Index of Spiritual Readings.

  • Fear not the changing earth pattern for fear creates inaction

    Greetings, we come to you today to speak of the changing earth pattern, by now all are well aware change is afoot, so to speak, the weather patterns, the extreme weather patterns, are creating an atmosphere of fear for many, fear of what might be, indeed fear of what is for so many are lost […]

    6 min read
  • Fear not your physical death, all return to their spiritual home

    Death, many avoid the thought of their physical death, they choose to hide from the very mention of the word preferring that their attention not be drawn to the knowledge of their physical mortality. Death is not an ending, it is but another phase of soul experience. To experience within the earth the soul enters […]

    14 min read
  • The uniqueness of the human family

     You are the physical expression of that which I sent forth, physicality enables self-choosing, enables the soul to know itself as peace love, or, disharmony fear. I state this to bring conscious awareness of the uniqueness of the human family in its ability to recreate, enhance, its physical life path. I speak of this now as […]

    10 min read
  • Experience is opportunity to know both sides of the coin

    My family I am with you, now and forever. I am here now, present with and in you, always, all ways, for we are one. Trust in your inner being, trust in tomorrow, live in today. I have spoken of this before, many ways, many times. I will continue until all have heard; believed, remembered. […]

    6 min read
  • Feeling lost and adrift creates the thought which in turn becomes the reality, for a time, both physically and spiritually.

    Many feel lost, adrift in a sea of uncertainty, they attribute this to their physical way believing there is something or someone missing, in truth it is their inner self seeking to be heard. Life will not change unless you choose to change life, thought is the creator of way and your thought creates what […]

    12 min read
  • Soul power, with the desire to hear within you will create the way.

    Blessings to all, I will speak of the soul and its many varied ways of being heard through both mind and body. We will begin with this statement, you are not a physical body, not now, not ever, you are soul experiencing within a physical body of your creation, as you are is how you […]

    13 min read
  • Earth changes, not an ending but a renewal, Heaven on earth.

    I speak now of the end times as those who foretell of the changing earth pattern term it. End times is a misleading phrase as it sounds final, finite, a termination, in truth what is to be is a realisation of a new thought. It may appear that when one chooses to know another direction […]

    15 min read
  • Wisdom to aid the caregiver of the young child.

    All who have care of a young child have chosen to be their guide through their formative years, this does not make the caregiver their keeper, responsible for choices the child may make, but it does offer them the opportunity to show the light of love to the child in the form of attention to […]

    32 min read
  • Wisdom to guide the youthful traveller

    My beloved family, I now send greetings to the young ones in your care. I have had a request for wisdom to be worded in a way that a younger person can both understand and assimilate. This I do with joy. The young are still in their open expression, still ready to explore with an […]

    15 min read
  • Trust in your power to be as Me.

    Trust is faith in your right and ability to know you as Me. Trust your inner knowing; inner knowing is realised first through feelings. Trust in your ability to feel at one with your way. When you trust in the way you feel about something you will approach the decision with an open mind. One […]

    4 min read