Many struggle with this aspect as nearly all reference to reincarnation was removed from the early scriptures of what became the Christian belief pattern.

For some their trust and total belief in the bible or their scriptures brings acceptance, others, though still with full trust and belief in his word and way, find it easier to accept he did not really die, was taken down and nursed back to health by his followers.

With understanding of reincarnation the soul’s ability to enter and leave a body at a time of its choosing would be an accepted truth.

At the time of Jesus many understood the concept of reincarnation but what was not known was for a soul to re-enter the same physical body.

The people were to witness this twice through the way of Jesus, the raising up from the dead of Lazarus was an example of the power of the spirit as well as preparation for the time when Jesus himself would rise from the dead as foretold.

It is the energy of the soul that creates life within the physical, the infant while forming in the womb is sustained by the way of the mother, after birth by the way of the soul.

The Christ spirit entered the physical body of Jesus fully aware of all that it had chosen to experience, not all chosen was for enlightenment of others for it too sought understanding and harmony with the All, but much that was chosen was to be met in a public way for it was the whole experience that would enable the understanding of the power of the spirit.

He demonstrated the power of the soul in so many ways and said to all, this too and more shall you do also, they had but to believe and accept that God was their father also, he desired that all would hear and find understanding through his way and words.

At the time of his physical death his soul left the body but remained close, when it was time his soul again united its way with that of his physical body and he showed himself to the people.

The death on the cross has become the focus of many but in truth that was the way then and many experienced it, the public execution was necessary for both the Christ soul and all who witnessed it.

He died for his way, his purpose and spiritual journey fulfilled, he died in a very public way for all so that his return to physical life became known, spoken of in fulfilment of the prophecy that one would come who would light the way.

The ascension into heaven of the Christ soul was visible to those who had accepted and remembered they too were of and from God; it gave to the physical mind a picture of a land beyond, awareness of the continuity of life.

Pamela Frances