DNA is the blue print from which your body creates itself. All life form has a blue print even that which you would term inert, for all is life. A rock, although it appears inert to the eye, when examined under a microscope is a moving organism for all that has life has movement.

All life vibrates; it is the intensity of the vibration that creates that which moves visibly, matter, that which does not, spirit, I vibrate at a speed that is without measure.

I created your physical body through the encompassing of all that is the earth, within it are all the minerals, trace elements, micro-organisms, that are life, each a part of the whole and harmonising in the manner needed to bring into being each individual organ, all finding its place within the blueprint and brought into life through oxygen, the breath of life which permits all to interact in harmony.

That is a simplification of that which is your physical form but within it lies all that you are. Oxygen creates the needed propulsion so as to kick start all into their designated purpose.

Whilst within a physical body DNA is your life pattern within which is all that you chose to know and be.

Can the scientist’s or doctors, interfere, disrupt this? Yes, and many are doing so.

Is this right in the sense of good for mankind? Yes, for the purpose of all in being is to know that they too are both the Creator and the created, as such each is seeking to understand what is in order to understand what may be, with the will that it be so.

Is all experimentation good for mankind? No for some seek in a self serving manner, their desire only to be first, better than, to know fame among their peers, many though seek with the intent and desire to understand life and so be able to offer mankind freedom from many of the physical imperfections known today, they are striving to be for the purpose of enhancing the way of many.

All has purpose, is not by accident, physical imperfections are only in the eye of the beholder, in the physical sense, all wear the flesh overcoat of their choosing, as they are at that time is perfect for it offers them opportunity to experience all they desire to know.

Is it right then to alter this? Yes, opportunity to bring change presents itself to one in need through their thought about it, they have brought to their self the opportunity to choose again for their way.

All is intent, whether it is the one exploring the DNA pattern or the one experiencing within the body created through it, all is intent as to life purpose, no man is an island, no way without purpose, united you will know yourself to be all that you desire.

When self-seeking is the way, the intent being on the way of the one seeking, then there becomes a lessening of the ability to know, for without the power of love there is not the wisdom of the soul to guide.

Only when there is true understanding of your power to be all that you are, as and one with the Creator, will you then understand how to bring into being the perfection of way you desire to know.