We are all blessed with a very active mental capacity, it prompts our desire to know more, to not accept something at face value. Our mind will turn a thought over and over, sifting through it, choosing whether to make it our own, or not.

Whilst this is how we expand our conscious way we often find that when desiring to meditate it becomes seemingly impossible to stem the awareness of our surroundings and accompanying sounds or to let go of things still to be accomplished in our day.

Choose a focus, something that is pleasing to you, though some one else may suggest a way only you can choose what works for your way.

I first realised total focus through the reciting of some words that seemed to resonate within me. I would speak these words each night, slowly thinking of and giving each word the same emphasis. I would repeat them several times and each time it was as if they took on a different clarity. One night I felt the words as if I was the words, total focus, total awareness. The gift that I received through this was the realisation that I experienced, although only briefly, periods of oneness in many ways.

When we experience joy in the moment we connect with universal love, universal energy, and that is our intent when we meditate.

Stillness of mind is not doing, it is being. Be still and know that I am and so too are you, says God.

Choose a time when you know you have the space for you, sit or lie quietly without conscious thought of stilling your mind, be still. Be still with your intent. Listen to birdsong, soft music or simply drift, slowing your breathing, slowing your awareness of external energy, being at peace with the moment. If aware of a thought let it drift through, pay it no heed by giving it another thought, let it be.

It is in small moments we take our greatest steps. It takes just a moment to know yourself as soul, that moment will be your greatest treasure.

Some find that they feel at peace when in nature, attuned to it, if this is you choose a time, space, place, that resonates with you, strolling through a garden, in a wood, by a stream or within your own surroundings, choose for you, let your mind be free of thought just awareness of peace and beauty, see without seeing your surroundings, this too is meditation for you have been still in the moment.

Let go of the fear that you cannot achieve the state of being you are seeking to know, there is no way that you will not know you as soul, trust this and be at peace with the moment.

Pamela Frances.