It is not a question of whether these words are truth, indeed you should always read hear or observe, with the intent, to form your own decision as to what is right for you, your path.

No person has the right to tell another that something is fact and that they should accept it as such.

Listen read observe and be aware of your feelings at the time, they are a truer guide than thought for our, preconceived ideas, can colour these to suit what we already know.

If that read heard or seen seems to resonate within, and bring to you an inner excitement, a feeling of lightness, your shoulders open, relaxed, then accept this as being right for you at this time.

Right in the sense of taking in, pondering on it, retaining or letting go of, as you choose to.

If at the time of reading, hearing, seeing, you feel shut off, heavy, unable to concentrate or absorb, then turn from, it is not for you at this time. It may be right for another’s path, but for you let it be.

This does not make the information right or wrong, for those terms only speak of our belief about something. With your focus being, to know yourself as love, you will be drawn to all that is as this.

Pamela Frances.