It is not the place that brings this to you but your desire to know experience within another energy pattern.

You are not being controlled by a place or another but by self, your thought about what is your present way, instead of gratitude for all that has been your way you feel resentment like that of a person having been imprisoned against their will.

All choose where they will begin their physical life experience; all, no parent dictates this. You choose because it is the perfect stepping-stone to begin your chosen life pattern.

As the desire to be in control of your way becomes your focus it is a natural pattern to think that all that was is of no further purpose, hence the criticism for and of the way of family and community.

It is right to move forward on your path when you feel the urge within you but how you choose to do so will colour your choices.

Instead of resentment turn your thoughts around, know that you were the creator of the experience and be grateful for all that was, and now is, because within those growing years you were given the gifts you sought to know.

Gratitude creates attitude. Strip away from your mind the thoughts that do not serve you, the thoughts that make you feel heavy, bowed down, and sometimes angry at, let go, take a slow deep breath, let it out gently, and tell yourself you are a beautiful being just as you are, that you are perfect just as you are.

You have created you so therefore you are just perfect, a perfect example of the creation of thought. Today you desire to make changes to your thought about who you are and how you desire to perceive yourself, that is the natural progression of the soul’s quest.

Would you feel joy within if another was to move on, one you thought of as friend, without honouring all that you have shared? Think on this.

Remove from your mind the thought that you have been held back by the will of another, free yourself to view your growing years with the excitement that filled you when as a small child your horizons expanded and you found yourself able to master many of the things you had watched others achieve.

A child does not resent those around them but seeks to emulate. All who were a part of your growing years entered because you invited them in, you, no other.

Take time now to review your years of self-exploration, both the joyful times and the ones that brought tears, you desired to know both, you walked through and beyond both, what was it you desired to know?

All who enter your life are angels for they bring you opportunity to understand another aspect of your, I am centre, soul.

Think of those who are an irritant to you and ask yourself why you permit this be? What is it that upsets you? it is not they who need to know this but you. Until you do you will continue to meet this aspect for you have chosen to know it.

Though some whom you used to enjoy interacting with may now seem to you small minded, old fashioned, set in theirs ways, it is not they who have changed it is your perception.

To choose to move on and leave behind all that is the present way is a big step and though desired there is often a sense of unease within, thus the busy mind comes into play and memories of happy times become overshadowed by perceived disharmony so as to make it seem that you have no choice, are being driven away by another.

It is okay to move on, indeed if you know within a need to experience another way it is right for you to do so, but how much better to do so with a smile, both on your face and on the faces of those who remain. You will be the creator of this.

You may think now that once gone you will never return but many find that as time passes their thoughts drift to childhood awareness of pure joy and freedom and find their self drawn back to their founding roots, not to relive but to round off, complete, for some this is in retirement years but many are drawn back much younger.

For those who do not understand your desire to experience another way tell them you feel there is something within you urging you on but you will always remember the people who have been part of your way, their friendship. Honour their way by acknowledging your shared experiences, this will serve you both.

If you enter your new way with a desire to disown what was you will not find your way a happy one. Be proud of your roots, speak fondly of them, your acceptance of you enables others to accept you.

Yes there are some who will judge you by your founding roots, not accept you because they believe that only one whose way is as theirs is worthy of their company, that is for them to work through, not you. Honour their right to their belief and move on.

Value all that you have experienced for your physical and mental abilities, your awareness of what works for you and what does not, have been created, shaped, by what was.

To move on with a lightness of being you must first accept what was, accept your present reality, and accept with gratitude all within it, you will free yourself to be all that you desire for you will not be weighed down by regret or resentment.

Create your reality by your thought about it; be attuned to your reality by your feelings. Lightness of being is rightness of being, for you at that time.

Creation of self is your life work; your soul purpose is to know your power to create as I, limit not your belief in your grandeur by diminishing what was, there is no right or wrong way, there is no good better best, there is only ever what works for you and what does not, and this as I said before is your judgement on self, not Mine nor another’s, yours.

Whether your inner desire is to move on to another life pattern, or stay within the present, matters not, value all that was and all that is as being perfect for you at that time, it has served you well, if a change in direction is desired honour what was as you create what will be.

Pamela Frances