Why? Because you identify yourself as the physical being when in fact that is just your persona, an image created by you so as to bring into being the spiritual you that is not an image but a truth.

Some believe that they must let go of all pleasure, be rigid in outlook, that what is required is self control, but what is self control? Why is it portrayed as being that to be aspired to?

Self control is control over way and will, defined by many as one who is able to govern their way, behaviour, reactions, in a manner that appears all encompassing.

Total control is a misnomer for when one aspires to be as this it is often to the detriment of another aspect of way, what is perceived as control is often a rejection of the possibility that there may be another aspect, creates a rigidity of manner and often lacks compassion for or intolerance of those who vacillate in way or will.

Thus it is not control but in truth a refusal to acknowledge that they are as prey to the human experience as all other.

I have not strayed from the question; indeed we are exploring it from all aspects. The human desire is to excel therefore ways and measures have been created by which it can be said that this has come to be.

So it may appear that there must be a giving up of the human way if one chooses to no longer know their self as one who values money and possessions as being of greater worth than peace and love, it may appear as this but in truth you need give up nothing.

I do not desire sackcloth and ashes, nor do I desire any to know poverty hunger or pain, which is the belief of many as they strive to know their way as Mine.

No, emphatically no, you need give up nothing unless you choose to know it for you, neither give up or give over, instead change how you view that which you believe has been your passion, that which you aspired to.

Enjoy your possessions, achievements, for what they enable you to know or be, enjoy them but cease to measure your way by them or by the way of another. If in human terms you know success then enjoy that success as a culmination of both effort and desire but do not identify, you, as being this.

You are you whether wealthy or poor, you are you regardless of your chosen way, as an example, a doctor is what you do, not what you are, apply this to all professions, achievements, life patterns.

Remove from your mind that worth is measured by what you do instead know that you are a human be-ing not do-ing, show the face of love through your way regardless of the role you choose to play, remember it is a role, your chosen role to enable you to experience but it is a physical role, no greater than another’s role, just yours.

Being is therefore an expression of soul, when you choose to be you are choosing to know, you give up no-thing for you still possess, but you gain everything, for instead of limiting yourself through controlling your way you free yourself from the need to know control.

Freedom is of the mind, if you perceive that to be peace and love is limiting then you have yet to understand that soul is limitless, embraces all.

Pamela Frances