To be is literally that, be, each emotion you desire to know, peace love joy happy, must begin with your choosing to be as this. No thing, from without, will bring these to you in a way that is lasting.

All you are comes from within for that is the source of your power, your life force and purpose for being. If you do not come from within you go without.

To know peace you must be at peace, at peace with who you are at that time. There may be another way you desire to know but only when there is acceptance of who you are, right now, will you know an awareness of peace.

To know happy you begin by choosing to be happy, we cannot buy happiness, no possession will bring this to us, no outer trimming will bring internal joy, once familiar with some long desired article our delight begins to fade and it becomes just another possession.

We create our way through first choosing to be as we desire to know, if we are not creating our own secure space we will begin to feel enclosed, possessions become just that, something possessed, for how many new cars baubles etc can we have before the magic of being able to have wears thin.

No other person can make us happy, they may try to do so, offer us love security possessions, endless devotion to our well-being, but none of those things will create awareness within of being happy. Love given to another freely, without strings, is a priceless gift but one not appreciated by the receiver unless they love their self in equal measure.

Love for self is the first step in knowing your way as the One. Love for self enables us to receive the gift of love another offers us in a way that is enhancing, empowering, but while we believe our self unloving or unlovable we will not be able to receive in that light and so instead of food for the soul it will be as a gilded cage.

We acknowledge the Source of all is love, when we know and trust that we were brought into being through and from love we will begin to know our self as love through being love. To be love is, to be, the full circle.

Be, true to you. Be, true to what you know within is right for you, not another, you, for only when you are true to who and what you are will you then be able to say I am happy for you will know and choose to be, peace, love, joy,

All begins with thought, state I am peace, I am joy, I am love, I am happy, create it through your conscious thought about it and you will know it as truth, you will be.

Pamela Frances