Thought is your constant companion but unlike the many thoughts that pass quickly, without apparent awareness, sometimes a thought will occur that seems to stand out, drawing your attention to it, this thought is prompted by inner awareness, soul awareness, an inner stirring of your desire to know.

At the moment of your awareness it is your first thought.

If you were to hold fast to that first thought, and ponder on it, then deeper awareness would be realised, but the human mind is such that the first thought invariably leads into a second which arises not from inner awareness but the mind, the conscious awareness.

All are aware of the passage of thought, how one thought leads to another, often meandering far from the original thought so that the first thought is no longer clear, unable to be brought to mind, hence the sense of loss, of being alone, for you have remained in the individual awareness of self instead of unity with your inner awareness that is soul, you have become lost in thought.

The mind is the sifter; it takes the thought and programs it into a realisation that sits comfortably within.

The first thought arises through the desire to know consciously that already known within, the second thought arises through that already known.

At the moment of awareness hold that first thought to you, write it down, speak it aloud, and then ponder upon it.

For some this will be to meditate, others will seek through the written word or in discussion with another.

You will have taken your first thought and made it real in your way, it is now conscious seeking, and one who seeks with open heart and mind is one who is ready to move forward on their journey of exploration.

Your way is not one of learning for there is nothing that you do not already know.

When you open your mind, when you permit the thought within the freedom to be, you let in the light of understanding.

Understanding is enlightenment for it illuminates that which is within. Once I was lost, now I am found.

Pamela Frances