If the words given here sit well within you, if you are unable to think of a better way to be, then what is there, not to trust?

The Source is you for we are all one. All are of the One, the Whole, the All of it.

Your acceptance of the source of these words is dependant on whether the words resonate in harmony with you, that is the source you trust, your inner knowing.

The source of all is Love.

Trust your feelings. Trust your ability to know.

If at the time of reading, hearing, seeing, you feel light, open, a feeling of joy, then trust that this is something for you to ponder on, take in what you choose to retain, let go that which you do not.

Trust your feelings, honour your right to choose for your way.

If you feel heavy, shut off, unable to focus, then turn from, it is not for you at this time.

Although you may feel the need to either hold dear or turn from the words within these readings another may feel the reverse, honour their right of choice also.

Pamela Frances.