All messages from the Spiritual realm have the sole purpose of expanding our understanding of who and what we are. They are opportunity for us to access our, I am centre, our soul.

We have full knowledge within us in the form of our soul, our physical journey is opportunity to both remember this and to choose to be as we are in essence, love.

When we read hear or see something that brings to us the feeling that a light has been turned on, it has, we have had a moment of enlightenment.

We have remembered, brought forth into our reality, our conscious awareness, an aspect of our soul.

When we actively seek to know our purpose God offers us wisdom that is as old as time to aid our direction bringing us opportunity to empower our self to be all that we truly are. The readings, as with all wisdom offered through many sources, brings awareness that we are never alone on our journey of discovery, of remembrance.

Though the readings are through and from God we do not have to accept them blindly, obey without question, do his will or else, the free will we have to seek for self is eternally ours.

Just as we light a lamp to find our way through the dark these words, and the many other messages given to us daily through  every avenue open to mankind, are to light our way, to bring enlightenment, enable us to see our self in another light.

Our journey of remembrance will be complete when we accept our own grandeur, know our self to be worthy of being as He, we will know peace both within and without for we will have found our soul purpose.

I stress again, I use the term He for that is the term most commonly used, God in truth is neither for God is all, only within a physical body do we experience our self as either male or female.

Pamela Frances.