Reincarnation is rebirth, opportunity to revisit, re-enact, remember, not our physical being but our spiritual, and so recall to our conscious awareness our true essence, love,.

Reincarnation is opportunity to know our self as love or not love, as we choose so will it be, free will is our birthright, total freedom to be as we desire.

We would indeed live in fear if we were to know just one opportunity to ‘get it right’ for, without the understanding of our soul power, we do not always choose the path of love.

Our awakening of who and what we are is as the rising of the sun.

Witness the dawn of a new day, first there is just a wisp of light on the horizon then gradually a glow presents itself wearing many different hues, the darkness lightens, brightens as the rays reach further and further illuminating all in their path, and then we glimpse the brilliance of the sun, its power just a mere portion of our power, and yet we wonder at its glory, finally all is revealed.

With each journey in the physical plane we expand as the sun rays, we bring light into the darkness of our forgetfulness, our awareness dawns. As with the rising sun with each step into our grandeur we grow brighter, we are enlightened.

There will always be the seeking for a greener pasture whilst we are focused on our physical way, we experience this as a desire for position, power, possessions, but even when these desires are realised there ever remains an awareness of something missing, it is not until our focus becomes one of spiritual seeking that we bring to our self the awareness of purpose gained, as with the discovery of a misplaced piece of a jigsaw puzzle.

Consciously or unconsciously we will continue to seek soul purpose, soul awareness. We are eternal beings, our innate desire is to reunite with the One, to know our self as the One; this is our drive, our soul power.

Right or wrong are human terms to define an act or word, with each word, deed or indeed, thought, we define our understanding of what works for us and what does not, for one way brings a lightness of being the other a heaviness.

Physical death is not an ending of life itself it is a shift in vibration that enables the soul to again know itself as it truly is. Each return to the spiritual plane is opportunity to ponder our path and with awareness of aspects that we have visited upon another that are not from love, when we again choose to know life within a physical body, we will bring opportunity to our self to experience, for our self, the disharmony brought to another.

It is our soul desire to grow in understanding of our power to be as the One so we bring to our self opportunity to choose again.

Reference to reincarnation was removed from early scriptures, teachings, for varied reasons, belief in superiority of way, the desire for power over the people, a desire to keep them in fear and so control their way, within the belief patterns there are those who set their self up as the teachers of the faith, created the belief that only they had the ear of God, the One, only they were able to know and direct the people’s path, only they could forgive, offer absolution.

Today reincarnation is a concept that is being embraced eagerly; it is as an oasis in a desert, with understanding that you are in control, that as you do so shall you know, you take back your power to be all that you are.

When we know our self as, not love, we gain a valuable insight, in-sight, for our very awareness that our way is not pleasing is insightful.

Released from the fear that we are dammed for all eternity, that there is just one chance to ‘get it right’, we no longer need know our self as less than we are, can stand tall knowing that though our way may not have expressed love we will know our self as love as and when we choose, for there is no other way to be.

Pamela Frances