‘All the worlds a stage and all the men and woman merely players, they have their exits and their entrances and one man in his time plays many parts’.

William Shakespeare’s way was one of spiritual seeking. He sought for his way and chose through his writings to share his understanding with all.

That so many of his works are honoured today, and the wisdom within them now in common usage, is testimony to the fulfilment of his desire.

The enactment of life is as a performance upon a stage, each is the creator of their way. You draft the plot you desire to follow before you return to the physical plane, design both the stage and costume, set in place the opening scene and invite onto the stage those you desire to be your supporting cast.

Each moment is an enactment of you for you brought into being the character, chose the circumstances of your birth, position within the family group, gender, race, creed, physical attributes and abilities, they are your costume and props, tools of the trade, your role is enacted through your interpretation of the play, for although you created guidelines to follow you have free will to be as you desire within the chosen role.

The curtain rises upon the birthing scene, your grand entrance, and so begins act 1. Although the newly born infant may appear dependant upon the care of another the soul within is aware of all that is. The infant smiles when it hears the familiar voice of its caregiver, smiles in response to a smile, will imitate the movements of mouth and tongue as it watches the face of the one speaking, learns to respond to the tone of voice, and will act in accordance to it.

It is through interaction that the infant develops its ability to communicate; through the very first response to its cry awareness is gained of the ability to create, draw to itself that needed.

I give this as an example of a learned response, of how the mind begins to bring into being scenes that will draw to the actor the response desired.

Infants do not desire to deceive or manipulate another, they are as a sponge, absorb all that their circumstances bring to them, therefore take heed of your own way when caring for an infant for it is you who enables them to begin their journey into awareness of who and what they are.

A small child will often tumble whilst learning the use of arms and legs to gain movement and will, if not physically hurt, get up and begin again, but if those with them react this will be noted and there will be an expectation of this reaction the next time it stumbles.

This does not mean ignore the bumps and grazes that come from the infants exploration of their world, nor ignore that call in the night, but take a moment to be in control of your response, act with conscious awareness that you are a role model for the infant who desires to find direction with and through you.

I state again, before your entry into the physical body you set the stage and chose the opening scene, you chose the characters you desired to share your scene with, without awareness of this many rail against their family or society for they believe their self the victim of another’s way.

As the infant learns to imitate speech and movement there becomes conscious awareness that actions and words will bring a desired response, from that time forward there is realisation of its ability to create, dictate, a way of being.

It is not your ability to create but what you desire to create that brings into being all that you experience. If your will is to know peace you will draw this to you, but first you may desire to know what is not peace, for in knowing what is not you gain awareness of what is. How do you determine what is hot if you do not know cold, what is soft if awareness of hard is not also known?

Physical life is an illusion created through the senses and the mind. Your senses are your guidelines, they aid you to know yourself as you choose, your mind then interprets that which the senses have noted.

When fear is the foundation of your thought you will interpret all as though a red flag were waving in front of you. Your fears arise through past experiences, responses, or conditioning of the mind through the words or way of another.

Fear takes many forms dependant on your perception of yourself and way, and a belief that there is something you are not, fear is limiting and self-perpetuating for when you hold back, seek to avoid, you stay in the illusion of less.

There are many who take delight in meeting challenges that to another appear foolhardy, some will stand before thousands of people and address them as if there were but one other, others will freeze at the very thought of giving voice to their thoughts to even a loved one, they shield their self through a meaningless patter so as to prevent another drawing close and truly having opportunity to walk with them.

You set in place all, whether at a conscious level or a karmic level, all is of your creation, and though your conscious way may fear and so seek to turn from, with awareness that you are the creator you can then create the outcome.

Arising from their fear many stop short of taking a step toward that which they desired to know, this is because their mind has taken over the role of director of their way.

When one becomes distraught with fear it is said that they have lost their senses, this is truth for fear is sense-less, is of the mind, when you come to your senses you regain awareness that you are in control, able to again sense what is right for you, this will then guide your thought on what you desire to know and be.

To let go of fear is to know joy, your true essence, many feel their self come alive as if they have this bubble inside that wants to rise up and burst forth into laughter, and they suppress it. They close the curtain on the very essence that brings to them their grandest moment, their opportunity to bring joy into reality.

You see My loved ones you are joy, you are peace, you are love, that is as you seek to know yourself, as you were in the beginning, are now, and ever shall be, your fear that brings down the curtain stems from your forgetfulness of who you are, your disbelief in your right to know and be this, and your belief that you are separate to and from Me.

As stated, regardless of whether it is perceived as a challenge or fear, you set the scene and you control its outcome, you invite all who enter to enact their role within that scene, you do not put words into their mouth, nor control their actions, but your thoughts bring into being your words, and these, along with your nonverbal language, manner, posture, gesturing, open the dialogue, set the pattern to enable the scene to unfold.

Throughout your physical life your character portrayal will change as you change your thought about who you are and who you desire to present to those with you.

All life adapts to the environment it has created for itself, you, as a human being, present yourself in the image that you believe permits you to interact with those you have given leading roles to.

You gave them their place within your drama for you desired to experience yourself in relation to their position, whether it be parent sibling friend, within your home, workplace, school or social environment, you assigned them their role and they interact in accordance with the message you send forth.

They too have their script, created as yours with the same purpose. Just as you have invited them to enter your drama they have invited you to enter theirs, have chosen you to share a scene with them, their play, as yours, will interweave with that of another in accordance with what they desire to experience, so we have the interlocking of both desire and purpose.

Their enactment of their script throughout this scene will be in relation to and with your enactment of yours.

All of life is an experimenting with character and form, when this occurs with awareness of purpose, awareness of the identity of the player, then there is self control, self awareness, so that the role remains in accordance with the script desired to be followed.

Appearances can be deceiving; all know the hidden face behind the social mask. Speaking of life as a role enacted upon a stage may give the appearance of pretence, a playing at, when in truth it is a reality, the players are real, their roles ongoing, all entrances and exits designed with awareness of their intent to be life fulfilling.

How this becomes one of a drama within a drama is due to the players enacting a role, which, though of their creation, is not through desire to be but through desire to appear.

A role enacted for the purpose of appearing as another desires them be, acting out the way of another because of the fear of saying no this is not me, not my way, or those within a political arena or corporate body who follow the party line, company policy, live in accordance with another’s rules, mix in the right circles solely for the purpose of being accepted and promoted into a position of wealth or power, is not going to enable growth in awareness for self determination is being given over to another.

Then there are those who join an angry mob not because they support the cause but for fear of standing alone and so maybe drawing attention to their self, or the child in the playground feeling alone, unwanted. so creating a pattern of behaviour to bring notice, believing this will also bring acceptance. There are many more examples by which some choose to hide from self and its desired purpose, and give over the control of their way to another.

Pretence enters when a mask is donned and a role enacted solely for the purpose of pleasing another, the scene is still of your choosing but not chosen with awareness of soul purpose, though it is still your script instead of you being the director of your way you have assigned that role to another.

Although many are not consciously aware of their soul desire, when choosing to play a role within a role there will come a time of discontent, a sense of unrest, often interpreted as anger, for although appearing to be in step with the other the way being followed is not bringing a sense of well being.

‘Where did that come from?’ is the amazed utterance when apparently out of nowhere there is a sharp retort or reaction that seems to be out of step with the present events. The reaction is prompted by regret not anger, a feeling of being trapped by the very circumstances they have drawn to their self, hence the apparently out of control response to the words or way of another.

You are in control unless you willingly permit another to be both director and creator of your way. Think, act, be, for you.

To return to your original script is to pull down the curtain on that scene, rearrange the settings, change the cast you wish to interact with, and then choose to be the star of your drama, not one basking in the supposed glory of another.

When you follow the path of your choosing, aware you are in control, you know and value the peace and harmony of way and will, with this as your foundation you are able to value the way and will of your supporting cast, are open to their beauty, their worth, and so unite in common purpose, each remaining in control of who and what they are, within the drama, but able to honour the role of the other, be to and for them as befits the role each has assigned their self.

You are first and foremost soul; this is you, your drive.

Your physical manifestation is your portrayal of your inner prompting, created not for the titillation of, but as a vehicle for, the senses, thus enabling thought to bring into being the enactment of the I Am centre within, to rediscover, reunite, remember, that all are of and from the One.

When you know yourself to be love, and so believe in your right to walk in the light, fully knowing the stage lights are upon you, fully accepting that your way is an open book that speaks of who you are, not, what you are, you will be both the star of the show and the light that portrays it to all who desire to see, for as your way becomes one of remembrance you enact this, bring it into being, you will glow with purpose.

Let your light so shine that all are drawn to it and made whole, for as each becomes the light of fulfilment they no longer know their self as individual within the whole but as an extension of the whole, the One.