You are of and from Me, My being is energy, an energy that vibrates at such a rate that I glow, I am radiant with light and as you were sent forth from and through Me you too are energy, you are as pinnacles of light.

Picture a sphere, one with countless very fine spikes protruding from it, although you cannot witness your glory that is symbolic of how you appear to Me.

You are rays of light eternally connected to the source for our life force is one but as you explore all that you are not you journey further from awareness of your source, wander in forgetfulness of your true essence and your light becomes dimmer for your energy is being absorbed through your heaviness of being.

As you begin to desire your way to be lighter, to again walk in the light of understanding, you draw into yourself your life force and as you raise your awareness you raise your energy, your vibratory energy, and so expand, broaden your horizons so to speak.

I will now change the analogy, picture a rubber glove, one with a weight in each finger so they are stretched long and thin, now breathe air into the glove and permit the buoyancy to lighten the load each finger carries. With each breath you find the fingers expanding reaching out toward each other and eventually meeting at their source. If you were to be able to continue this expansion you would eventually find the fingers expanding until they no longer appear individual but as one with the whole.

This is you, your light force became stretched through your exploration into all that is, as you choose to know yourself to be as the One you lighten your load, expand your awareness.

As you expand your light reaches out and joins with other light bearers, then like ripples on a pond, continue to spread.

As you grow into your awareness, and live in the wisdom that is soul, you become lighter, brighter, your light ray stretches forth not only into infinity but also affinity, for it becomes as One, has returned to its state of being from whence it set forth.

Although now reunited with the source there is still individual awareness as all that has been remains an integral part of the way thus permitting the interaction of like minded souls so as to expand into ever greater expression of their I AM centre, Me.

All bring their unique gifts into the whole for together we are the sum total of all there is, together we expand into our expression of tomorrow. We are both the Creator and the Created.

I am as you, you are as Me, I know what you know and as you expand your understanding and embrace Mine we will be in harmony for then your light will be Me once more.

Each is the sum total of the whole, you are at this time a ray of light seeking understanding in the darkness of forgetfulness, this is not the darkness of sin nor the gloom of eternal damnation, no, it is quite simply your exploration of your potential to be all that you are, Me. We are indeed One, I know this, you seek to remember.

I see your light, I know that you are as Me, trust this, know this, believe this, for belief begets knowing and knowing permits trust, and when you trust you know that you have the power to be all that you desire.

I am, so too are you.