My children peace be in and with you as am I, always and in all ways, for we are one, one in spirit, one in essence, one in desire to be all that we are.

That is the meaning of life itself My loved ones, the meaning of physical life is to know from within the will and desire to be all that we are, Me, the creator, you the creator, we the creator.

Although mankind has been taught through organised religion that they are less than Me, therefore less worthy than Me, many today are reaching beyond this concept and seeking to stand tall in their own light, to seek understanding of life purpose beyond that taught within their belief pattern.

Does this make the teachings of organised religion incorrect, no, it does not; there is no right or wrong way to be. Through time and interpretation there are misconceptions, through fear and misguided belief there are restrictions.

That taught becomes for some their belief and they seek no further, some turn away feeling that this is not for them but not knowing why, and some use the wisdom offered as tools, stepping stones on their journey, choosing to honour their free will, their right to discover their power to be all that they are.

So many of belief patterns deny the people their right to explore for self, they teach that their way is the way, they teach of separation from God, of God’s judgment, eternal damnation, creating in many a love of God through fear of what will be if they do not.

If organised religion were to set their people free to explore, ponder, question, there would be greater harmony within the earth. The innate will of all people is to love the Creator for this resonates within their being, through misguided teaching so many fear to love freely, with all their being, for they truly believe they are unworthy to do so.

It is the right of all to choose their direction; all have the power to be as Me regardless of the belief pattern followed, indeed regardless whether they follow a defined belief pattern at all. Mankind’s exploration of self is limitless.

To know you as Me, the Creator, is the purpose of your life experience. Your entry into the physical body is your will and desire to create this.

All life experience is opportunity to create through. All experiences are created by self with the will and desire to understand and accept as your own another aspect of love, love, the I am centre of all that is.

There is not one answer to all that puzzles you, nor is there a right or wrong answer, but there is one solution. I know that statement will also puzzle, I will explain.

You have the right to choose the answer to all that you experience, you and you alone. It is not My will that reigns supreme but yours, that is your birthright, free will, freedom to be as you desire to know yourself.

As you have the right to choose the answer what you choose is always right for you, your will, your right, and if you love yourself and believe you have the right to love and be loved the answer will be an expression of this.

Therefore there are many answers but what is the solution? Your various life experiences are all opportunity for you to understand the meaning of life.

Look in the mirror, stand, truly look and see the physical body in all its beauty, there is a saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but so few look at their physical body and see its beauty, they criticise their height, figure shape, colour of hair, eyes and so on.

It is said that the greatest gift one can offer a child is knowledge of self worth, knowledge that they are equal with and to all, knowledge that they are loved just as they are.

What a gift that would be if all were to know this. Gone would be the need to judge self by the way of another. Gone would be the desire to put down another so as to raise the perception of self.

One who knows they are loved just as they are is able to love another just as they are.

Sadly this is not the way within the earth. Few believe in their right to know and be love. Few perceive their self as equal thus rivalry is the way from infancy. Rivals for the affection of parents, peers, rivalry for position, power and so on. It does not stop at the individuals desire to be greater than but shows within the schools, communities, countries and organised religion.

Experience brings opportunity to know the many varied aspects of love, all enter the physical realm with the desire to consciously choose to be love, to act not re-act when experiencing self.

Action is from the mind, conscious choosing, re-action is from what was, is replay, mindless.

Love is a word used daily but little understood, it conveys feelings but not essence of life itself, Me.

What is life? Life is love; love is life, love is the essence that brought into being all there is.

Look not at your way and say if only, look not at your way and say what if, look at your way and say I am, I am me, and rejoice in the perfection of your life purpose in action, that is the solution.

All will know the meaning of life when they cease to seek outside of self for purpose and direction, for when your first thought arises from love you will know yourself as Me.