Vibration is life just as life is God; all is but a term to express movement.

God is life expressed, life is that which moves, movement is vibration. All is one.

All that is visible to the eye has life, lay a rock under a microscope and you will witness within it all that gave rise to its creation.

The soul is vibration for it is life, when that life is expressed within a physical body that expression is of a slower nature, for the physical body to be that which is seen its vibratory energy must be such that it appears as solid matter, is visible to the eye.

To illustrate we will think on the wheel of a bicycle, if it is spun rapidly it will appear to alter form, the circle still there but that which forms the wheel will appear united as one, as it slows the individual spokes are again visible to the eye.

Vibration is soul, the soul when in its individual expression is as the spokes of the wheel, each soul vibrates to the level of its intent to know itself as love, life, God. Awareness of who and what you are raises your vibration; your intent, your will, to be who you are raises it further until with the desire to be as and with One you will be as the rapidly spinning wheel, One.

You are never separate except in your thought about it. With awareness that you too are God, experiencing, expressing within a physical body, you release the brake so to speak and permit yourself to soar with the angels.

One yet to recall, to re-member their way, is of a heavier nature, with remembrance there is lightness of being. Vibration does not relate to the soul, vibration is the soul, you, me, we.

As awareness of your divinity becomes realised, made real in your way, you glow with purpose, your perceptions heighten, this is awareness of your vibratory perception, you know yourself as more than previously believed. Raise it further, higher, and you will know your self as light, will be as light as air, be able to fly free of the physical body at will.

Each soul is a part of One experiencing as it wills hence the souls desire gives rise to varied expression, though all may appear as different as chalk to cheese all is created from the same source, One, though all may appear as individual in truth all is one in essence.

All are one, when you again know this, with all your being, we will be as One for you will again vibrate as I, we will know harmony of will and purpose.

Pamela Frances