurring since creation.

When the earth moves it is called earthquake for that upon it is shaken. For the plates to move they need to expand and this requires energy, it is the inner core of the earth that provides this, all have witnessed the power of the inner core when observing a volcano, the flowing inner core is as the blood of the human, it breathes life within and fuels the external with its energy.

When the plates are readying their self to move there is an increase of the inner energy beneath them, a slow rise that will settle itself at the point that will permit the shift required.

The scientists understand the power contained within the earth but are still seeking to understand its magnitude. Mountain ranges have been created through the movement of the plates; vast areas of land have ceased to be visible as the plate they were a part of slipped below its neighbour.

This is not a new revelation many are aware of it, there have been instances in recent times when small islands have appeared out of the sea the result of a shift in the downward pressure of one plate permitting a slight rise in another.

The volcanoes that periodically erupt are as pressure valves, their release of excess energy enables two things, the first for the internal way of the earth the second for the external.

Although the land may appear to be devoid of life when first covered by larva ash boulders etc in truth it has been revitalised, there has been a restoration to the soil of vital mineral resources, the period when the land lies dormant enables it to rest heal, harmonise.

Many believe what will be is a punishment from God, God’s wrath in action, I state now this is not truth, it is not My will but the combined will of mankind that has brought all into being, and it will be the combined will of mankind that will create its outcome.

You have been given an awareness of what will be over the past few decades; extreme cold or heat, flood or drought, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, forest fires fuelled by extreme heat travelling rapidly over parched land, family and homes gone through the results of any of the above, have been experienced within many lands and will continue to do so.

Through experiencing extreme weather patterns mankind as a whole has opportunity to set in place measures to enable life to continue, some will leave their physical body and return to the spiritual realm but those who have still a purpose to be fulfilled will find a way to recreate their self.

When Atlantis went under the sea it did not happen overnight, the people had several warnings of what was to be and chose direction for self, many chose to find their way within other lands.

All have both the right and ability to sustain their way, each will experience to the degree they have chosen to know, just as all do now, some will live in fear and so close their mind to possibilities, some will choose to band together finding strength in numbers, some will choose to seek for the individual.

As the plates shift, adjust, some lands will rise up creating new areas for habitation, some will lower, some will almost disappear leaving high lands as islands, many of the lands that have known bloodshed and violence generation after generation will be washed clean by the flow of water, those that rise will provide nutrients to enable the earth to re-establish its ability to sustain its way.

Yes global warming is a fact, the earth is gradually realigning its way with the sun bringing a more temperate way to many lands and all occurring is in keeping with this.

If it is a natural occurrence then many will feel that they have no self responsibility to be met, why not just continue enjoying what is and let tomorrow take care of itself.

The unrest, turmoil, does not serve you, it serves no one whether they are aware of their spiritual essence or not. What you do does make a difference; the individual has the power to move mountains through their thought about it.

A conscious desire to be more peaceful, tolerant, caring, will lift the vibration within your home, join together with another and lift the vibration of the street, draw to yourself like minded people and feel your community respond, and so on, you little appreciate the power that you the individual has.

Be grateful for all that is, gratitude creates attitude, with gratitude your glass becomes half full instead of half empty which is how many view their way.

Time is not an issue; a way of being will end but not life itself. The earth is not going to pass away; the soul is eternal, what will be known is an altering of the pattern of life purpose.

Many feel that time is speeding up, the days seem shorter, in truth nothing has changed the awareness of speed is the inner sense of purpose, the setting in place of desired patterns.

All within the earth at this time entered with awareness of what will be, some are remembering and setting in place either an earth pattern or a spiritual pattern, some are seeking understanding of the way of the earth, some are seeking understanding of the way of the soul.

As you read this dismiss all fear that springs to mind, your way will ever be as you have chosen to know it.

All is ever in keeping with natural law, cause and effect, the turmoil and violence that has been the way of generation after generation of those who have chosen to live within the earth has brought into being what will be.

My family, though some may be absent from the earth for a time all will return if it is their will to do so, for a period only those who have understood and accepted their true purpose in being will live within the physical sphere, they will choose to do so with the will to restore, nurture, harmonise.

It is said that this will be when the Christ spirit returns and calls to him all who have followed his way; I will clarify this statement right now.

The Christ spirit is the universal oneness of Me, it matters not whether your belief pattern is based on the way of Jesus or on one of the other beautiful souls who entered with the will and desire to be a light in the darkness for many, it is not the way you have or have not followed, it is your will and desire to live and be as the All.

As the earth changes into its new way those who have chosen to be as Me will find their self observing not participating, they will be of the earth but not in it and their love will be the strength that supports many who reach out to know it.

You have all chosen to experience within each of the skin colours, you have all been male or female, you have all experienced within every belief pattern, there is nothing new under the sun, you have experienced and through experiencing had opportunity to know the many varied aspects of love.

Another aspect of the end times that many belief patterns speak off is that the one known as Satan will be chained for a thousand years so as to prevent evil being part of the new way, My family satan is of the mind, is not a reality in terms of a being.

One who is of love, though they may not be consciously aware of their spirituality, will choose to be empathetic with others, caring, sharing, loving. When the choice is not of love, when care for another has no place in your way, with out empathy, there seems little harm in taking from another, hurting another, for the other is seen as less than you so not worthy of consideration.

Yin and yang, positive and negative, north and south, good and evil, love and fear, all aspects experienced, all aspects to bring awareness that you have a choice, the term satan is allegorical it describes the state of not being, all who have known periods when they have felt heavy, bowed down, alone, lost in self, depressed, felt as if all light had been sucked out of their being, hence the depiction of satan as darkness.

As I have previously stated there is no ending just a new direction, those who choose to nurture the earth will fill it with love and light, they will not know the darkness of despair for they will be of the Light, therefore that depicted as satan will not be present.

Those present will be as light bearers, bringers of the light, all with the will and desire to nurture the earth to restore harmony, with the knowledge that in truth all are One they will work together as one, none will know the need to dominate, overpower, for though individual in expression each will offer their many varied gifts to enable the re-establishment of communities, they will create Heaven on earth at last.

Earth changes, not an ending but a beginning.