Karma is the law of cause and effect; in all things there must be balance, harmony. Karma is the natural balancing of an imbalance brought to our way through a choice, we our self made, to act, be, in a way that was not of and from love.

Many speak of reaping the consequences of their actions and this is apt, in the bible it is spoken of as reaping what one has sown, yet again, an eye for an eye. Within the many religious beliefs this has come to take on many hues, been interpreted as the right to avenge oneself upon another, but that is a misunderstanding of the reality of a karmic pattern.

Karma is the meeting of self, a meeting of that created by our self and brought into being by intent.

It is not the measure of another’s way, only ever our own.

When there is an action or word offered, with intent to bring pain or sorrow to another, we step away from our true essence, love. We are not separated from the One, our sense of separation is that we no longer harmonise with the all of it and this prevents our evolving further until we understand who we truly are through experiencing what we brought into being through our way.

When in spirit all are aware of the aspects of love that are still to be understood, we are able to witness our acts that have brought pain or sorrow to another and choose to experience them for our self to enable understanding and so have opportunity to choose, to not be, as that again.

The experiences we choose to know become a part of our life path when we are again within the earth.

Karma is not punishment inflicted upon us by another, nor is it self-punishment; it is opportunity to revisit and so understand the depth of our power to be as the One.

Choosing to experience it is the souls desire to know it self whole, as it was in the beginning, at Creation, for our soul desire is to rejoin our way with the One.

Through the law of karma we are able to create again for our way, to return to a state of balance, harmony with all there is.

Pamela Frances.