What is perfection? All have their own interpretation of this. For most it is based on the assumption that one should be free of all negative aspects, not given to human emotions such as fear anger and so forth.

Perfection of being is not attainable.

Does that statement surprise you? Lack of perfection does not mean inferiority in some aspect it is quite simply a truth, when a goal is achieved at a physical level satisfaction is felt, for a time, then a desire to further this arises so no longer is it the all, the focus.

When the soul finds understanding, enlightenment, there is joy at the realisation of an inner truth and then the natural desire to expand on this awareness arises. Natural for this is evolution of spirit, the soul’s quest to be all that it is.

Perfection arising from total achievement, full knowing, is not ever realised physically or spiritually for the soul is ever seeking to know and be more, this is felt by the physical persona as an inner drive to be more than at the present time for some this becomes a drive to excel in sport academia commerce etc., for others it becomes a seeking for life purpose.

An analogy suited to today is to liken the soul to a computer chip that once activated retains all imprinted within it, inner knowing, and just as the computer is ever expanding in ability, ever evolving into another aspect, so too, on a much grander scale, is the soul, but for all time fully attuned to all that is imprinted within it.

Through freedom of being each soul has created in its own image and yet the universal link to its I AM centre, Me, remains its life force, each soul is a part of the whole so the individuality of each are all aspects of the One.

To be or not to be is the right of all, free will, freedom of choice. To have freedom and then to be found wanting negates that freedom.

Perfection of being is being you as you have chosen to know yourself at that time and place. Make your mantra one that says, I truly love and accept myself as I am.

Say it, think it, and accept it as your truth, in so doing you will remove the thought that you are less, therefore unworthy, and create the thought that as you have chosen to know yourself at that time and space is perfect for all has purpose.

Accepting yourself as perfect is to accept the role you have chosen to enact as being the perfect way for you to evolve into your own wisdom.

To live the wisdom you have gained is to be, not do. You cannot do happy but you can be happy, first a choice then a state of being. Think on this.

Acceptance of the right to be, be happy, be peace, be love, be joy, is the first step in reclaiming your I AM centre.

Pamela Frances