Today we speak of the way that many respond when met with opposition to their thoughts or plans.

Some let go of their own thought and embrace fully the plans of the other, some will choose to cling fast to their own thought and dismiss the others completely, another will listen, think, weigh up the pros and cons, and then choose a compromise.

Then we have those who hear, think on it, then claim as their own all that is of use to them or their way, and so abuse the right of the other to be heard.

Give thought to your way, are you open, receptive to new thought, idea?

If someone were to approach you with an alternative to a way that you are familiar with, what would be your response? Would you listen, give consideration to that proposed with the will to alter your way if the alternative sits comfortably with you? Or would you bristle, be annoyed with what you deem as interference and close your mind to their words?

What stands in the way of one truly hearing the words of another? Is it pride in ones own achievements or is it fear that the other may in some way usurp your position or place, a desire to retain that particular pinnacle of success?

Far too often it is intolerance through prejudice, a belief in your superiority over another, gender race or age being the basis of most prejudicial belief patterns.

Age is a division created by mankind, used as a marker of ability, wisdom. A young child will often make a statement of deep profound wisdom for they are still open, not subject to peer pressure or the whims of society, they speak from within. Some will hear and marvel at their utterances, out of the mouths of babes is a phrase often used, but few truly heed their words. Some will hear without listening for their perception is that it is just a child’s chatter, if it were their peer speaking they would give greater heed, but not necessarily credence.

Age again becomes a division for those deemed in their twilight years, they who have lived, experienced, laughed, cried, loved and lost, who have had opportunity to choose and choose again and so gain valuable insight on many matters pertaining to mankind. They are turned away just when they have gained the ability to contemplate, revisit in their mind, and bring into perspective much that was a puzzle in their youthful years.

I speak of those two extremes, the very young and the elders of your community, for through the dismissing of all that they offer you shut the door to understanding another aspect of mankind’s journey of discovery.

Each of you came into being through thought, My thought, and all are able to create as I, through and with thought, but why does one thought have superiority over another? Why dismiss that which may appear as an opposite to yours? Why not give heed for with all there is a meeting point, no matter how far apart the poles may seem the distance between can be divided into equal measure.

Members of government are elected with the desire that they be directors of the peoples way, spokesman for the will of the people. Is this the way of your government as you know it? Only in an enlightened society would the answer be yes, and that is not the way within the earth at this time.

The will that reigns supreme is the will of the one who finds their self in a position of power, no longer do they play the role of friendly benefactor as was the way at election time, once the seat is gained their focus is to retain it.

Within parliament proposed legislation is immediately met with a negative response by those in the opposition seats for they seek to retain the loyalty of their voters, raise their standing in the polls, believe a loud voice will gain them favour.

Often that proposed is not a perfect solution, indeed it would not be possible for this to be for there are so many conflicting opinions, but a true governing body would join together and give credit where due, uphold their trusted position of spokesperson for their electorate through offering constructive thoughts, thus aiding in creating legislation that will enable the majority to know a change of way.

The above is prevalent throughout the earth. I have drawn your attention to this for their inability and desire to truly seek solutions to the tasks set them is an aspect that all will be familiar with, the behaviour of many politicians would not be tolerated when enacted by children.

Meaningful discussion is not for scoring points, it is the true principle of a democratic system where each has a voice and the right to be heard, where the end goal is to create a just and caring society for all.

Think now of your way within your family group, do you listen to the thoughts of those with you, do you take the time to truly listen, do you set down whatever you are doing and give the one speaking your attention?

This may not be practical in all instances but set aside a time when this can be. Through listening with an open mind you will hear the words behind the words, many find difficulty in expressing their inner thoughts but with the knowledge that the other really desires to hear them they will seek to express from within.

You may not agree with that spoken of but don’t rush into speech, seeking to show the other where they are wrong, ask them to leave it with you and give honest thought to that spoken of, you may find on deeper reflection that there is merit in that proposed, then when you give your reply the other will know that their view was considered, not dismissed out of hand.

When there is opposing views seek to see how they may come together, for there is always a meeting point, think on why you hold your present belief and whether it serves you.

Your way is not a better way, it is just another way, with this awareness you will open the door to greater understanding.

Guide by example. Show to your children that no way is the only way, that there is always a way to reach understanding if they have the will to truly listen, with this knowledge they will be open, ever ready to reach out and absorb all that is opening up to them, they will be able to choose a path that is empowering to both their way and that of those with them for they too will guide by example.

Be open to a new thought for it may hold the key to all you seek to know.