There is a wider aspect to this question that I will introduce here.

The question could read, why is it that when stressed and desiring to know a way through I cannot make progress until I have reached a state of not trying to?

Why? because the very act of trying is doing not being, so, when you stop doing you are beginning to choose to be, therefore another aspect of your question is, why do I need to be at peace within and without before I am able to access my inner awareness.

Think of stress as the body and mind being at war with self, all the body becomes involved, the muscles tighten, shoulders stiffen, head aches and the mind circles round and round in a never ending cycle of what if.

Your mind and body is being assailed by the fear that gave rise to the stress.

So comes that period when, although still bound by fear, the fight seems to go out of you and there becomes a stillness, acceptance, albeit often an unconscious acceptance, some realise it as a sense of what’s the use, while others, this too will pass, regardless it is a stillness of being thus you cease your mindless meandering and become once more in control of your senses.

Acceptance, regardless of its foundation, permits your will to be creator of your way to once again emerge.

You are being when in a state of stress  but not mindful of what you are being, the act of trying is doing as it becomes bound up in the emotions, hence the to- ing and fro- ing from one solution to the next.

To be, within this, is to be still both in body and mind so when you choose to no longer try you begin to see, see with the clarity of inner sight.

Perception is often thought of as being alert, aware and quick of mind, in truth it is ability to perceive through inner knowing.

Do not dismiss the times of stress and awareness of the gloom, spoken of as darkness, realisation gained through experiencing what is not the way you desire to know yourself enables you to create again, thus opportunity knocks in all aspects of daily living, opportunity in the form of self-created experiences.

To experience yourself as Me is to accept what is for what it is, you at that time and space, so if your awareness that as you are at that moment is not as you would know yourself, accept, let go and be.

Be still, take a few deep relaxing breaths and know that you have the power, through thought, to create again, and so will it be.

Let go of any thought that says you are a victim of another or circumstance instead, own the experience, make it yours, thus yours to overcome, to rise above.

When thoughts intrude of what you perceive as lack or loss cease the thought, breathe deep and slow, and bring to mind what is.

You have not forgotten how to love, laugh, but have simply ceased to be as this, this is the message you send forth to another, their response is in accordance with this.

If you would receive first you must give. Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone, that is an old adage but holds much truth.

Laughter is nature’s elixir, as many will testify, all know of one who is able to elicit laughter with a ready wit that arises from their ability to look beyond what is and see another aspect.

Laughter will lessen another’s anger enabling them time and space to think again.

Through offering a humour that both comforts and delights laughter will dry up tears.

Many turn traumatic childhood experiences into humorous anecdotes so lessening their hold upon their way and will.

Rock bottom is when you are no longer accepting that as you are is as you desire to be, and that is your  first step toward creating a brighter tomorrow.

Therefore when you feel as if you have hit rock bottom rejoice for the realisation of this is your inner being saying enough of this time and desiring that it change.

Pamela Frances