Soul is energy, often called spirit for it is unseen to our physical eye, some are able to see the auric field of people plant and animal which is the glow created by the life force within.

The energy is a vibration the speed of which creates a glow, the higher the vibration the greater the glow, as of the One, our source, whose glow is so bright we would not be able to look at it.

If you are not aware of your own energy field take a moment now to rub your hands together then slowly separate them about a hand width, hold steady then gently start to bring your hands together, you will feel a sense of pressure between your hands and an awareness of tingling.

Within the bible there is a passage that reads, ‘that only the righteous can behold His face’, those words have been interpreted in a way that perpetuates the understanding that we are separate to our Source and less worthy, the truth in the phrase is that, as we have yet to evolve as the One our vibration is slower therefore our glow dimmer, when we re-member our way we will again be in harmony and so know and behold.

The term soul expresses our awareness that we are not just a physical being.

We are accustomed to our own way of being and so do not notice the power of our thought, but all thought is creative. Creation of all that we know, and much that is still to be known, began through thought.

Thought became a ripple in the stillness and as there is no ending became self perpetuating, as thought expanded so too did its energy field, with the development of solid matter that energy was intensified for there were other sources of life giving energy to absorb.

This is ongoing, as we grow in understanding of our power to be as the One we too expand our energy field, we are all in truth of one Spirit as we expand so too does the Source that gave rise to it, the One, God, Jehovah, Allah, or whatever term that states your belief in a greater purpose for being than presently known.

As we open our self to the awareness of our spiritual being we notice an increased level of energy within, this is often felt as an inner trembling, vibration, tingling, the awareness generally first noted in hands or face. Whilst meditating this awareness will intensify and there will seem to be a lightness of body, sometimes an awareness of floating, that is because with increased vibratory energy we are becoming lighter than air, some are able to levitate.

That is soul power, as awareness of our ability to be as the One expands we open our self to the life force within and know that we have the power to be all that we desire.

Pamela Frances.