Although your soul is larger than its physical overcoat your awareness of this is limited by your thought about it.
Your soul is pure energy and manifests itself in the manner chosen by you.

Whilst within the physical plane you know yourself as your body for that is what is visible to you, in truth you created your physical body through and with your soul to enable your soul to interact within the earth, just as a deep-sea diver or astronaut dons a suit to enable interaction within another environment.

It is not possible for your soul to be fully enclosed by the physical body for the energy that created all exists in every aspect both seen and unseen, is eternally connected, all are of and from the One.

When it is stated that to hear your soul you must go within it is because, when you wear a physical body you individualise your way and your soul begins to experience itself in the manner chosen by you, therefore all that is you, whilst in the physical body, is through and from the experiences you have chosen to know.

Within the mind is the centre of creative energy, thought, you are able to receive knowingly, conscious thought, and unknowingly, an unconscious prompting of deeper awareness expressing as feelings.

Feelings are most often your first awareness but to know your soul consciously you have need to still your mind for it is as a talk back program, never ceases its chatter, thoughts flit through without conscious prompting unless the will develops to slow the process and so permit conscious awareness of the thought of the moment.

To go within therefore is to seek to be still, within the physical, and this will come to be when, within your being, you choose to know this as your reality.

Within the individualised being you know as you is all that you have chosen to know and be, through experiencing and choosing how you desire to know yourself you gain awareness of your ability to be as the One, this is the awareness that you seek within to remember, to recall to your conscious way, so rejoin your way with the all of it, be One.

Each chosen life experience is opportunity to recall to your conscious awareness your magnificence of being, and that which was as a mystery becomes clear, once you were lost, now you are found.

Not lost in the physical sense but as one who, though understanding direction, has yet to create the will to enable direction and purpose to be as one.

Pamela Frances